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  1. cooks at | | Reply

    I dont think I could ever get the confidence to wear something like that..how do these people do it?

  2. debs at | | Reply

    no no NO!!!

  3. Protyasha at | | Reply

    Could it be Manish Arora?

  4. Ngm82 at | | Reply

    raaz is a scary movie.. she’s suppose to look like that! :)

  5. fopa at | | Reply

    Priyanka i think it would have rocked if she had ditched the shoes!
    im loovin this blue these days!

  6. Bloo at | | Reply

    Oh hell!! No!!!!

  7. A A at | | Reply

    It’s probably ‘Not Quite’ for a lot of people!

  8. Shuchi at | | Reply

    Don’t like it – the overdone curls, the print, the color especially on the shoes…all get a thumbs down.

    One thing I must say for Kangana. She always looks comfortable in what she wears and appears to have tried to look good, without seeming to try too hard.

  9. Marya at | | Reply

    what a monstrosity!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Surbhi at | | Reply

    oh noooo! the color is hurting my eyes… and Raaz 2 was a success??? really?

  11. Missy Mochi at | | Reply

    What was she thinking?!
    The dress is fuglyyy!!

  12. Neha Kapoor at | | Reply

    ugh… whats with that hair.
    n ugly shoes.

  13. Megha at | | Reply

    oh nooo

    i usually like her style

    why would she go do this

  14. lillia at | | Reply

    electric blue is very trendy right now, but i dunno
    there should be just a touch of it not the whole damn outift lol
    but she has a fantastic body and shes beautiful

  15. Glamouricious at | | Reply

    Little too short and the dress is boring. Even more so since she matched it with the exact same color of shoes..

    Nice blog you have.:)

  16. Sonia99 at | | Reply

    Agree with @lillia. I just can’t get myself to like pointy shoes, they look awful!

  17. k= at | | Reply

    p&p: ive been looking forward to the lust edition for days but its not up yet. have u stopped doing it? pls pls dont!

  18. cracker at | | Reply

    i dont think so….NO!

  19. Keya at | | Reply

    the dress itself is ugle and the shows makes it worse

  20. melange at | | Reply


  21. Keya at | | Reply

    typeO’sss…. I meant
    the dress itself is ugly and the shoes makes it worse

  22. K at | | Reply

    I don’t think so. Match-matchy, much? Uff, this girl is such a turn off.

  23. Misia at | | Reply

    I don’t know what is happening to Kangana – she used to be very stylish. Now, she looks so trashy.

  24. madhu at | | Reply

    it looks like a 50s swimsuit

  25. ariel001 at | | Reply

    is that dress a DOLCE & GABANNA or similar to the other rip off D&G Nina Manuel was wearing a white back. ?

    btw. the shows & hair has to go. overall, she manages to make it work & i agree its a “NOT QUITE” for me !

  26. ariel001 at | | Reply


  27. sugarandspice at | | Reply

    I love the hair, and applaud the fact that she experiments and takes risks. She looks comfortable and carries it well, and the blue shoes make a change to b-towns boring black strappys.

  28. diptiN at | | Reply

    she tries too hard. why is one side of the dress longer than the other?

  29. anoo at | | Reply

    Not quite??? shd’nt this post be in wtheyy???

  30. Violet at | | Reply

    The dress isn’t too bad and she is carrying it well, however I wish she had different color shoes. She is so adorable. I like her curls. Wonder how she maintains them so well? It’s not easy to take care of curls and have them look this good.

  31. Vishakha at | | Reply

    not quite???? WTHeyy more like it

  32. Nepali at | | Reply

    Isn’t it of the same length as Malaika’s dress?
    She is a beautiful girl and seems very confident in anything she wears, but her “look at me” poses usually turn me off. I may get used to it in future.

  33. NJ at | | Reply

    The hair is killing me more than the blingy dress!

  34. shonali at | | Reply

    terrible choice of outfit. i don’t think she’s ever looked worse.

  35. me at | | Reply

    I think when they dress this way they just do it delibrately to torture us, I can’t find any other reason for a person who is constantly in the media and world of entertainment and knows what is in style and what is not to dress this way

  36. anita at | | Reply

    Kangana has great skin and this color flatters, but its on the tacky side because of the cut and style..i actually like the shoes tho not with this dress…

  37. geenaD at | | Reply

    oh so 80s…

  38. Shweta12 at | | Reply

    OMG! This look is scary (the look in eyes more so LOL), She could do SO much better!

  39. girlie girl at | | Reply

    not quite??? more like “oh dear god, NO!”

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