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    NO NO NO! NO

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    The only thing she is ‘pulling off with ease’ is the clown look!

    not a good look. While it works on the model, it looks shabby on her and that is down to fitting issues.

    1. Adara at | | Reply

      Ha ha ha.

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    Really? I’m not liking this at all, esp those billowy pants with their awkward length.

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    Aweful, aweful pants! Even Kangana can’t pull those off.. no one can or should!!

  6. Visha at | | Reply

    Those pants look ridiculous! Major issues with the fitting as the suit dosen’t look that bad on the model itself. What a fashion fail!

  7. slc at | | Reply

    I do like the color and top half of this suit, but the pants are too loose on Kangana. If the pants were fitted the look would have been perfect.

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    Just because it is a big name designer doesn’t mean it will work!

    1. Tania at | | Reply

      +1. Stop being so awestruck with big brands, P&P.

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    Those pants look like shiny pajamas! Wear to bed and nowhere else. I don’t like the button down shirt under the suit either – she needed an open neck here instead. The chunky shoes worsen the outfit, bad as it is.

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    Definitely a miss. Not nice at all. Color, material, fit – none of it.

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    Shiny. Disney mermaid green. Nooo! But its Kangana. And so still fab.

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    She looks charming and confident as always but those are some fugly pants. I hate satin material in general so this entire look is a deal-breaker for me. A rare miss from Kangana.

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    The color of the suit is gorgeous – though the grey color shirt works well with the suit, it is too poofy and just draws to much attention to Kangana’s missing neck. Don’t think I like the palazzo pants either. No for me ..

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    Love her but even she can’t pull this off. Looks ridiculous

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    Horrible. That looks like a giant camel toe ughh

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    This is just plain bad!!!!!

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    Horrible horrible horrible pants!

  18. Arohi at | | Reply

    I like the blazer. Maybe tapered trousers would have worked better.

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    Nanaji’s pyjamas got a new endorser and a Bollywood one at at hat.. Hah hah

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    Oh no no no…….its a fail………these look home made…….my grandma used to stitch satin pyjamas for me like them…..

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    Ah! such a disappointment.

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    A little shorter blazer, proper fitted pants and a different inner shirt (lighter color similar to the model) would have looked better.

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    i think the shoes were a good choice,though some classic black pumps would have also looked nice…these added that “different” factor!totally love the look on Miss Ranaut!

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    So, even Kangana can’t pull off certain looks? I thought she was invincible. This looks faintly ridiculous.

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    My eyes! MY EYES!

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    No, this time Kangana doesnt pull this off…. the pants are the real killer…

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    sheen,clunky,voluminous..all at the same time!

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    What??? That’s an Armani suit?? I think I want to go from being an investment banker to a dress designer. I just gained confidence that I can do better than Armani atleast! :)))

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