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  1. Anjali at | | Reply

    Love being so very personal and at the same time so very abundant all around the world, Platinum – one of the rarest elements of the earth’s crust – is the perfect symbol of everlasting love. Just like platinum, love too is resistant to wear and tarnish. Well, at least true love is.

  2. Rashmi Rajpal at | | Reply

    love is the emblem of eternity..and platinum stays with you till eternity and witness each and every moment of trust,partnership and tenacity..so its a symbol of everlasting love..

  3. RRT at | | Reply

    Platinum is something stays with you forever just like everlasting love!
    It reminds you about the moment you found your love..
    Not only does it have memories and emotions attached but its beautiful and can be passed on to the next generation as the symbol of everlasting love.

  4. Dee at | | Reply

    Platinum is Symbolic of everlasting love because..

    Just like Love its Rare, doesn’t get “tainted” or eroded easily and so the most precious…also platinum jewelry is so fine & elegant that its the perfect heirloom that can be passed on for generations… :)

  5. epiphany aishwarya lepcha at | | Reply

    For me Platinum is symbolic of everlasting love because just as how special and priceless your love is to you the same is with platinum……love is everlasting,from the time you fall into love to your oldage love doesn’t die ,so is the platinum ,once you have it the love for this precious metal cannot end……ITS EVERLASTING

  6. Ruchi Banerjee at | | Reply

    When was love invented? Adam and Eve? The first single-celled organisms? The first time a mother looked at her child? We may never know. What I’d like to think is this. The notion of love may be dressed in different forms across time or even space, but in the end it all comes down to this – a flutter in your tummy, that ache in your chest or the pounding of your heart. And what better way to celebrate such a transcendental emotion than Platinum. A metal that is as precious and eternal as love itself!

  7. Piali Dasgupta at | | Reply

    Platinum, like everlasting love, is pure, rare and noble.

  8. Saini at | | Reply

    Platinum is a true symbol of everlasting love as it actually gets stronger over time! What a great way to represent a true bond! :)

  9. Raji at | | Reply

    I think Platinum is symbolic of everlasting love because it (platinum) is very giving and forgiving, strong yet delicate, timeless yet special, classy yet feel-good. It is like a good pair of shoes that makes you walk with a spring in your step. It can be worn everyday and it looks like you’ve stored it in a heart-shaped box to be brought out only on special occasions. That is exactly what ever-lasting love is all about!

  10. Vaishnavi at | | Reply

    Just like it was made clear in your advertisements, I think Platinum is a symbol of love because even though many of us don’t accept it, every girl in the world waits for that day- the day when the love of her life asks her to marry him, to be his forever and never let him go. Personally, I think that Platinum is a symbol of love because when the guy proposes to the girl with that beautiful ring, he knows he’s making a promise of a lifetime & what could be better than the most beautiful ring on his love’s finger? Platinum unites souls, more than they can imagine.

  11. Reitu at | | Reply

    Like love, platinum will keep shining on you forever :-) coz the best things do not have an expiry date!!!

  12. Nidhi, bangalore at | | Reply

    Everlasting love and platinum are like four-leaf clovers; hard to find and lucky to have!

  13. Bidi at | | Reply

    Platinum is symbol of everlasting love because its as pure as the first skip (or increase) in the heartbeat that one gets on meeting their soul mate, as pure as the first nervous laugh together and definitely as pure as the secretive (and innocent) hand-holding and stolen gazes when in public.

    Amazing contest… :)

  14. Saumya Chandra at | | Reply

    Like love, its an ageless gift everyone needs and deserves.

    (platinum is a non-corrosive metal – it doesn’t tarnish, it never results in allergic reactions due to its hypoallergenic properties)

  15. Plavani Pradhan at | | Reply

    Rare and precious it has survived the tests of time.What else could manifest my undying love but a platinum that says it all

  16. Plavani Pradhan at | | Reply

    Rare and precious it has survived the tests of time.What else could manifest my undying love but platinum that says it all

  17. Puneeta at | | Reply

    I first saw an ad for platinum when I was 10 years old. I told my mom that someday, when I grow up, i will buy a platinum ring for myself.

    Its still a dream I have for myself, because platinum symbolizes not just romantic love, but for those of us who are single, it symbolizes loving oneself too!

  18. Suma at | | Reply

    The qualities of Platinum makes is a true symbolic of everlasting love.

    Platinum is a rare metal just like true love which is difficult to find in this fast paced world.

