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    LOVE! She has such a Kate Middleton-esque style. I don’t mind her Burberry clothes because she looks amazing in them and they’re A LOT better than most of the overdone crap worn by other Bollywood stars.

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      + + +

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    Love the dress and love the way it is styled!!

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    She looks gorgeous! Very very nice!

    Girls! You are missing the link here?! She is wearing Dior/Burberry 99% of the time to catch the attention of the fashion houses. She wants to be the face of either brand. Her PR team are heavily campaigning for this to happen. If she is photographed everywhere in Dior/Burberry, she is hoping she might get a call from Paris/London.

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      Well deduced, Kanchan masi.

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      Discretion is not us Indians repertoire is it? PnP Isn’t it clear that the person commenting is an insider, why the need to publish such info on this site. Also IT seems a certain Ms’s chelas are full blown trying to malign every other actress who has some fashion inclination.

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    Wow! Elegance personified.

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    Effortless and well – styled. Go Girl!

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    She looks awesome!

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    She looks perfect! She needs to be the face of Burberry.

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    simply gorgeous..I don’t know how many times I say this :)
    <3 <3 <3

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    Fantastic! 10/10 yet again.

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    Love it! Kangna looks super classy.

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    She looks classy. Love the hair in particular. It really suits her.

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    please dont mispell burberry, ever!

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      misspell or “mispell”

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    Elegance personified!

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    wow, such a pretty dress and perfectly styled as well!

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    Apart from the fact that she looks pretty… the photographs have left me wondering if she was standing cross-legged throughout the event? And how?

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    super elegant & pretty!!

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    She looks fantastic! And she might be sticking to her pencil skirts and sheaths but she still manages to make each outfit look different from the other! You won’t see me complain about that!
    As far as the Burberry overload goes, I don’t mind it as long as she keeps looking like that!

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    She sure loves her Burberry… and Burberry loves her… looking fab!

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    This look is elegance personified. Such a clean look. She looks very pretty.

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    I dont know how she does it…But she manages to look great, chic, classy and effortless 9/10 times…Be it a maxi to nice Burberry outfit…My only gripe are the shoes…I would have loved to see a pop of color there…

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      I meant Be it a maxi or a nice Burberry outfit

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