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  1. koel at | | Reply

    Kajol make me feel so good about my “Tond” (tummy), We don’t need to suck in our tond to make it look toned (6 pack) for the pictures and still look like a million bucks isn’t it…

    Love her makeup as well…

    1. fatmah at | | Reply

      OMG….U made my day………im laughing like a crazzy here!….I so agree with you……LOL

      1. sri at | | Reply

        yes, she looks like a million bucks..so neat! like the pulled back hair, big earings. although the saree cud have been better, i really dont mind the red and black one. heroine in her 30s and hero in his 40s still going strong!! muah!

        1. Sharin at | | Reply

          Omgoshh they all look so good! I think focusing on the stripes is a bit nit picky for this one.. the overall impression when you first look is WOW… anything else is nit picky lol. They look great, I think Kajol looks very pretty and her body looks great in the sari as well. Agreed.

  2. charan at | | Reply

    I spend so much time commenting and no one ever reads it?? Black stripe saree with velvet border?? My last attempt, can i have MM’s email address?

    1. gaga at | | Reply

      imagine if mm reads this blog…he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

      mm responds in a mocking tone “you people can criticize me all you want. i am invincible. and i’ll be dressing all of b’wood till my last breath”.

      ‘shudder’ from us all.

      1. Dits at | | Reply

        Velvet should be banned from MM choice of fabrics.

        1. ss at | | Reply

          I think MM is buying fabrics from a curtain wholesaler. He needs to change his fabric supplier.

          1. jiji at |

            Haha – Absolutely completely agree with SS.
            I’ve been screaming for months about MM’s ribbon borders and plain sheets of fabric which he calls saris!

          2. lurverlurver at |

            no he’s not, he just recycling all the old curtains from his house..i hate to see beautiful women in gastric inducing outfits.

          3. koel at |

            Hee hee hee !!

          4. a at |

            lol :)

      2. mary at | | Reply

        Manish Malhotra is not merely the name of a designer but a virus that has singlehandedly corrupted the sensibilities of not just Bollywood but the Pakistani fashion scene as well. While a great many local designers are infinitely more creative and talented, the general public gets all starry eyed over bollywood fashion. As a result blindingly blingy, OTT clothing has been in vogue for the last half decade or so. Am actually quite nauseated just imagining the proliferation of his velvet fetish across the border. God help us all!
        As for Kajol, she can’t be made to dress up decently even if someone puts a gun to her head.

        1. akaa at | | Reply

          I so so agree with all the comments above ??
          Like how does MM qualify as a designer ?/ and moreover, just why the hell do all of them run to him for Indian wear is beyond me .. he is single handedly responsible for the disappearance of tarditional Indian weaves / embroderies / handlooms from our movies .. and it makes a huge impact .. today all you see in the Indian markets is blingy / chiffon-y saris !!
          He’s laughing all the way to the bank by making a fool out of this entire Bolly brigade!!!

          1. JaiHindIndia at |

            i say bring back our beautiful heritage` traditional Indian weaves / embroderies / handlooms ! the history and design behind it is a catergory of its own.

            MM’s creations are just tardy and kitz looking..

          2. Sharin at |

            Please, don’t give him that much credit for getting rid of ALLLL traditional indian weaves/handlooms lol. That’s a bit much.

    2. sri at | | Reply

      and i dont know what the fuss about velvet is all about..here in Us, american women wear it for christmas parties every year. arent they supposed to be rich people’s fabric – velvet, furs, lambswool ?!

      1. KS at | | Reply

        I am not attending that christmas party! just kidding!
        I know what u mean but it is mostly the oldies who have not thrown their velvet tops. i havent seen young ones wearing them in past many(many) years. and as for in India esp mumbai it is never that cold to make velvet a trend that is why a lot of people find it weird.

        1. KS at | | Reply

          –i mentioned cold part with reference to your comment below, of now being winter.

          1. sri at |

            i get it now..guess the designers and actresses are following the US trends..becuz here even young people wear it. we get even sweats in velvet

  3. dn at | | Reply

    They look good. Despite the awful saree, Kajol looks good. Like her neck-up.
    Why does MM call himself a designer again? Esp after seeing the Chanderi black saree on Kareena just yesterday, this hurts.
    MM formula – take a cheap looking saree, put some velvet border to it. Is that a velvet blouse as well?
    What is the red from Shahrukh’s pocket? Just wondering.

  4. crab at | | Reply

    People need to stay away from Mediocre Malhotra. She looks good though.

  5. hsap at | | Reply

    so my story was that 7 years back i wore my self designed sheer chiffon (mustard in color & minimal self print )sari with black valvet border ( typical of MM’s work) with black valvet blouse only to get a public flak from everyone including my husband and so many bad compliments about my taste in clothing , i discarded that sari then.
    But how could MM get easily get away and is conidered a famous designer? who’s making millions

    1. sri at | | Reply

      and so i wore velvet blouses too with my silk sarees since i bought them ina hurry and didnt get time to stitch my blouses. they looked back then almost 10 yrs ago. For now, i do have a velvet top which i wear for evenings or parties. its very much back in trend now. so good for manish malhotra!

  6. KT at | | Reply

    i like this saree… has a little ‘modern’ appeal to it.. kajol carries it well!

  7. Rezia at | | Reply

    Love the combination of black and red; it exudes understated elegance and reminds me of the Obamas on election night. So props for the combination and the coordination between SRK and Kajol.
    But (yes there always is a but) I don’t think she’s beautiful enough to wear her hair like that. Something less severe would be so much more flattering.