    Platinum is noble due to it’s remarkable resistance to corrosion just like true love which grows stronger by resisting to unwanted tempations.

    Platinum is ductile which is apt for two people in love who can
    adapt to each other without breaking their individuality.

    Platinum is dense just like two people who are compacted together in a commited relationship.

    Finally Platinum is precious truly symbolic of the great value i.e everlasting love.

  19. Manisha at | | Reply

    I adore platinum as its uncompromising strength is the perfect symbol of enduring love. Platinum is eternal, with everlasting radiance and durability, just like love. Said to be 100 times rarer than gold, it is the singular symbol of love, union, responsibility and hope, the one piece of accessory that marks a marriage. Platinum is rare, a treasure coveted by individuals for centuries. Since it is the purest metal possible for jewellery, no better thing could symbolise the purity of everlasting love! It isn’t hard to draw parallels between the unchanging and permanent nature of platinum and everlasting love in a marriage!

  20. priyanka mansotra at | | Reply

    i feel i would never ever like to compare my love to anybody or anything n even if i will i want my love to be compared to the best.platinum as a metal is the hardest and is the least reactive as compared to gold n silver . platinum is everlasting it means i can keep wearing it all the time without any chances of damage….same is my love i want my love to be always by my side n be tough for all the hard situations n last he must be least reactive as in he should not react with any odr girls(he he he)
    hence i feel platinum is the symbol of everlasting love…

  21. Sonya Nagrath at | | Reply

    Platinum is symbolic for everlasting love because it is forever and ever.Unlike diamond & gold it is so rare to find and who doesn’t want to flaunt a piece of jewelry which is so rare & unique just like my love(Platinum of my life) which is mine forever till eternity.Love u my baby & love u Platinum…..

  22. Neetal Mistry at | | Reply

    Platinum is a precious metal which has remarkable resistance to corrosion, even when tested against extreme conditions. Therefore it is considered to be a “noble Metal”.

    So is true Love, as it will never fail you even during your trying tough times.

    It’s a symbol of true Promise, loyalty and solidarity. It will stand by you even “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going” (Just like the song from The Jewel of Nile , 1985 – sung by Billy Ocean) =)

  23. Fatima M at | | Reply

    Some of the few qualities of Platinum that make it special are; pure, rare and eternal. These qualities make Platinum the best symbol of love and commitment.
    Platinum is very rare and precious, just like true love.
    Like a couple’s love for each other, platinum grows stronger with time.

  24. Roni at | | Reply

    ” Platinum so white, so bright, a symbol of purity & rarity.Evince your everlasting love with a gem that resonates eternity “

  25. Pooja at | | Reply

    Platinum – a symbol of longevity and exclusivity, just as eternal love which is everlasting for a romantic couple. This noble metal is naturally available but scarce so is love. Platinum being silvery white in appearance is very enticing. Similarly, eternal love seems so alluring which everyone strives for yet only some experience it. Such a beautiful emotion yet rare to be found and if you’re the lucky one to feel it, then it’s sure to be priceless. Love has its peaks and troughs, toughest being to survive the tests of time, only true love stands out just as platinum which weathers everything and offers its resistance to corrosion and not lose its sheen. Platinum being malleable and ductile exhibits its parallelism to true love where you have to forget yourself and bend and sacrifice for your lover. Platinum in its rarity, solidarity, purity and eternity is a mark of everlasting and undying love.

  26. Shashi at | | Reply

    It is an arduous task to symbolize Love. Love that is patient, selfless and nurturing. Love that is not angry but moves the soul. Love that brings the best out of a man. Love that is everlasting, perpetual and eternal. Platinum is known to be the rarest, the strongest and the most durable among all the metals. This characteristic attributes of Platinum bears resemblance to that of an eternal Love. There can be no other symbol of Love than Platinum which assures enduring and undying Love to a person.

  27. Tanya Pereira at | | Reply

    Platinum is symbolic of the everlasting love between my mom and me. Her love is not only everlasting, it is forgiving and selfless and I hope someday I am able to love her back in the same capacity. She deserves a beautiful pendant like this and every happiness in the world.

  28. Sonal at | | Reply

    platinum is beautiful,versatile and elegant.yet it has hidden strength and resilience, at the same time it is fashionable too. A symbol of the highest and purest emotion should be fashioned from platinum to show the wholesomeness of relationship :)

  29. Renu at | | Reply

    Platinum is precious, radiant and eternal, symbolising everlasting commitment in love!

