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  1. Neha at | | Reply

    Who takes the dupatta the way Kajol has taken – these days…that style is so passe…

    1. mary at | | Reply

      a lot of people wear the dupatta this way actually but they tend to have a lot more poise.

  2. SS at | | Reply

    I’m at a loss for words – Ash looks absolutely stunning; this is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone rock that color. She gives the pedestrian (albeit pretty enough outfit) so much personality. Love, love!

  3. s at | | Reply

    kajol looks like she is wearing a tent.Ash looks good,but I can’t believe the outfit that she picked.One would think atleast her Indian dressing sense would be better.
    Jaya bachan and deepika padukone seem to be the only two best dressed women of the event

  4. aman at | | Reply

    Aishwarya is looking absolutely stunning. Ash is truly looking radint in that colour.

  5. Sona at | | Reply

    Poor Kajol, she can never get it right can she…I love her, but dear god…hire someone if you can’t dress yourself.

    1. sim at | | Reply

      Or talk to your best friend KJO he would know what to do with you if you are willing to listen

      1. Geethanjali at | | Reply

        Good lord !! Look at her chappals/sandals or whatever u wanna call them. I wouldnt wear them for a million dollars. I give up on both MM and Kajol. Oh whats with the dupatta of Kajol….pathetic !

        Ash looks gorgeous though !

        1. mary at | | Reply

          Kajol is a lost cause. Those chappals are a complete eye sore. Ash’s anarkali has a better length as well.

  6. ranju at | | Reply

    I give up !!

    MM wins !!

    1. Pri at | | Reply

      hahaha! lol

      1. mary at | | Reply

        lol true

  7. Shivani at | | Reply

    I love Aish’s make up. She looks divine.

  8. pdaervo at | | Reply

    “Mehendi green is not the most flattering shade and not everyone can fare well in it.”
    Hello Aishwarya Rai.

    1. Sharin at | | Reply


  9. rêve at | | Reply

    Do these actresses get paid by MM??
    ( like Nike/Adidas pays sportsmen /women to wear their gear?)
    not liking either of the dresses :(

    1. Kish at | | Reply

      i guess they’re not paid, but definitely given the clothes for free.

  10. aishwarya at | | Reply

    ya ash definately wins dis faceoff
    d mehendi doesnt at al suit kajol…..

  11. priya at | | Reply

    look at the difference in their chappals!

  12. fatima at | | Reply

    wow, aishwarya looks gorgeous and i’m not really her fan.. but damn!

  13. romi at | | Reply

    I dont think Green is the color for Ash – it is Kajols Color (DDLJ remember the green dress??) surprising Kajol messed it up, the shoulders are just not right on her looks like it was not tailored right for her shame MM

  14. Alisha at | | Reply

    OMGGGGG Ash!!!! You’ve done it again!! You’re awesome!! I cannot imagine any other woman who can carry off that outfit so gracefully! She’s so elegant and beautiful, just look at her poise!!
    and I love her shoes! I want ’em, NOW! I want her outfit, I want her husband, I want her face! Don’t you get it? I wanna be THE Aishwarya Rai Bachchan!!

    hmm…and Kajol looks like she’s going to a wild-safari in a forest! And her shoes are more than hideous! ewww! Grow up, girl

    P.S. I’m not a huge fan of Ash’s designer, but it does look great, MM worked it out this time! Kudos to him, Can’t wait to see how he dressed Ash in “Endhiran – The Robot”

  15. shreya at | | Reply

    wow, aishwarya looks beautiful. that outfit is not flattering on kajol.

  16. Saya at | | Reply

    Ash looks lovely adding grace to that average MM suit. Kajol, will she ever wear a nice suit/sari/anything? And those sandals. Ewww.

  17. amber at | | Reply

    Hate Kajol’s sandals! but even better footwear wouldn’t save her overall look. Ash looks great. if anyone can make that color work, its her!

  18. sri at | | Reply

    i think mehendi looks great on fair skin…and ash has that advantage. also red contrast in her dress played well. both look pretty here.in their mid-30s they are dressed appropriately.

    1. mary at | | Reply

      there is a particular shade of mehendi green like that of dried mehendi a while after it is applied. That one looks divine. Pity none of these is even close to that.

  19. priyankada at | | Reply

    Ash looks good but has anyone noticed that ash wears this particular pair of footwear alot with indian outfits?

    1. Anu at | | Reply

      LOL priyankada you stole the words right out of my mouth!

      In fact, I think she ALWAYS wears that particular footwear with her Indian (salwar suit) outfits….and also at all awards functions, I’ve noticed.
      Maybe they are her lucky shoes…..and, after all hubby Abhi did win an award that night after all. (Albeit in a totally-made-up-category that only he was competing in)

    2. umema at | | Reply

      yeah i noticed it too..haha

      1. mary at | | Reply

        pity because the shoe is nothing much to write home about. But damn her surreal, divine, heavanly beauty just seems to make everything work (well ok not the infamous cannes green sari circa 2003)

  20. Sushma Raju at | | Reply

    I can’t beleive this…..even Ash joined the bandwagon..pls ladies change your designer..so boring!!!!

  21. GG at | | Reply

    Aishwarya Rai is divine! That face ..just too beautiful even to comment.

  22. msmeow at | | Reply

    Oh my god! Some body stop MM”s non-stop anarkali attack. I am dying to see another style already. I think these styles have been over-worn and over-exposed! YAWN!!!

  23. Rashmi at | | Reply

    Kajol needs a major SHOE makeover. Ash has worn this pair of sandals couple of times and I love it. Can you guys ID it?

  24. dn at | | Reply

    Ash looks beautiful. Love the colour on her. The dupatta is MM commonplace, but the kurta is well designed. Nice sandals too.

    Kajol – so many things wrong – the colour, the fit (makes her look heavier), etc. Sad. She looks so good in the My Name is Khan trailers, why not be “in character” like all the others are doing these days.

  25. neetu s at | | Reply

    wowwww…aish looks great…

  26. Maze at | | Reply

    Can someone please donate a stylist to Kajol ASAP? Ash took a crappy outfit and made it sing! Kudos!

  27. lin at | | Reply

    OMG…Me thinks that Kajol’s dress was purposefully designed to make a woman look hideous…However, her fashion choices in the past have been very questionable. Her footwear looks as if someone applied glitter paint to bathroom slippers.

  28. funnybone at | | Reply

    droopy shoulders…..velvet sleeves…..bad color……pillar legs……mm tassels…..and those horrendous chappals!!!!!……..go a long way to make this outfit a wwwhhttt’eeyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

  29. Sharin at | | Reply

    Oh my god I know Ash’s sandals.. she’s worn these before and they are to die for!!! Love them I totally totally want a pair.

  30. umema at | | Reply

    i dont like the dresses but aishwarya is looking stunning and she wore this dress so well!!!

  31. Mayuri at | | Reply

    Aish is defi not preggers, then?!! ;-D Hate BOTH the outfits, btw

  32. mary at | | Reply

    The chooridars are so badly stitched and of a wrong material totally. There are no ‘chooris’ whatsoever to speak of just some unsightly creases and wrinkles.

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