In Dior


Wearing Dior, Kalki attended the Chandon launch in Delhi. An updo, red lip, Dior chain-strap bag and a pair of nude and gold sandals finished out the look.

She looked nice but, a couple of things… First, do we see a peek of her inner-wear from the cutout? And then, there’s the matter of lip color. The red lip seemed a tad harsh when paired with rest of her look but, if it was a bit of punch she was wanting, we’d have much rather seen a matte, deep pink/fuchsia on Kalki. The lip color is only a minor gripe though… It’s the accessories we have a bigger beef with. The bag and (especially) those shoes had no business being paired with that dress. Couldn’t help but feel a little cheated once we laid eyes on those runway shoes!

This look had so much potential but it really only was a ‘Not Quite‘.

Kalki Koechlin In Christian Dior At Chandon Launch In Delhi

Left, Centre: Kalki Koechlin At Chandon Launch, Delhi
Right: Christian Dior Spring 2014

Photo Credit: Style.Com


  1. It seems a bit clownish (for the lack of a better word) to me. Kalki should channel her inner bohemian. Somehow i feel that these extra feminine, delicate, high fashion looks come a cropper on her.

  2. I think waist-up she looks great.
    P&P, Priyanka wore a Radiant Orchid dress for Gunday promotion that she also tweeted. Can you please ID that dress. It is so pretty.

  3. I LOVE the look on Kalki DESPITE the sateen top! :p
    If anything, pink lips might look better & the metal-mix is not perfect, but minor gripes really.
    The accessories are p-e-r-f-e-c-t , they work & are lust-worthy. We need better pics to oogle them. Girlfriend is finding her groove & i love it.

  4. I actually disagree with most of your critique…I like her hair and outfit and I actually love the shoes she is wearing. The one thing I agree with…the red lips could have been given a miss

  5. Why do some stylists believe that giving a pop of color to a monotone outfit with lipstick will be the saving grace. Clearly it’s not. Dear stylist, you need to add some more relevant pages to your notebook.


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