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  1. Anubha at | | Reply

    Kalyany :Did you borrow that shirt from your dad.Uhh not expected from a stylish Diva..

  2. Fashionmeal at | | Reply

    You know, for a stylist. I’m not feelin’ her style very much. Those shoes are yawnzies.
    And Kalyani looks rather sloppy. Love her shoes though. Ugh, I wish she had the freedom to step out beyond JUST Dior bags.

  3. mj15 at | | Reply

    Both of them look pretty schlumpy, especially considering they were at the fashion week.
    That said, anaita’s outfit is not a total loss- it is well styled for a casual look.
    Kalyani’s look had all the elements in theory: fedora- check, white men’s shirt- check, light wash jeans- check, cool shoes- check…yet it all fell flat, and how!! She looks like she tried too hard but it just didn’t come thogether. The hat doesn’t fit right, the hair doesn’t do with the hat, the shirt is just shapeless, the jeans are neither the right fit nor the right length, the shoes don’t go with the jean, the necklace is weird lenght…soooooooooo worng!!
    Though I do love how P&P so cleverly deflected pickign one over the other :-)

  4. Jenney at | | Reply

    Had it been Soha Ali Khan instead of Kalyani, you would have so ripped her to pieces for wearing those denims ha!

  5. shyba at | | Reply

    boring look and tooo casual for the fashion week,nothing exciting…

  6. Iris at | | Reply

    jeez. if i hadn’t seen her with my own eyes, would have refused to believe Kalyani could ever step out of the house looking like that. re: anaita, no complaints, she’s not the sharpest dresser in town anyway. but kalyani, oh kalyani…

  7. kasthuri at | | Reply

    nope, no favourite here…disappointing look coming from kalyani..

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