In Dior


I love the dress on Kangna. The hair and make-up is just right too. However, the bag and shoes just about ruin it for me! The dress is begging for some strappy heels instead of pumps that weigh the whole dress down. And the bag had no place with that look; where’s a minaudiere when you need one?

Far Left: Christian Dior Spring 2011
Right: Kangna Ranaut At The Dior VIII Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Style


  1. The blue doesn’t do anything in this case, wish she would have picked something that went with her dress or that ugly bag. Yellow is a nice colour on her… wish people wouldn’t pout so much… what are bollywood celebs.. toothless?

  2. That pout looks really funny! Other than that, I’m not sure what she was thinking with those pumps and bag! Completely out of place…yellow’s pretty though!

  3. Pout, shoes and bag…things I hate in this look. I can even forgive the shoes and bag (even though they are hideous) but Kangana’s perpetual pout is putting me off her.


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