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  1. aparna at | | Reply

    yes i like that idea and the shoes but the obvious thing of course is the hair… other than that good one!

  2. Kumar at | | Reply

    ONLY kalki! always thought pairing stripes together was all sorts wrong. she does this understated chic look so good. keep moving up girl, ur gettin on the same level as kangs, sona n dhupias

  3. sonal at | | Reply

    different.. whats with the hair

    1. Purple at | | Reply

      I think he hair is growing out… if you see in the ZNMD movie, her hair was short and neat. Seems like it’s growing out now and the layers make it look thick and bulky. Short hair requires a lot of maintenance unfortunately :/

  4. PM at | | Reply

    Very cute and effortless. That’s a Swarovski pendant she is wearing.

  5. Flier at | | Reply

    i absolutely adore her new hairtyle ! and she is so effortlessly chic, i wish everybody had dress more like her!

  6. monika at | | Reply

    so cute & i love the little butterfly pendant

  7. Maya at | | Reply

    No… the jacket’s too long.

  8. Jiya at | | Reply

    Ooohhh interesting!!!

  9. Smitha at | | Reply

    love her easy style!

  10. suchi at | | Reply

    outfit is chic, but hair is just awful also her lips always seem to be very dry and chapped

  11. Sonia at | | Reply

    Very chic and laid back. I love the pairing of stripes…

  12. Srilalitha at | | Reply

    easy and well done… as always …

  13. :) at | | Reply

    this is so cute. i liiiiike.

  14. shalu at | | Reply

    PnP cud u please ID the white dress kalki wears in the first scene of the movie where abhay deol proposes her..it looks cute..

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