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  1. Adara at | | Reply

    Ha ha ha. I feel sorry for her. She tries so hard that she shows up without even pants. Some people do not have the last clue about what even remotely suits them.

    1. reshma at | | Reply

      lol… ha ha ha

    2. sree at | | Reply

      HA yes! I was gonna comment the same thing.. forgot her pants at home!

    3. S.I. at | | Reply

      +1. she did forget to put her pants on! What a shame

  2. Slc at | | Reply

    Looks tacky actually.

  3. Mindy at | | Reply

    Looks like someone forgot to wear their pants

  4. Ss at | | Reply

    I say stop this monstrosity! The high-low hem only adds to her woes.

  5. Sweta at | | Reply

    She needs to get a new stylist!

  6. i at | | Reply

    OMG ! LOL

  7. Amodini at | | Reply

    This is a bad look. Agree – too short/clingy and the shoes are spectacularly wrong.

  8. Fergie at | | Reply

    Good lord! That’s a shirt not a dress. The bottoms are missing!

  9. Sej at | | Reply

    It sounds harsh really though it’s like she forgot her pants.

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply


  10. chez at | | Reply

    This is so wrong for her. It looks like she forgot to wear pants. Its not very flattering for her thighs. The material is also not helping. Its like the satin nightgown materials, that cling to you especially cuz of static. But even then, she is looking radiant and confident

  11. PS at | | Reply

    This dress instantly reminded me of designer Nupur Kanoi’s collection that was showcased a season or two ago.

  12. Sarindar at | | Reply

    She does not have the legs to wear dresses this short!

  13. Puneeta at | | Reply

    She looks lovely and anyone who disagrees or thinks this is not “age-appropriate” is just jealous.

  14. Puneeta at | | Reply

    PS: Kajol called. She doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks.

    1. mary at | | Reply

      then she should have worn it around her house where no one really would give a damn about what she wears. Clearly anyone agreeing to hit the runway does give a damn about what other think.

  15. dexy at | | Reply

    Why do you call it a case of ‘nice dress on the wrong person’?! It would have looked ‘chic’ if some skinny person would have been spotted sporting it. Is it just cos her legs are on the heavier side? She looks radiant and carries off the attire with confidence. And totally heart the hair!

    1. Adara at | | Reply

      I am happy P&P finally stood up to call a spade, a spade. Otherwise they were watching out every word to avoid brickbats particularly when it comes to people with a particular body type or certain skin tone. The shirt dress is pretty nice by itself. Yes, Kajol does not have the right body type or the legs to carry off such short dresses. That IS a fact.

      1. P at | | Reply

        I’m sorry, but the only people with a certain body type and skinny legs are allowed to wear short dresses? And a certain skin tone – please tell me you didn’t mean that? This is not calling a spade a spade – this is just promoting a stereotype.

  16. Senorita at | | Reply

    bring back the old, slobby Kajol already :(

  17. ajeeta at | | Reply

    hah! this sure looks like that she forgot her pants.

  18. KS at | | Reply

    this shirt dress / kurti without pants looks good on very few people. Kajol is surely not one of them

  19. pune diva at | | Reply

    lol….seriously she needs to get a stylist!!!

  20. Sur at | | Reply

    It needs a belt …it needs a belt .

  21. sini at | | Reply

    Waist up she’s glowing…

  22. Dia at | | Reply

    I think she looks good. The colour really suits her. Her makeup looks flawless. The only problem is the lenght and fit of the dress. But I like that she is taking more risks and experimenting.

  23. Amy at | | Reply

    I preferred the old messy Kajol. She looked comfortable and content.

  24. Jiminywiminy at | | Reply

    Look Ma! No trousers!

  25. Whats Trending Now at | | Reply

    I get shirt-dresses…but this one not so much. As the others have commented – the material looks too satiny (??) and it is just not right for her, it accentuates her flaws. Sorry this one is a Miss.

  26. Pav at | | Reply

    I disagree, its an awful dress on a gorgeous person. How it can flatter anyone with even a semblance of curves is beyond me. I wish we could see it on the runway and get an idea of the designer’s actual vision.

  27. fuchsiaBelle at | | Reply

    this is off topic, but karan mentioned your blog in his latest episode of KWK with kajol! I was so happy..haha!

    1. Chitra at | | Reply

      I noticed as well. Yayy!

  28. Ariana at | | Reply

    Did she just get out of bed and attend the show? What ever happened to WTHEYYY?

  29. Apoorva at | | Reply

    I can imagine shraddha kapoor carrying this off nicely..

  30. MoreKittenHeels at | | Reply

    I agree with all the dress comments but just look at her face. She’s looking radiant and her skin looks flawless. I love it when they nail the fresh faced, dewy look.

  31. isha at | | Reply

    lolll…really she did forget to wear her pants :-o

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