In Sabyasachi


After sporting Sabyasachi at the Stardust Awards, Kajol was seen in an other one of his saris while promoting Dilwale in Kolkata. With that lip color being so bold, am glad there was no jewellery added to this look.

She looked great!


Kajol at Dilwale Promotions Kolkata

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Give this Deepika and she would have looked great.
    Kajol makes Sabya tacky no offence . This look needs something. It looks incomplete.

  2. Its interesting that no one comments on Sridevi’s skin color, that was a transformation! Karol in this case, seems like a case of too much flash.

    • Because the comparison wont work, cant compare oranges to apples . Sridevi ji’s skin tone from the time she was a child actor, in her teens actually all of her time frame in many movie industries, she has been the same skin tone -what in India is perceived as “fair”. Maybe you have seen probably 10% or less of her movies, cant blame you.:P How can that be compared to the dusky skin which is so obviously white washed or “transformed”. Lol

  3. She looks so much like her sister Tanisha in these pictures. I have a weakness for black saris and love Sabya but this looks very ordinary.

  4. Can we have the good old Indian beautiful dusky tan back? I am fed up of this gora obsession. When will we get over our colonial hangover? It’s a shame that Kajol had to get a melanin treatment. What example are we setting?


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