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    It just doesnt go with her skintone. It looks great on the model coz she is tall and her skintone is paler compared to Ms Chawla…( see thats my trouble with these ‘style divas’ they don on clothes they look good..but dont give a moment’s though to whether or not it will look good ON THEM…)

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    2. khushi at | | Reply

      They are advertising the DRESS. Its the dress that matters not the fact if it suits the model or not.Haven’t u noticed in almost all fashion shows (except the indian ones) the models look horrible so the product could highlight.

  2. samantha at | | Reply

    below the knees destroys the whole look. prefer the runaway version.

    1. samantha at | | Reply

      sorry the runway version

      1. charan at | | Reply

        yeah, the shoes are bad!

  3. shriya at | | Reply

    dress looks awesome on kalyani.

  4. pdaervo at | | Reply

    …I hate this woman.
    She gets to wear my favorite clothing brand ALL OF THE TIME. LITERALLY. I WOULD KILL…
    ahem…she could have looked a lot better, without the necklace and the tank and the shoes and the bag and the sunglasses are even weird
    so-so look

  5. naka at | | Reply

    Dress is incredible, and love it on Kalyani!

  6. akaa at | | Reply

    dress is awesome .. but looks OK on Kalyani… God! this woman… Can I steal from her wardrobe PLEEEEAAAASE!!!

  7. suchi at | | Reply

    looks so ordinary on her

  8. HS at | | Reply

    This dress looks awesome on Kalyani….the colour tones and her complexion-totally justified…she has dressed it down for a day event …thats good ain’t it?

    The sunnies with the mercury tint maybe a bit ott but overall I think she looks great

  9. khushi at | | Reply

    should be up her knees ….. oh ya the shoes are horrible.

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