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  1. Prep-y at | | Reply

    Yes, I wish it was styled better because I love her skirt.

    1. Hansini at | | Reply

      I too love the skirt. Neither Tisca nor Kalki have done it any justice.

      1. Neharika at | | Reply

        I love the skirt…I think Tisca wore it better…

  2. Amodini at | | Reply

    I don’t like the bag either, but otherwise she looks cute. Nice but not OTT for movie-watching. I love how comfy Kalki seems to be in her own skin and the clothes she wears.

  3. Shikha at | | Reply

    Who is her stylist?

  4. Ranij at | | Reply

    Love the skirt not the styling

  5. DramaMama at | | Reply

    It’s not that bad. The skirt is fun. And at least she’s not wearing the jeans-tee-sneakers combo.

  6. Leila at | | Reply

    I don’t mind the visual, it looks kind of nice on her.

  7. MachineGunMeow at | | Reply

    Whoa what is going on here?! The shoes, the handbag, the top, the skirt are all lovely as separates. Still scratching my head as to what inspired this random mashup.
    And I really, really don’t like that bag!

  8. Chaitali Shah at | | Reply

    I love the way she is comfortable with her clothes..and I love the styling..its casual in not a typically boring way..x

  9. Ena at | | Reply

    Love the skirt n the blouse, maybe not together.
    The shoes could be different.
    She looks lovely even so.

  10. fashionpolice at | | Reply

    That print is so pretty. Actually I don’t mind the entire look at all.

  11. Fergie at | | Reply

    Shearling bag? In Mumbai monsoons? What goes on in their heads?

  12. Meena at | | Reply

    I’m so in love with that skirt!

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