1. am not too crazy abt the one on the left…I feel the brown one on the right could have worked well for a daytime look…with the right shoes and bag ofcourse!

  2. I like the one on the left more actually…but now that I look at the dress on the right and see the writing, I’m in love :)
    she looks cute!

  3. everytime I look @ these pictures I get so distracted by her face that I just cant really see what she is wearing…and yes she is so thin too

  4. That woman needs to get herself to an eating disorders clinic immediatly! She is unreasonably thin.

    She looks ok in both, but her thinness and pasty makeup distract badly,

    Who is she?

  5. This woman needs to be checked into an eating disorders clinic immediatly! She is frighteningly and sadly too thin.

    The outfits are ok, but her thiness and pasty makeup really wrecj everything.

    Who is she?


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