  30. Ngm82 at | | Reply

    Platinum being the most precious metal marks a special place in every girls heart. Its eternal shine is symbolic for the ever growing and ever lasting love between two loved ones! :) A beautiful piece of jewellery is always a great reminder of how special a person is in one’s life. Platinum and diamond jewellery is eternal such as the special bonds between a couple.

  31. Shruti Carol at | | Reply

    Everything about platinum is so beautiful. The color, texture and the way it makes me feel when look at my engagement ring.. feels so eternal and unique. Love is uniquely beautiful to each one of us and nothings says ‘I love you till the end of time’ better than platinum. I would engrave his name on the pendant!

  32. PJ at | | Reply

    I was in school when i first heard the word Platinum or as it stands on periodic table – ‘Pt’. The boy sitting next to me said its the most expensive gift to buy a girl.
    13 years later, the same boy now a handsome gentleman stood on one knee with the most beautiful Pt ring in hand asking me to be his wife.
    3 years later, the now husband held the most gorgeous Pt pendant towards his wife who had just delivered their bundle of joy telling how he will love them both till the very end .

    As I try answering your question , I wonder, without Pt how could have I treasured the most joyous moments & everlasting love in my life.

  33. Pavithra at | | Reply

    Platinum never fades or tarnishes and can be worn every day for eternity with nothing happening to it at the same time it is a precious metal. Does this not some up love? What better symbol than this for Platinum is a synonym for Love :)

  34. Pavithra Reddy at | | Reply

    Platinum never fades or tarnishes and can be worn every day for eternity at the same time it is a precious metal. Does this not sum up love? What better symbol than this for Platinum is a synonym for Love :)

  35. shilpa at | | Reply

    Platinum because it is strong.

  36. bohochic at | | Reply

    It’s the Platinum card owner who can make love last forever :)

  37. Vijaya Subra at | | Reply

    Uncompromising in strength, highly durable and extremely dense and pliable at the same time, with its natural white lustre remaining unaffected by time. All of these unique qualities thereby make Platinum the most perfect and precious symbol of eternal, pure and unalloyed love. Platinum forever= Love forever!!

  38. Shivani at | | Reply

    Platinum is unique, rare and precious…. truly a thing to treasure just like LOVE.

  39. Neina at | | Reply

    Platinum is as pure as everlasting love. It is the most versatile yet tough metal. It is rare yet beautiful like love. :)

  40. monika at | | Reply

    Because it is very rare…100 times rarer than gold;
    Fashionably simple,yet classic, just like love
    Its uncompromising strength is the perfect symbol of enduring love.
    Its pure white colour will not tarnish or fade over the years,just like love
    It was declared the metal fit for a king by King Louis XV of France in the 18th Century.
    It is the purest metal possible for jewellery

  41. nits at | | Reply

    platinum is eternal and each piece is an expression of pure love…

  42. dimpy at | | Reply


    Platinum and love have one similarity- being rare and everlasting. You do not find platinum anywhere and everywhere and has to be mined at the heart of the earth’s crust. Finding the perfect soul mate too is not an everyday fare. You can only connect with that special someone, sometimes after mining through a lot of hearts. But when you do find it you know its for keeps. For me symbol of everlasting love can be nothing better than Platinum.

  43. RM at | | Reply

    It’s a rarity as true everlasting Love and once you get it… You want to hold onto it for eternity…precious, fulfilling and completes you…

  44. D'Cunha at | | Reply

    Like everlasting love, while inherently being sturdy and durable, it bestows confidence and a glow to the wearer on the outside!

  45. sushmee at | | Reply

    Just like Platinum being a rare earth metal is ageless and lustrous, everlasting love is rare to find. Everlasting love endures the ravages of time and social bondages and continues to get better and brighter with age.

  46. Rinka at | | Reply

    Like all rare things, platinum is valuable, and holds its value over time. It is the singular symbol of love, union, responsibility and hope, the one piece of accessory that marks a marriage. Fashionable and classic, what more could one ask for? ;)

  47. Preethi Ravichandran at | | Reply

    Platinum is one of the most lustrous, malleable, least reactive, least corrosive metals, occurring rarely on this planet…all the qualities that make everlasting love one of the most treasured feelings on earth.

