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  1. arundati at | | Reply

    she’s looking lovely

  2. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Thank god for not pouting.
    And for once a lady dressed right with the given sponsored jewelry. Not if only she would completely cover the partial boob show is would be stellar.

    1. aura at | | Reply

      soo agree with u……

      1. rhutz at | | Reply


  3. SS at | | Reply

    such a fresh change from her usual fierce looks. seems like she is modeling the necklace but it doesnt go with the saree per se.

  4. Jhanvi at | | Reply

    She looks lovely and like a normal Indian young lady

  5. Dreamer at | | Reply


  6. ann_chic at | | Reply

    her hair looks so nice and fluffy!

  7. soumya at | | Reply

    omg…kangana looks classy after a long long time…if not for the half boob show, it would be much more classier

  8. Senorita at | | Reply

    gorgeous! she is one person i don’t fear will let us down in a full length.

  9. Saya at | | Reply

    She looks like any of those Marwari aunties one sees in sowcarpet, Madras. Hah!I love the necklace but it crowds the look here.

    1. crack at | | Reply

      hehe…being a marwari, i can totally understand..

    2. crack at | | Reply

      She looks lovely nonetheless…classy+not costumey

  10. HK at | | Reply

    Wow so pretty! She looks really soft here. Sari could have been draped better though.

  11. WittyWman at | | Reply

    It’s kangana?omg,,loved the Saree

  12. Rash at | | Reply

    Wow.. Stunning!! And her smile is backkk! Yay
    Loved it!

  13. Srilalitha at | | Reply

    No pouting!!! How beautiful she looks here…

  14. prits at | | Reply

    its been boring around here lately…. Thank you Kangana for cheering things up…. she looks pretty and sweet!

  15. beehive at | | Reply

    Wow.. Just WOW !

  16. crab at | | Reply

    So fresh! She looks gorgeous, half boob show notwithstanding.

  17. K2 at | | Reply

    Kangana looks lovely in these pictures !!

  18. Farrah at | | Reply

    Wow .. she looks so different … so … normal !!! she looks great all wacky .. but THIS … is different.

  19. RUCHii at | | Reply

    the smile is so much better than the usual pout !

    1. Paroma at | | Reply


  20. tosh at | | Reply

    not so fierce. but pretty!!

  21. Adelia at | | Reply

    Here’s for changing it up! You go girl!

  22. Jay at | | Reply

    Wow she looks like deepika in the first pic. Love Kangana x

  23. vanillavibes at | | Reply

    yayy…no pout!!! She looks so so fresh!

  24. Lolita at | | Reply

    She looks very pretty.

  25. Zak at | | Reply

    She is looking soo good :) loved her
    It’s a pleasant surprise looking her in Indian attire

  26. slc at | | Reply

    Kangana looks fab.

  27. soni at | | Reply

    miss her curls :(

  28. Food poisoned attorney at | | Reply

    Dont even care about a full length pic. She looks so elegant and pretty. The hair and make-up is spot on.

  29. monika at | | Reply

    she looks classy!!

  30. arpitha d at | | Reply

    dont like the look – the sari and necklace dont go well together.
    the sari needed simple neclace and neklace needed simple (dark) sari.

  31. ANA at | | Reply


  32. pallavi at | | Reply

    so elegant & pretty.. the hair is adding so much to the look…

  33. Lalitha at | | Reply

    She looks lovely. Love the hair and the blue looks amazing on her! I look forward to Kangana sightings as I am always curious to see what avatar she adopts!

  34. Shalini at | | Reply

    She looks gorgeous! The comment on her smile is so true..it makes so much of a difference! I love the look and the hair!

  35. tinker at | | Reply

    She is perfection

  36. dn at | | Reply

    Gorgeous! She looks so elegant. The colour and type of saree are perfect to highlight a heavy diamond necklace.

  37. Dreamer at | | Reply

    *SIIIGH* again :P

  38. x at | | Reply

    Didn’t recognize her with that smile – very nice change. Her usual pout was not becoming but I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of it.

    I always wonder why actresses who have ample opportunity to wear boob exposing clothes on screen and of, can’t restrain themselves once in awhile and wear a sari properly.

  39. Maggi at | | Reply

    She’s looking so so so lovely..

  40. Chandra at | | Reply

    Loving her non net saree and perfect draping!

  41. Ethnic at | | Reply

    Oh…..i didnt even notice the necklace until i read the comments….such a refreshing change……why cant she be simple and look amazingly preetttyyy!!!!

  42. yusra at | | Reply

    she looks sooo good!!! so beautiful

  43. DiptiN at | | Reply

    . I liked her curly hair, but this hair style gives her a whole different range of looks. Very elegant.

  44. just me at | | Reply

    Lovely sari and Kangna looks beautiful!

  45. Hellenist at | | Reply

    It never stops astounding me as to how much she resembles Emily Blunt…come on someone must have noticed!

    1. asmozonic at | | Reply

      Devil Wear Prada!!!:P!

    2. soniya at | | Reply

      agree with u!!

    3. A at | | Reply

      I don’t see it at all.
      About her saree, it’s beautiful. The color is great. A very welcomed change. She looks very simple and her face is not caked on with make up which is awesome.

  46. Fashionista at | | Reply

    Hz does she manage to give a diff luk each time For a moment I didnt recognize her. Love the color of the sari dislike the jewellery

  47. Anamika at | | Reply

    What’s with the bias against half boob draping? I think it looks pretty sexy.

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