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  1. Shivangee at | | Reply

    Hmm for me this collection would be lack of style, lack of vision and lack of good tailoring. Its not fashion forward , and as much as I believe in creativity being a relative thing, I sense a lack of that as well in his particular collection. I dont see any editorial or red carpet or casual pieces. This is plain shabby!!

    Wow I didnt mean to be that harsh , but …. well yeah!.

  2. monika agarwal at | | Reply

    None of these make sense to me!!!

  3. charan at | | Reply

    LOL! This collection just made me laugh. Whatever happened to good tailoring.
    This designer would be out of the the first episode of project runway :)

  4. sam at | | Reply

    THIS IS pure brilliace! ^_^

  5. dee at | | Reply

    really?? what’s the thought process behind this? Why is this made so poorly. Looks like the designer tried too hard to make it “different”. There is no sense of design in this collection, if you can even call it that. What an insult to real designers..ugh! sorry

  6. Subs at | | Reply

    This was plain shabby. And why Sathya Saran and her rat’s tail?!! Please.

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