  48. Shonet Silveira at | | Reply

    Just like love is precious & timeless it can be best expressed with “Platinum” which is a symbol of everlasting love

  49. Gauri at | | Reply

    ..because it resonates with purity, elegance and eternity.

  50. tejashree at | | Reply

    Platinum is symbolic for everlasting love because it’s beauty never fades.Its ageless . timeless .It will still have the same opulence .If you get something made from platinum , you will cherish it forever. Its a second name for Love.

  51. Sue at | | Reply

    It is the rarest of metals, and while it is not glittery like gold it is elegant, classic and timeless much like everlasting love!

  52. Riya at | | Reply

    P- Pure
    L- Love
    A- Absolute
    T- Trust
    U- U ,
    M- Me

    This is what is love n platinum for me

  53. Roshni at | | Reply

    Platinum is symbolic of everlasting love because it is as rare and pure as true love. Platinum is elegant and angelic at the same time, just like a woman in love is to her lover. Platinum is a noble metal which symbolises a deep love which will last, no matter what.

  54. Tehi at | | Reply

    Platinum, one of Earth’s rarest metals, is refined and purified to make things that are cherished forever. Similarly, true love evolves over sharing, understanding and togetherness into something rare that lasts forever.

  55. cheetah chetali at | | Reply

    Platinum is a unique symbol of strength and style. Its bful, versatile and elegant that is a perfect way to express one’s individuality. What better thing to express one’s love- by making them feel bful inside out. And the durability of platinum makes it a perfect and everlasting symbol of love.

  56. uma at | | Reply

    For me platinum metal has a very sentimental value, because my husband proposed with a platinum ring. He never seems to like the yellow metal much which I dont seem to understand. I later bout a small platinum necklace to make it a set. Hence for me this metal is a symbol my my love (at the risk of sounding corny). Would love to keep adding to this metal collection whenever I can!

  57. Bhavika at | | Reply

    Platinum is everlasting and promises to stay with one for a lifetime, perfectly symbolizing the love and the promise one make to the other. The precious white metal is truly versatile. It is a symbol of delicacy and strength together. So is the love. This is why I feel Platinum represents love :)

  58. uma at | | Reply

    (Just correcting my typos )
    For me platinum metal has a very sentimental value, because my husband proposed with a platinum ring. He never seems to like the yellow metal much, which I dont seem to understand why. I later bought a small platinum necklace to make it a set. Hence for me this metal is a symbol of my love (at the risk of sounding corny). Would love to keep adding to this metal collection whenever I can!


  59. SreedeVish at | | Reply

    I feel like i’m living the perfect faitytale with my husband. (Touchwood!) Our senior-junior relationship had some movie style beginnings, a not-so-perfect proposal, the wedding, travelling around the world and the many amazing ups and a few downs. We’ve had our Platinum wedding rings on for almost 2 years now and i hardly ever remove it. My ring symbolises my love, my trust, my passion for the man i love and above all, makes me feel complete. Our rings are our measure of our everlasting love for each other.

  60. Rekha Nair at | | Reply

    Platinum is symbolic of everlasting love as it has all the qualities of everlasting love like being most precious, most pure, rare and eternal. Just as everlasting love shines on year after year, gives happines and does not loose it’s sheen similarly Platinum shines on and gives happiness through such precious qualities to it’s proud possessor

  61. Neha Joshi at | | Reply

    Because just like Platinum is one of the rarest elements in the Earth’s crust, true love is also very very rare – and it is this common quality that make them both so very special

  62. aparna bhogireddy at | | Reply

    Platinum and love both precious and forever.

  63. Ron at | | Reply

    Platinum, like everlasting love, is one of the rarest thing on earth, beautiful and desirable. Like everlasting love, it is not corroded by anything.

  64. adrian mcartney at | | Reply

    platinum is everlasting as love

  65. Shruti Chauhan at | | Reply

    Platinum: To validate the most coveted and everlasting expression of true love.

    Love is the most coveted and everlasting emotion on this earth and what better can symbolize that true love than the most coveted and everlasting metal called Platinum.

  66. adrian mcartney at | | Reply

    because platinum is everlasting as love

  67. Poonam at | | Reply

    Platinum has purest of color. Because of its purity and cleanliest look, platinum is symbol of ultimate pure love.

  68. Vini at | | Reply

    Like molten love, unbroken,
    unencumbered, unassuming,
    Like love set in stone, these
    stones set in platinum –
    tell a little, hide a little,
    the story of a lifetime.

