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Kangana, who is the new face of IVA by Tanishq, shot an ad recently for the brand showcasing their modular jewellery. The ad styled by Anaita Shroff Adajania has Kangana wearing Nikhil Thampi, Sonaakshi Raaj and a sequin skirt (Shehla?) with a white silk shirt.

If you ask us, we think the jewellery gets overshadowed a bit in some pics. What say you?

You can find more pics from the shoot here.


Kangana Ranaut for IVA by Tanishq in Nikhil Thampi


Kangana Ranaut for IVA by Tanishq in Nikhil Thampi


Kangana Ranaut for IVA by Tanishq in Sonaakshi Raaj


Kangana Ranaut for IVA by Tanishq


  1. I so so so want those sunglasses … Can you please ID the sunglasses – both if possible :) ? Are they LV by any chance ?

    • Totally agree! Kangna looks sooo stunning in all the pics that your eye’s don’t even go to the jewellery, I think the photographer should have taken more close up style so the jewellery stands out and not Kangna as much lol

  2. She looks lovely in all the pics and her styling adds to the glam quotient of the jewellery without clouding it! Lots of love t the new queen!

  3. Yes, the embellished tops overshadow the fine jewellery which they are supposed to promote..But Kangana looks fab :)

  4. She has such a pretty face. And a great make up artist. I like how she’s always experimenting with her hair and make-up along with her clothes.

  5. whoever the stylist was ought to be FIRED !!! None of the pics bring out the jewellery which should have been the highlight of the photoshoot.

    • I’m just wondering… although Kangana looks nice here… Anaita works magic for Deepika on like a whole other level..

      this looks half-hearted to me Anaita.

  6. The clothes are complimenting the jewellery well and she is looking out of the world gorgeous! Who ever will wear the jewellery will not wear them with plain wrap-arounds. She has shown how to wear it well. Fabulous job!!

    • + 100.wearing plain outfits with huge necklaces/ earrings on top seems so passé after this. These pics give cool ideas on to style them. Kangana looks stunning. Love

  7. Such a refreshing change from boring, overdone wedding themed ads. Love K’s smiley photos! Very modern, glam and fun, makes me want to buy this stuff!

  8. So gorgeous! I think one of the reasons why I prefer kangana as a fashionista over sonam is because of her personality which shows in all her photos. post watching kangana s interviews and sonams interview on Koffee with Karan, I am heavily biased towards kangana

  9. Love her in this AD campaign. I think the styling is on point -delicate yet glamorous not on your face or tacky.

  10. She is so beautiful – very Audrey Hepburn like – a mix of style, beauty, mystique and delicate. I am jealous.

  11. Can someone please id the second pair of shades! Please…………. pure lust!! And Kangs looks like a million bucks !! Love her!

  12. I don’t know Kangana personally, but her public persona seems to indicate she wouldn’t be caught dead wearing any of the jewelry she is showcasing :)

  13. Bad styling for a jewellery ad…. The jewellery seem like an afterthought rather than the main focus of the ad.. The only pic in which my eyes are drawn to the jewellery is the last one where the necklace is on top the collared shirt. The first set of 2 pics are the worst… the dress, makeup, shoes and hair, all look so good that the jewellery just appears non-existent. As a lay person, if you are going to be spending a few lakhs on jewelley, I would certainly want it to shine through, I am paying for the bling and I would like to see it actually bling bling….

  14. On the contrary – I LOVE the styling and they way they chose to showcase the jewelry
    Too often Indian jewelry ads tend to be in your face with layer upon layer of gold – which almost noone would ever wear
    This makes it look real while still being able to appreciate how stunning yet subtle the pieces are (I am especially lusting after the ruby bangle work with the black top)

  15. I love the Nikhil Tampi one. The second pic though since the first one , the work on the top looks so cheap in those lights. I like her with this hair & hairstyles better than the afro types she usually sports.

  16. I like this… its not the typical, close up shots.
    And its seems like the ad is defining the type of people who would wear their jewelry… high end, sophisticated, young, stylish and not just the jewelry itself.

  17. I love that the styling gives importance to the clothes as well as the jewellery. Too often the ads are BAM! JEWELLERY! with the clothes being plain and dull. This actually inspires you to think about what you would wear with the jewellery. Don’t think anyone will overlook the jewellery. When we look at an ad, we check the logo to see what it’s an ad for anyway.

  18. The Sonaakshi Raaj outfit is Gorgeousss!!!! Love love love the bustier! Totally lusting on it..Want to purchase it! Big fan of SR’s creations

  19. Thank god I’m not the only one wanting those sunglasses in the sonakshi raaj.. If anyone has any idea then please share. I waaaaaaaant!

  20. Thanks guys for the overwhelming response to this campaign. K is super stylish, and owns every look she wears!
    Those of you worried about the jewellery… Don’t , it’s cool, chic and there are close ups of it on the hoardings! So go shop now! Big kiss

  21. Thats exactly what i noticed on the hoarding. I was actually looking for the jewellery. The embroidery & heavy embellishments on the clothes overshadow the jewellery most definitely.


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