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  1. Lin at | | Reply

    Kalki’s unmistakable genuinely happy, glowing face definitely makes a mark.

  2. kasthuri at | | Reply

    I will totally ignore the flip flops on Hema. She looks GORGEOUS !!
    Kalki would come second.. her smile makes up for the lack of shape.

  3. forhhc at | | Reply

    Please save Hema … she is choking!

    1. meria at | | Reply

      ROFL! :D

    2. radhika at | | Reply

      lol agreee!!!

  4. Ash at | | Reply

    Darlings P&P, please don’t comment on the foot ware of any person beyond 45 years of age. There could be may health reasons for the foot ware choices people make once they cross 45. Don’t cover them in your fashion blog if you feel it’s not fashionable. Let’s all be sensible and mature and not always vain.

    Hema looks gorgeous as always!

    1. Sabah Zaman at | | Reply

      Ditto to that.Btw how gorgeous does hema look…loveee that colorrrrr on her..she looks simply gorgeous!

    2. Jay at | | Reply

      omg did you just say that?? LOOOL!! So if you’re 44.5 P+P can tell it like it is but 6 months later they can’t… does that mean in 8 years Aishwarya Rai will be hanging up her guccis.
      Such a silly comment dear.
      If you want sensible and mature then look at a marks and spencer catalogue not HHC!
      Also – you can get comfortable, medically sound shoes – you don’t have to resort to Ekta stylee shoes.
      I don’t even have to say anything else…
      ps. So ageist – What if you’re 24 with a foot problem…LOL

  5. sonal at | | Reply

    Hema is looking so graceful. the choker looks a wee bit uncomfy though.

  6. maira at | | Reply

    i love what kalki is wearing!

  7. the maami at | | Reply

    agree, shouldnt be commenting on footwear of women beyond a certain age. Given that many of her contemporaries have been spotted wearing sneakers with saris ;) her chappals dont strike me as out of ordinary, and hello, she is not just gorgeous but so statesque at this age, its quite breathtaking!

  8. BlueStar at | | Reply

    Kalki deff looks the best of the lot. Even if u ignore the slippers Hema still looks like she”s being choked by the choker, and Zarine looks really uncomfortable as well.

  9. PM at | | Reply

    I think Kalki looks sooooo good with her electrifying smile. Love her simple look.

  10. herdisnot at | | Reply

    Truth is you cannot ignore Hema. She has a cachet…like Amitabh. The designers and clothes need her, she can be regal in sackcloth and ashes. Regal, beautiful Hema

  11. dn at | | Reply

    I think Hema Malini’s footwear is more for medical/therapy reasons, and as a dancer she can’t go about hurting her feet. She is always in such footwear. She looks great, just wish the choker was not choking her.

    Kalki is turning out to be a perennial favourite.

  12. ANJU at | | Reply

    Comfort does not have to be ugly..she can well afford nicer yet comfortable shoes, especially that she is on the ramp and not on a romp..
    Can u get better pics of the jewelry being exhibited?

  13. karishma at | | Reply

    i love hema’s poise and kalki’s smile!

  14. kumar at | | Reply

    LMAO wtf!? how could the designers let her walk with those flip flops. thats hillarious.

  15. meria at | | Reply

    I love Kalki’s jewellery..the necklace fits perfectly around her neck!

  16. SS at | | Reply

    Zarine is looking positively unattractive in that attire..hair..and what not…

  17. Agam at | | Reply

    I really feel Kalki looks gorgeous!

  18. blmrlt1102 at | | Reply

    Kalki looks the best. Hema may be a beautiful woman but never a fan of her style.

  19. Shaye at | | Reply

    Cmon guys…I’m not saying she should walk out in 6 inch Choos. But bathroom chappals on a runway? If she was at a party or screening maybe that ‘ she’s old therefore can wear chappals’ thing could fly. But on a runway, at a fashion show..where you invite people to stare at you and judge you? Maybe she just forgot to change her shoes….benefit of the doubt cause I like her.

  20. :) at | | Reply

    I think Kajal Agarwal looks lovely here

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