Kangana on HiBlitz:(Un)Covered


HiBlitz’s April cover featuring Kangana Ranaut in what seems like a Rohit Bal outfit with a neckpiece by Kanika Saluja sure took us by surprise. We have to admit that we were impressed by the dramatically different theme, in this case channeling a warrior princess. Where Priyanka and I differ about the cover is at the belt. I think it doesn’t gel with the period theme, while Priyanka loves the modern touch that it gives the whole look.

Overall, we think it was a great effort and while I am somewhere between ‘On The Fence’ and ‘Love’, Priyanka is clearly in the ‘Love’ zone. what about you?


Kangana Ranaut on Hi Blitz April 2010

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. It is awesome! Id Love to wear this at my wedding! It would be soooooooooooo Cool!!!!Hahahah Seriously! It would be a STATEMENT of the decade!

    • I’m sure your man would be too intimidated to go ahead with the wedding :)! That said, i admire Kangana because all her pictures/photoshoots are interesting, even if they don’t always work out. She’s got the cojones to rock any get-up! Respect.

  2. i’ve been staring at it for a while, hoping i would love it…but i’m with you on this payal.
    for me its the top brocade part of the head piece that doesn’t appeal. wish they had only kept the bottom maroon part of the turban (if i may call it that) other than that its fab. interesting concept and kangana looks lovely

  3. the outfit is beautiful….love the colour..but whats with her pose and expression? she looks like a statue..wish she had a more warrior like stance..

  4. with priyanka on this…love the belt,love the neckpiece(make that LOVE),love the turban(though i think the pendant could have been given a miss for something a lil more quirky n bold)…

    but hey whats with the expression???why the ‘lil innocent girl all dolled up’ expression..it is incongruent to the theme….where’s the fierceness??is it bad photoshopping cos ms ranaut is capable of much better….hope the pics inside bring out the courage n chutzpah of the lady….

  5. I like the belt.. I am not sure about my history but it goes with the theme well I think. What I don’t like is the bits of floral fabric on the chest and shoulder area and the white frilly bits.

  6. Its a fierce look but somehow the expression on her face and the make up don’t go with it.

    Kudos to Cine Blitz for coming up with a different cover. Kind of a rarity in these days of photoshopped celeb covers.

  7. Period theme and all, can’t fault the outfit (or should I call it costume?), as long as it’s not worn elsewhere. :P But what’s disturbing is her expression. She looks very uncomfortable; not sure what look she was going for. Anyone else distracted by her eyes and brows??

  8. I like the dress, necklace and the belt. Kangana looks pretty. I somehow feel the turban is too big for Kangana’s head. A smaller( or less bulkier) piece would have been great!! but probably the huge headpiece is what makes it dramatic. Am on the fence regarding the turban.

  9. love it! she’s nailed the warrior princess look. she’s one of the very few fearless bwood actresses who are willing to take risks.

  10. such is the sad state of fashion covers these days, that anything that is remotely different is a relief of sorts …….

    i am on the fence with this one …. a better expression, a better pose would have done the deal for me …..

    kangana is absolutely expressionless here …. she could have been wearing anything ……. A fierce, arrogant look …. or a royal one … a fighting posture ….. something ….. anything ……..

    Her styling is all right, she just isn’t looking the part ….

  11. I love it! maybe except for the belt (with Payal on this one)
    On a related note, why does she look so dazed? the expression’s quite weird, no?

  12. Is it weird that she reminds me of Queen Victoria? I think it’s the shape of the dress, I like the look on her face… it totally matches the outfit. I like her earrings… I have to go with Payal on this one, not feeling the belt either… it doesn’t go with the Moghal look… Maybe I’m narrow minded! :P

  13. I like the dress a lot.
    Though the belt suits the dress I feel it should have matched the rustic neck piece to go with the theme.

  14. She is looking absolutely stunning! Not much of a fashion person, for a layman like me, I am totally loving the entire getup.

  15. wow, kangana gives nothing to the cover. she looks totally confused. for a shoot like this, im sure they wanted her to look fierce, unless this is what they were going for? im kinda disappointed ‘coz this shoot had so much potential, being different and costumey and all..

  16. love the neck piece not so much the belt. Overall not bad…at least the babe is tryin different looks instead of the same ol same ol…

  17. Warrior princess? Nope. What I’m getting more of is those really cartoonish outfits that Swiss guards at the Vatican wear…or the outfits that professors wear at graduating ceremonies if they’ve got their PhD at one of those medieval institutions.
    The warrior princess theme could have been more cool and sexy. To me “Vatican Swiss guard” seems neither…

  18. Loving everything about the photo, except her expression. Should have been an intense one rather than the dolled up with a bit of scared look she has on. She looks more like a mannequin than a fierce warrior princess. Apart from that the color scheme, the jewelry, the stance, the dagger, the gown everything are right on the mark. Looked at the other pics of the photoshoot and they are real delight.

  19. I like the cover mainly because of the outfit and styling.

    Kangana always has this one single expression in every photo be it cover or red carpet and as usual she has a hint of pouting here too.

  20. great styling but Kangana looks neither royal nor fierce. She looks like the servant girl who got caught trying the princess’s clothes. She doesn’t own them.

    I love her but I think she was the weakest link in this photo.

  21. LOVE it!! finally after a slew of the same ol’ same ol’ short n long dresses we get something with some sort of theme..and a styling to boot…I have to go with Priyanka on this one…really like the belt..but I don’t care much for that expression on her face!

  22. ya i think i will go with the belt…it kinda creates a nice divide b/w the top bodice and the lengthy dress…if there was no belt it would’ve been loose aruond the waist and tne look would fall apart.

    def. love her expressions,and the whole getup…nice concept…

  23. Forget the cover, the shoot was sublime, and I say that without the tiniest hint of hyperbole. I especially loved the pictures of her as Indira Gandhi. Please post it PnP?

  24. guys get a grip . kangana looks constipated . the shoot is has been well shot by jatin but other than the makeup and hair could have been better .

  25. Love it! She looks absolute delish in that maroon color.She does look like a princess. Me too like the belt priyanka. adds a modern touch. the earrings , hair, makeup cud have been better. a bindi of some kind wud have helped. Kangana has an expressionless face as usual. she cud learn a tip or two from madhuri dixit. Her natural pouty lips spoil it for her usually.Overall, love the dramatic cover!


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