  69. ankita at | | Reply

    Platinum is eternal, with everlasting radiance and durability.And its uncompromising strength is the perfect symbol of enduring love

  70. shyba at | | Reply

    Platinum is one of the rarest elements in the Earth’s crust and it is the purest metal, so when you gift Platinum to someone most special in your life then it is definitely a symbol of everlasting love.

  71. San at | | Reply

    Platinum/ little silver truly reflects the various gray-white shades in a Love relationship.It is a symbol of everlasting LOVE, PATIENCE, CLARITY, PURITY, CALMNESS in a Healthy Relation. Platinum is the New Love in the Rain…

  72. Manoj at | | Reply

    Like ever lasting love, Platinum is precious, rare and actually grows stronger with time. That’s why Platinum is symbolic of everlasting love.

  73. Ayushi G at | | Reply

    Platinum is as precious as love , it does not tarnish or oxidize when exposed to air or water just like love does not tarnish with passing of the years.

  74. nishtha bhargava at | | Reply

    Never to be tarnished or lose its sheen it describes rare love- one that is hard to find. But once found it will last forever, without loosing its sheen or being tarnished.

  75. Akanksha Singh at | | Reply

    You want everything to be exceptional when you choose gifts for your loved one and nothing is more exceptional or perfect than
    presenting a pure platinum. Platinum is pure, naturally white, and is kind to the skin. It is rare, a treasure coveted by influential individuals for centuries. It is the ultimate symbol of love and commitment and is perfect for a lifetime. And like the love, platinum grows stronger over time and hence it is symbolic of everlasting love.

  76. Sonal Gahlot at | | Reply

    Platinum is beautiful, versatile and elegant.
    Diamonds are girl’s best friend and Platinum is diamond’s best friend!

  77. Shivani Bhasin at | | Reply

    we all want to fall in love. Why? Because that is experience that makes us feel comepletely alive. where every emotion is magnified our everyday reality is shattered and we are flying into the heavens. it may only last a moment, and hour, an afternoon. but that doesnt diminish its value because we are left with memories that we treasure for the rest of our lives, like platinum lasts forever, strong and shiny.

  78. Rajvi Bhow at | | Reply

    Just like how love is precious and is meant to last long. Platinum too is something that is precious, lasts long and is meant to be preserved. Thus, it is a symbol of everlasting love.

  79. Micky at | | Reply

    Platinum is pure, rare, and eternal. What better choice as the ultimate symbol of love and commitment?

  80. Kanika Mehta at | | Reply

    True love withstands all tests and defies all negativeness to shine always.

  81. SS Kuruganti at | | Reply

    Platinum has many similarities with love in its purest form, which makes it the perfect symbol of love. Like true love, platinum does not corrode (or fade) easily; it is resistant to wear – meaning that like love, it can take life’s hard knocks and still be the same. Platinum doesn’t corrode at high temperatures – just like love can remain even after the fiercest arguments and the hottest words are flung around. Platinum is more ductile than gold or silver, meaning that like relationships built on love, it can bend without breaking, change form without losing substance, and still bind people together. And finally, both platinum and love in its purest form are extremely rare and precious!

  82. Ana at | | Reply

    Platinum is a metal that is long lasting and can endure tear and wear like no other; just like we would like our Love to be !

  83. Meetu at | | Reply

    Platinum is better than Gold as it neither tarnishes nor wears out. So I would really like to win this pretty Platinum pendant for myself. As it is a symbol for endless beauty :)

  84. Sonam at | | Reply

    Platinum is symbolic of everlasting love because just like pure love, it is also rare, beautiful and something that everyone longs for.

  85. Varsha Patil at | | Reply

    Platinum is symbolic of love. It is one of the most enduring metals that can perfectly commemorate love. Since time immemorial, this metal with its moon like luminescence is so precious and rare just like your love, it is one of a kind. So what better than the very best metal platinum that is uncommon.

  86. shivani at | | Reply

    Platinum give you a pure feeling as true love does the same.
    Though i have not been able to buy it yet but i would definitely buy the love bands for me and my love.
    Thank you

  87. Neha at | | Reply

    Platinum symbolises purity, strength, eternity and endurance all pillars of everlasting love. It is rare and precious just like true and eternal love.

  88. arisha at | | Reply

    Plantinum for me its color (white) shows purity! required for love!!