  8. chuck bass at | | Reply


    cant wait to watch this movie

    and srk is too yummy for words :P

    1. kaya at | | Reply


  9. Nisha at | | Reply

    I think she looks much better than usual!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. pdaervo at | | Reply

    REALLY UGLY sari
    he’s given velvet a bad name
    also, velvet NEVER pictures well, especially with the kind of lighting that have at Indian events
    LOVE SRK’s tie!

  11. neetu singh at | | Reply

    Is velvet so in again?i hate the garment and its really uncomfortable in the heat..
    Red n black is a great combo,could have been so much better.theres no creativity here,even i could have made this :P
    Kajol looks good,she doesnt give a damn to clothes..and SRK as usual my favourite,and somebody pls say a thing or 2 about karan also :P,noone seems to b noticing him at all..tee hee

    1. charan at | | Reply

      No, no, i noticed… i was finding the right word for that “bearer” shirt and that made me nostalgic about the times when servers at the hotel wore white with red shirts.

    2. sri at | | Reply

      velvet is a winter garment..n its winter now..

  12. krk at | | Reply

    is it only me that thinks kajol’s blouse at the front looks like its actually the the back of the blouse…..its 3 inches ! How come she is not spilling out – she is not exactly flat-chested…

    1. ss at | | Reply

      lol..i was thinking that too..

    2. koel at | | Reply

      Lol you one track mind ! I was thinking the same thing about the “Girls”…

      1. Purple at | | Reply

        It could be the type of blouse where it is padded inside…maybe it is helping prevent spillage.

      2. sri at | | Reply

        maybe she didnt apply bronzer a la bipasha to showcase her girls! lol

        1. sri at | | Reply

          actually the velvet blouses make u look flat chested..have used them before

  13. ss at | | Reply

    kajol is beautiful..but y is she flaunting her paunch.she looks two months pregnant in 2nd pic & that velvet blouse is so hideous.. saree looks like sheer curtains.

  14. G at | | Reply

    There she goes again…one more day one more poor choice of saree selection….SIGH !!!
    I thought exposing midriff is done only in movies ?? maybe not

  15. Ann at | | Reply

    Is that a reversible sari?? I see a golden border on the other side. If it was, wish she had worn it with the other side out.

  16. jiji at | | Reply

    Are those plastic straws hanging out of SRK’s jacket pocket? Another over-hyped MM creation… can we even call it creation? I see no creativity in it! Shame.

  17. KK at | | Reply

    Hate the sari… Love Kajol neck up but that sari is hideous!! Vertical stripes make Kajol look wider. And that does seem like a velvet blouse.

  18. me at | | Reply

    Kajol desperately needs a wordrobe adviser..she seems to be stuck in 80s..her jewelry her cloths her shoes and bags and even hair style and make up is dated…as for khan the suit is suiting him perfectly but what that two red lines hanging from his pocket

  19. Tania at | | Reply

    Kajol looked GORGEOUS

  20. mary at | | Reply

    can’t look past the horizontal stripes on the sari. Am no designer but even I know horizontal stripes make one look fat, frumpy and very non cool. I remember a similar chooridar worn by Vidya Balan which ended up ruining the whole look.

  21. Kiwi at | | Reply

    Eeeeks, but somehow, I think Kajol is not just about her clothes.. her personality shines through. I think SRKs suit is a bit ill fitting. Karan Johar is the most dapper one, of all 3

  22. rani at | | Reply

    srk- open those buttons please. he had that suit tailored when he was atleast 6 kgs lighter
    kajols saree is horrid and so is kjo’s shirt. Bad

  23. Mayuri at | | Reply

    I’m going to be standing out like a sore thumb when I say this ——– I love the saree! ;-D

  24. wiwi at | | Reply

    kajol sari is an eye sore. the lady never get it right and srk never liked nor will i. look like a 5 y child in his paa’s suit. again the movie may be a trash they will make it work for srk-kajol sake

  25. Prem Rogue at | | Reply

    Velvet should just be banned. It is so ugly.

  26. Lushgreenapple at | | Reply

    Its time to boycott Manish Madhotra and switch to Sabyasachi. Bollywood please sit up and take a look at how this humble guy revives and makes Indian fabrics and materials look so gorgeous….

  27. megha at | | Reply

    i am biased when it comes to kajol cause i think she makes the sari look good and she herself looks stunning

    1. KS at | | Reply

      Me too! :)

  28. Siddharth at | | Reply

    The Sari is simply adorable and makes Kajol look great. She hardly ever looks great but the Sari is doing the job.

  29. Richa at | | Reply

    What is that thing hanging to the Pallu??
    Noticed this on Ash’s dupatta also…..thats definitely used to tie curtains….

    1. RC at | | Reply

      lol..I saw these pics at another website..should look at the sandals that she is wearing…they are simply BAD!!

  30. Shriya at | | Reply

    kajol would look great if she hired a good stylist. i hate the velvet. she’s lucky she has such a vibrant personality that can shine through fashion disasters.

  31. NFashionB at | | Reply

    Isnt it the same color combination that Aishwarya wore to Paa premiere.
    And she had velvet border or blouse too and her saree was sheer too.

    I like kajol even if she is ugliest-dressed.I am biased.
    She doest bother about fashion or showing herself.And her beautiful and content smile is her biggest asset.

  32. Sharin at | | Reply

    The top is very risque actually.. so low and small and straight across… must look great in person if you know what I mean :|

  33. nav at | | Reply

    well i blame kajol for always wearing MM clothes. i bet he gives them to her for free.

  34. noni gulliford at | | Reply

    SRK looks particularily “ponchy” in this suit…has he put on weight around the middle? It doesn’t fit right…is it karan’s design?

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