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  1. Pri at | | Reply

    May be you should proof read the post before posting :)

  2. Kari at | | Reply

    Love her Alice+Olivia skirt. Such a youthful effortless look.

  3. tina at | | Reply

    Aww, they are so cute.

  4. Meg at | | Reply

    You just made my day

    I mean SRK and Kajol in a movie again together? – that’s the stuff my dreams are made of

    And Yes I agree I need a life of my own ;)

  5. amy at | | Reply

    weeping…22 years on and they look just as lovely..thank god for a stylist.. . bring it on sista

  6. Deepti Parthiv at | | Reply

    Totally something I would wear in the summer. So fresh! They look soooo good on screen, this movies going to remind me of Baazigar and DDLJ isn’t it?

  7. Janice at | | Reply

    I love this! They are my fav onscreen couple and to see Kajol and Srk dressed so nicely even better! Looking forward to the movie :)

  8. Sandy at | | Reply

    Kajol is looking gorgeous and young.

  9. Ashes of Roses at | | Reply

    My fav lady in every way! She looks so young and fit and lovely and glowing. Loving the fresh vibe of her dressing. Gonna buy a skirt for myself today :)

  10. Dee at | | Reply

    “A few years ago, we’ll admit, her on-screen looks would’ve have piqued our interest.” You mean wouldn’t have, right?

    I have to agree with you! I used to really like her but her sartorial choices ranged from blah to WTH! :) Excited on so many levels now! Loving the alice + olivia skirt.

  11. trupsster at | | Reply

    Wow, I’d buy both skirts in a jiffy! (Purse permitting, of course!)

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