  89. Sneha Nikam at | | Reply

    Platinum is the symbol of purity and strength both are basic components of everlasting love…they make the forever journey enduring stand the test of time and reality and still have that feeling of being cherished at the end of the day Just like Platinum its strong and Pure!!!

  90. Sugandh Bhatia at | | Reply

    Platinum is symbolic of everlasting love because just like platinum, everlasting love is also one of the rarest element in life. In a world where relationships are disposable and love is detachable, lucky are the people who have that everlasting love on their side. Platinum indicates all those quality which an everlasting couple should reflect. While on the outside it is attractive and shiny, it is one of the most non- reactive metal during testing times. Similarly in an ideal love, while it is a picture perfect perception for viewers, both the partners have to be extremely non-reactive with anger in difficult times. Platinum exhibits a remarkable resistance to corrosion, even at high temperatures, same to as which is expected from that everlasting love. Stand by each other in testing times and still shine on till eternity…!!

  91. Friyan at | | Reply

    Platinum is the most precious of all metals being 90-95% pure. By gifting someone a platinum piece, it shows the purity, naturalness and authenticity of your token of love.
    Moreover Platinum represents 75 years which in our existance means forever.

  92. tannia pabreja at | | Reply

    Platinum is the singular symbol of love, union
    responsibility and hope, the one piece of accessory that marks a marriage.Like true love, it is precious,pure and rare.Platinum is eternal, with everlasting radiance and durability.No doubt it is one of the most enduring metals that can perfectly commemorate love since it doesnt wear away like true love and its moon like luminescence is so precious and perfect way to express love.

  93. Aditi Kumavat at | | Reply

    Platinum is precious, rare and everlasting. Just like true love. Its that simple. need I say more?

  94. Ghazal at | | Reply

    Platinum..rare..pure..precious..indeed symbolic of everlasting love..

  95. Iftekhar at | | Reply

    platinum is lyk everlasting love..u knw its value only if u lose it!

  96. Afshan at | | Reply

    I feel Platinum is symbolic of everlasting love because…

    Like love is it pure and untainted,
    It does not change with time….as it reacts with nothing and cannot tarnish.
    It stays forever…and does not erode.
    Wish we all could have love like that :-)

  97. Ambrin Akhtar at | | Reply

    Platinum is pure and rare, just like love. So what’s better to symbolize everlasting love other than platinum! It represents love, and commitment in its truest sense.

  98. annu das at | | Reply

    platinum is symbolic of ever lasting love:

    because platinum is rare and precious and so is true love which last forever

  99. Subia Sayeed at | | Reply

    True love is as pure & precious.. Nothing can surpass the strength of love.. It is beautiful bond between two souls.. and platinum symbolizes purity, strength, and beauty..and d best thing.. It lasts FOREVER as true love.. As d line goes.. Real love can only begin , never end . Soo true !

  100. Pooja Sharma at | | Reply

    Love that can withstand the test of time, stand firm against all forces whether natural or manmade is the one we call Everlasting …. So what better representation of the same than through this Noble metal, this rarest element in the Earth’s Crust, this Everlasting Platinum!

  101. anjari at | | Reply

    Platinum is the most rarest , precious n lasts forever. the shine never fades. this is the perfect metal which symbolises the true . meaning of true love. Its rare because it happens with one, its precious cause the feelings are bond no boundaries. and precious cause all the moments and the life becomes precious to a soul. the platinum bands actually bounds this love in the two hearts for life.

  102. sipnsnap at | | Reply

    Because platinum is pure and eternal, just like true love!

  103. Tamanna Mukherjee at | | Reply

    I think Platinum is symbolic of everlasting love because, like love, it doesn’t scream for attention. Instead, it just puts a smile on your face and lets you know that you are special.

  104. kuhu majumdar at | | Reply

    There is no feeling on earth as pure as love..
    if there was a way to immortalize it, we would..
    a blessing as if from the heavens above..
    this feeling, the basis of all things good..
    when love is a thing so profound and pure..
    its symbol must be as precious..
    something that is as rare and everlasting..
    a gift that is as gracious..
    A symbol that is unique,that lasts forever,
    Platinum is all these things and more
    and if it is from Platinum and Orra,
    it is an absolute delight for sure!

  105. Swati Gangrade at | | Reply

    Its a perfect symbol of “eternity love”. Love that is still alive after life.

