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  1. s at | | Reply

    Not related to fashion but I was in Morocco last week for sightseeing. Our local guide (native Moroccan) in Rabat took us to his home (none of us tourists were from India) and his wife was watching one of the recent bolly movies with Arabic subtitles!

    1. Shereen at | | Reply

      What’s the big deal. People all over the world watch Bollywood films. It’s commonly known. Anyway, I think Kalki looks nice in both the outfits.

      1. colormenot at | | Reply

        It was a nice experience to share, i don’t see why that would be common knowledge. Even if it was, there are people who might not know that Morrocon’s watch Hindi movies.
        I was surprised when a South Americans said they watched a boolywood movie, that too Veer Zara.

        I love the saree look.

        1. Shereen at | | Reply

          Yes, you are right in some way but I am also right in my own way. I think it is not really cool to be surprised at these things. I don’t understand why some people think that India is covered by Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. Wars have been started in the centuries past by Europeans just for the access of Kerala’s black pepper. Columbus ‘came across’ US when looking for India and he was only looking for India for financial reasons. Many non-Indians eat Indian food and know how to cook it very well at home and they know the subtle nuances of it such as variations from state to state and the combination and depth of spices. Even Gordon Ramsey has a very good cookery book on Indian recipes. Most people who practice and teach yoga regularly are not Indian. The financial success of Europe has been partly constructed on the exploitation of the East’s resources and manpower. If you see the Youtube videos of bollywood songs, many of them have been uploaded and watched by people from South America and the Middle East. Many people in West know more about the intricacies of ayurvedic medicine and also vedic astrology than Indians and they even get qualified it it. Literally all of the bollywood dancing troupes in London who are hired for weddings and other functions consist of young Eastern European girls. Anyway, I will stop ranting now. I am very sorry for going of the topic of fashion.

      2. slc at | | Reply

        The big deal in this case was that ‘s’ was pleasantly surprised I think….can be quite a surreal experience actually. I’ve walked into large dept. stores in the US with ‘kaala chasma’ blasting from their speakers and had to stop and ask myself where the hell I was. It happens.

        1. s at | | Reply

          Yes, thanks ‘slc’ I was pleasantly surprised which was the reason behind sharing this incident. And no ‘Shereen’, this is not common knowledge. I am from Pakistan and an international traveller so I know to how popular bollywood is across the globe. I don’t know if you’ve been to Morocco but an average native Moroccan guide’s wife will generally not be expected to be a bollywood buff. I think you took my comment in the wrong context

          1. prep-y at |

            Thanks for sharing the experience!There are so many countries, languages, and cultures… I am sure not everyone knows about and more so watch bollywood movies. The response was completely out of context.

          2. dazzdiva at |

            Bollywood is a huge rage in Morocco..not recent but way back from Raj Kapoor times. My ex boss is a Moroccon in US – old guy and I was so surprised to know that his family used to watch black and white movie ‘Dosti’ in a theatre when he was young. It seems it is a family thing there to watch indian movies in Theatre. So i guess an average native Moroccan guide’s wife would still know bollywood and definitely Shahrukh Khan.

          3. s at |

            Perhaps in the cosmopolitan cities. I visited quite a few cities recently and met many natives most of whom were not aware of Bollywood and I was not expecting my local guide in Rabat to follow Bollywood either. So it WAS a pleasant surprise because my local guides in the other cities did not follow Bollywodd

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    Kalki looks great in both outfits but my fav is the saree.

  3. Axi at | | Reply

    The spelling in the comment section is atrocious.

  4. Lalitha at | | Reply

    Kalki looks beautiful in the sari!

  5. Aarti jogia at | | Reply

    I love the Anita dongre sari and kalki is looking so pretty in it.

  6. Tan at | | Reply

    Kalki looks beautiful in the saree
    And how event appropriate she is. Representing India in an ethnic Indian wear.

    On topic: although most of my friends love all thing Indian, still when I see someone appreciate Indian music and culture I feel pleasantly surprised. Its not because I don’t know the history or the present, it’s because I am amazed at the flexibility of our culture and open minded ness of those people. It is a beautiful positive feeling.

  7. Sapphire at | | Reply

    Kalki looks pretty and elegant in the red saree. Nice pick from her..

  8. Ratan at | | Reply

    She looks beautiful in the red saree. I like the green Shift dress look too but I wish she had at least done up her eyes, maybe a smoky brown look. Her face looks white-washed against the lovely green.

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