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    Beautiful lady with a bad dressing sense. I mean what has happened to her? She used to wear gorgeous sarees back in the day. Even on Koffe with Karan said that she needs to change her dressing style.

  3. kumar at | | Reply

    Im starting to crave vidya balan..n u know thats like the lowest low, rite?

  4. Amber at | | Reply

    Isn’t MM suppose to be her best friend? And this is what he designs for her? I don’t feel so envious anymore of not having any designer friends if this is the end result.

  5. ltblmr at | | Reply

    Good actor, no style. Get a stylist, Kajol. You can do way better than this.

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    oh boy. this is why i think anarkalis ought to be banned.

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    Her footwear is the icing on the disgusting cake….hate the look..and her hair shudve been atleast combed!!!

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    Why in the world don’t these women hire a stylist…Is it that difficult??? Vidya definitely needs one ASAP and Kajol is way to intelligent to dress up like this !!
    What’s the world coming to?

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    Something’s entirely wrong with the dress sense of the top 90s actresses be it Kajol, Jiuhi or Madhuri. If you disregard how endearing they are otherwise, their looks are entirely uninspired, dated and plain dowdy every single time.

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    Good to see she is not uncomfortable with her post-baby weight…but really, do you have to choose a frumpy silhouette and bad shoes?

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    The outfit is ok, its the shoes I have a problem with, they are like platform flipflops!

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    it looks like a tarun tahiliani copy from his lakme finale.. bolero plus long kurta … ugh… ban anarkalis now!

  13. alis at | | Reply

    kajol you are a very beautiful women but you need to change your designer!!!!

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