  106. Pooja at | | Reply

    For me, platinum is symbolic of everlasting love, because i found the perfect definition of love with my husband just like a platinum is perfect, being tied in an arranged form of marriage just like two separate platinum bands the perfect him and perfect me made a perfect WE.
    There are endless reasons to write and too too little space to say that.Just like a platinum completes the most incomplete looks my better half’s love completed my life’s journey.

  107. fashionmint at | | Reply

    Because love is as strong& Rare as platinum

  108. Rashmi at | | Reply

    The subtle elegance of Platinum is an apt symbol of everlasting love; just like true Love, Platinum is rare, precious and stays true over time.

  109. neha at | | Reply

    From the time immemorial , it has been said that to find an everlasting love or soulmate is rare … like everlasting love , platinum too is a rare element and is very precious …

    True love should never fade and should be resistant to corrosion , which is one characteristic Platinum is famous for ..

    Also Platinum is called ” little silver ” and is shiny precious metal best suited to hold the diamond , a girl’s best friend …

    All these qualities make Platinum symbolic of everlasting love because everlasting love is precious,dense,pure and reflecting of the warmth shared just like Platinum , which is forever ..

  110. Shivani Yadav at | | Reply

    Platinum is beautiful, versatile and elegant, yet it has hidden strength and resilience. The density of platinum makes it more durable than any other precious metals.
    Platinum is Diamond’s best friend. It is the singular symbol of love, union, responsibility and hope, the one piece of accessory that marks a marriage. Platinum is the metal of choice to seal that bond of love.
    Said to be 100 times rarer than Gold, it makes it even more special.

    This is the whole reason why I think that Platinum is the symbol of everlasting love.

  111. chetna at | | Reply

    I believe platinum is a symbol of everlasting love because everlasting love is rare and precious like platinum and shines throughout life . Platinum like everlasting love is sure to make you happy .

  112. Pooja at | | Reply

    Everyone is sixty-five percent water.
    Everyone is made up of stardust.
    But he, is nothing but my world.
    My sun, moon and stars. My sky, sea and land.
    The air I breathe.
    Someday I’ll tell him the secrets evolved in my heart.
    Someday, I’ll know where to start.

    I sound like an annoying hallmark ad, but it’s true.
    One day you decide to go beyond existing and live, and it cannot be without him. And you mark that day forever. In platinum. Forever.

  113. Jasveen at | | Reply

    Platinum would be a symbol for ever lasting love because when you look at the jewelry you can hear every single time your heart is beating and that is when you know this isn’t just a jewelry your holding or looking at it is a type of jewelry that you make a special connection to.

  114. Nidhi at | | Reply

    ..because like platinum, love is rare..but when found it is precious, everlasting and beautiful!

  115. platinum love at | | Reply

    LOVE!!one of the most important thing in life….one can’t live with it and nor without it!!!But ain’t it important to love your self truly before you love someone else?!?!And platinum just does that it makes you love yourself first and that’s why it’s important to own platinum….It shines so bright just like the love one needs to have for our own self…

  116. Su at | | Reply

    Ever lasting love is eternal and it doesn’t fade away with time in the same way as Platinum doesn’t get wear away with time due to its strength.

  117. Vidya Hemraj at | | Reply

    Platinum is rare and precious. Like all good things in life, it is resistant to corrosion and tarnishing (like good values, a strong character, true love, precious bonds!). While most Hindi songs refer to the lady-love asking her lover to get her the moon and stars, the reason could also be because Platinum is found in greater abundance on the moon ;-)! Now you know what a woman means when she asks for the moon!
    What better way to celebrate everlasting love than with precious, pure, pretty Platinum?

  118. janani at | | Reply

    True love lasts forever, so does platinum!

  119. anushka khurana at | | Reply

     Platinum, ,however is a perfect symbol of love being one of the rare elements for the fact that all the platinum man has ever mined would fit into a 25-cubic-foot room. For me it holds even more special place because I had always longed for a platinum jewellery but my mum never allowed me to buy thinking that its fake.So after marriage I never told my husband about it but somehow he got knowledge of it and on our first anniversary he gifted me a platinum ring. That ring is mosr special to me n I always wear it n it always sparkles to show me my husband’s love.Truly platinum is eternal!

  120. A.Shruti at | | Reply

    Platinum is one of the rarest element’s on the earth. So is everlasting love. Platinum is highly resistant to wear and tear. So is everlasting love.

    Need I say more :)

  121. Sreemoyee Mukherjee Ganguly at | | Reply

    Platinum is as pure and ethereal as everlasting love.

