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  1. shai at | | Reply

    Love kangana’s outfit! can someone ID those black booties for me? Seriously want those! Btw, what is on sanam’s face? moisturizer?

  2. Nik at | | Reply

    When is it this cold in Mumbai?

  3. Saudamini at | | Reply

    Certainly Sonam, very effortless.
    Kangana has a trying too hard vibe about her each time.

  4. Theaccidentachic at | | Reply

    Yikes what’s going on with Sonam’s face??

  5. BlueBells at | | Reply

    Whenever I think of airport clothing, I only & only think of comfort therefore I can’t imagine myself wearing what Sonam is wearing since I usually don’t like such obstructive dresses (obstructive in terms of ease of movement). Kangana on the other hand, looks chic & so comfy! Like somebody above said – Those boots look so amazing & stylish.

    1. Gem at | | Reply

      I know, I mean long flights and figure hugging midi really doesn’t sound comfortable to me, then again, I don’t fly business so maybe its a non-issue for them.

  6. RT at | | Reply

    Both look chic. Kangana looks better in style, effortless vibe.

  7. oddjig at | | Reply

    kangana wins this round. sonam’s look comes off as very fussy. long untied tresses, restrictive dress, boots, coat in arm, oily face?

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