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    Aww my favorite actress and she is looking awesome.

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    Kajol looks radiant!

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    Love the suit but not digging the footwear. Mrs Devgan looks positively gorgeous. Pregnancy certainly agrees with her.

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    Kajol looks awesome but the outfit is a whole another story. Kajol has gotta ditch Manish Malhotra. His recent outfits are hideous – all this velvet crap.

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    She looks nice…only wish she had worn a better pair of shoes!

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    Awwww, she’s so lovely.
    I love all things “bohemian” and flowy on pregnant women. The mother Earth look is really lovely.

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      I’ll even excuse the shoes because I’m sure as hell not going to wear heels when I’m pregnant and she needs the height.

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        agree, i think the shoes are ok considering she is preggers.

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          I dont think anybody is expecting sky high heels…..in fact when somebody is preggers they better not wear them at all to be on the safe side. However you can just wear some cutesy flat sandals (maybe embellished ones) which can score much much better than these awkward chunky chappals

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    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay congratulations kajol!! she looks lovely :)

    not a fan of manish malhotra, but i like the sleeves. awful shoes. sorry.

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    Aww,. congrats to her. She is glowing in the first pic. Ju7st wish she had skipped the necklace & instead gone with large earrings.

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    She looks radiant & lovely….

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    how lovely does she look in the closeup but how atrociously ugly are those chappals! sheesh.

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    The colors should make the Shiv Sena happy:)Having said that, she looks great! Would have looked gorgeous WITHOUT that clunky neckpiece and those ghastly slippers!

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    Why should any pregnant mum worry about whether the bump is visible or not? Even if a celeb is carfeul not to show it or wore an outfit like this with a purpose still it is obvious here that Kajol is pregnant.

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      i don’t think she was trying to cover the baby bump, look at the third pic, she’s actually kinda showing it. i think these outfits are very comfortable to wear during pregnancy

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    omigod! i didnt knwo she was expecting her second child.. congratulations to her!!

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    Congrats to the mother-to-be. But both Karishma and Amrita look classy even with those volumunious kurtas on. I have never seen Kajol wear anything remotely pretty/classy/or stylish.EVER! Orange, gold, red shades..it all screams tacky. Not to forget the shoes. YUCK!

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    i hate these huge kurtas women wear when they are pregnant …… they make a woman look just enormous and shapeless …… why hide it ? ….. why not proudly show off the baby bump …. i prefer well tailored dresses in lush colours that reflect the beautiful pregnancy glow …

    … and whats up with the horrible necklace …. its kajol’s signature style … wear anything and pair it with a very extravagant neckpiece – usually a choker style and completely mismatched

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      I agree. I hate when Bollywood women start wearing tent like clothes just because they are pregnant. I wish they would take a cue from some stylish Hollywood moms (Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry) and give us some killer pregnancy chic, desi style.

      That apart the colors are too loud and the velvet too gairsh. Kajol looks as adorable as always though

      1. k= at | | Reply

        i dont think its as simple as that. i could be wrong cuz ive never lived in India, but from what I see on TV etc, I think it is in the Indian tradition to hide the baby bump. Even when ladies where normal salwar kameezes, they wear the dupatta so that it covers the bump.

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          1. Chocolate Martini at |

            I agree, that in India baby bumps are generally covered, but then again, none of the people on this site really dress like the average Indian do they? I mean, as celebs socialites, they’re dress sense is a lot less conservative and they can get away with non-tradional looks. :-)

    2. eclat at | | Reply

      I think the covering up is because we’re just a little superstitious about “nazar” and stuff- at least that’s what I’ve observed among the older generation in my family.

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    How b’ful does Kajol look…She’s just glowing…Congragulations!

    Love the hair, her choker,her salwar..evthg abt it!

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    Noticed this footwear of Kajol?! Reminds me of Ekta’s! I have decided the next time Ekta Kapoor visits a temple am going to take – run – burn them! Now have to plan how to go about getting rid of these!

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    Nothing against flowy kurtas but I don’t like this one at all- I think because of the colour combination. It looks too much like a circus tent and trust me that is NOT a look you want on yourself. Also, flat shoes would have suited the outfit more and been better health-wise given her state.

  20. sh at | | Reply

    awww. she looks lovely. the colours suit her.

  21. pooja at | | Reply

    Congrats to the mommy to be!!!!!ok Manish Malhotra..
    U need to have a line for moms to be!!! some nice pretty kurtas…I threw my two cents in!!!!!

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    she looks beautiful n positively radiant!pregnancy suits her cz she has such a lovely glow abt her..who cares wt she wears when she herself is so beautiful with impending motherhood..
    wish her a safe pregnancy n a happy n wonderful life..:-)

    she is pregnant people stop picking on her..i agree with ‘pdaervo’ that heels r a total no no during pregnancy..wouldn’t even think of it when i ever become pregnant!

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    She looks lovely in the first pic. I like the color combo actually.I just wish the kurta was a tad longer, so it wouldnt flare up like a tent or slightly more shaped.
    Compared to Karisma or Amrita, this kurta looks a tad akward

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    Do these volumnous kurta’s have any name ?
    These pregnant women look very comfortable in these loose outfits.

    Her face is glowing!
    Though I dont like the outfit or the choker or the sandadls, but she looks nice.

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    She looks beautiful.Could have skipped the necklace though

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    Even I don’t like this kurta thing … but.. she .. looks damn comfertable.. so its fine. Anyways.. Congrats and All the best to would be mother. Hmmm… HHC your Idea about taking those chappals away is great nd it made me.. Laugh too[make sure you definitely do it to Ekta’ specially :D]

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    Why does Kajol ALWAYS wear shabby footwear? She has a thing for these gold chappals. She need not have worn heels but she could’ve worn better looking flats.

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    The color is a bit jarring…and she could have done away with the choker though..but my god is she glowing or what??

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