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    I love Kalki and I’m glad she’s getting featured on covers instead of the usual barbie brigade, but that is the most ridiculous pose ever. The awkward leg/foot placement is just too contorted, even for a fashion shoot.

    Plus, while I get where they were going with the breezy chiffon florals + clunky boots combo, this just isn’t working. Its probably the pose combined with the tackiness of the boot.

    Also her hair (wig?) looks terribly styled and she doesn’t pull the serious look off.

    Even with all my Kalki-loving this is a terrible, terrible cover. Way to zombie-fy an adorable girl :-(

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      I adore Kalki too and have to agree with every single thing that you said. How can they do such a ridiculous cover? It just seems to take the spirit out of her. I also want that smile of hers. It just brightens everything.

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      Totally agree, her leg looks like it’s flying in mid air. She’s such a cute girl though and I am glad she doesn’t do typical shoots like other chicas!

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      I disagree… loved the pose. Perfectly shows off the breezy skirt. Her hair looks weird though.

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    What a relief its not ash, pc, deepika or sonam :)
    Btw, the sleeves different than what on the run way? boat neck and all?

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    Payal, I know its essential to have banners on site, but its suuuuper annoying when the banners 250xwhatever are ON the image.. and right at the bottom.. always hiding the awesome shoes :(
    So when I go to click on it to close it, inevitably, thanks to predictive touch on Iphones & Ipads, I Always end up clicking the banner and get thrown off!

    I know CTR is a good thing, but please it is SUPER annoying… ask your other readers who follow you on mobile devices.

    I have a suggestion of placing banner ads below the pic, like m.perezhilton.com so it doesn’t effect the pic, plus you can easily click on it , if you really want to ;)

    Hope you will look into this, just healthy feedback. Kudos to your vogue entry, you two are my inspiration.

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      Thanks I’ve been meaning to write about it as well. Those banners are really annoying. I am sure there’s a less intrusive way to feature them.

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    Don’t like the pose.

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    Love the dress

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    more than ‘serious’ Kalki this one seems to be ‘sulking’ Kalki..the expression and pose make her seem bored already of the mag..she is not selling the issue..at all..!!

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      agree. She is not selling the issue ! Not with that image and not with her quoted text next to it !

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    what i want to know is up with her leg. i mean seriously this pic makes her right feet look like it has a seriously twisted ankle

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    i love it. Everything is so balanced. the awkward pose and the messed up hair. it has an unruly feel to it which i guess was the idea. unconventional and awesome

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    She looks worried!
    The expression, the pose, the hair, the shoes do nothing for her or the cover.
    This is so not a cover picture!

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