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    Fatherland sari gives off Orissa sari vibes in pallu. wtf “designers” name your source.

    Saris for Motherland is already done by women politicians. Fatherland be original do not copycat them.

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    I like Kalki’s sari but I wish she draped it differently.

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    Not liking those tassels on the pallu

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      I actually really like them…

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    I love Kalki’s look here, also so event appropriate.

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    I dont see anything special to mention

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      People with views similar to yourself have made this look quite rare and exotic. Kalki wears the desi intellectual look very well.

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    Love the saree & the blouse design.

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    it is a gorgeous sari and very elegant color combination…and the blouse is inspired! very cool Kalki!

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