  122. Karina Shah at | | Reply

    Platinum is the symbol of everlasting love because…

    is only one half of the picture

    (explainantion: PLAT if half of PLATINUM, just like Love and Trust must be complemented with something else; ie, platinum)

  123. Nirali Shah at | | Reply

    Platinum is symbolic of everlasting love because it is rare, non-reactive and noble – everything you need for a never ending love.

  124. Shobha at | | Reply

    Platinum is a symbol of everlasting love because just like the truest deepest love, Platinum is stable (won’t change with time), has high resistance (faces all the worldly challenges to stand by your beloved) and last but not the least it is extremely rare, hardest to find but lasts forever…

  125. Syed Rahim at | | Reply

    Just like true love, platinum is simple, understated, rare, and precious.

    The noblest of all metals, it stands the test of time;
    Like eternal love – pure, elegant, sublime…

  126. rishika at | | Reply

    love is the best happening which you wish to happen again and again with your beloved, and so is the platinum!
    platinum is rare and it reflects its worth by not being loud, insted just being there… and so is the true love <3

    so,platinum is the best symbol for everlasting love because you know,its alwayz gonna be there,unconditionally, because its a part of you :)

  127. U P Kaur at | | Reply

    Platinum to me signifies rarity for a couple of reasons. The one i love is nicknamed Platinum which makes the metal and what it signifies even more special for me. He is the pivot of my life, my strength and my weakness, the light of my life. He makes life worth living, every single moment of every single day. He defines me and it is amazing to belong to him. Which is why the fact that platinum is so rare and beautiful symbolises the story of my life. He is rare and loving him is beautiful.

  128. Kruti Parekh at | | Reply

    Platinum is symbolic of everlasting love because it is as precious and rare as the truest & the deepest love !!

  129. aarti at | | Reply

    Because its simple, special and unique, just like everlasting love.

  130. Pri at | | Reply

    Platinum is symbolic of everlasting love because both are very rare and timeless.Both Everlasting love and Platinum doesn’t get tarnish or fade over the years :)

  131. Gaurav at | | Reply

    Love doesnt demand, assert,dazzle-it weaves its course with silent eloquence, rare individuality and suddenly we feel transformed with a blissful feeling of needing nothing else and radiating this special feeling. Whether its the rare metal of platinum, or the experience of love that fills, swells and never ebbs, it will remain special for each one, the young dreaming about it, and the luckier ones immersed in it. I think platinum conveys that never-endingand fulfilling quality of love

  132. Sweta at | | Reply

    Platinum is symbolic of everlasting love because the radiance and purity of platinum is as eternal as the impression of true love on our lives.

  133. Ritu at | | Reply

    Just as the platinum never fades and keep its true color for a lifetime, so will our love for each other forever.

  134. Aisha at | | Reply

    Platinum is known as the metal symbolizing love! Gold and Diamonds are given by parents, relatives et al, however, platinum has a special meaning.

    Platinum is a rare metal and having something unique and rare just makes you feel special. Every woman wants to know that she owns something that not many would have..just like the person you love.. and hence platinum is on every woman’s wishlist symbolizing the ever lasting love bond..

  135. Tanya Wadhwa at | | Reply

    Just as the colour ‘white’ symbolises purity, beauty and eternity, similarly the white colour of platinum represents the eternal, everlasting love and much more!

  136. Deepti at | | Reply

    Platinum is symbol of everlasting love as it is pure & timeless. Just like love it never looses its sheen. whats more apt to symolise the most precious thing than the most rare metal. Ofcouse it also brings the same sparkles in our eyes as love does ;)

  137. Himani Gupta at | | Reply

    Love sprouts from purity that is internal, Platinum’s uncompromising strength makes it eternal. It’s radiance is awesomely divine, Perfect for a lifetime ! Love is indispensable in a pair, Platinum like ‘ true love’ is precious and rare. Exceptional, Perfect and the qualities above, Prove Platinum to be a symbol of everlasting love.

  138. Tarini at | | Reply

    Platinum is symbolic of everlasting love because, just as the metal is so rare to find, so is true love.And only a few are lucky enough to possess either or both.

  139. Aruna at | | Reply

    Platinum is dense (like how BFs can be!), it is malleable ( like how we girls mold them!), it is ductile (how we girls make them docile!), it is generally non-reactive (a tribute their patience during the life-threatening fights!), it is scarce (I will never have another one like him!), it is gorgeous and generates envy among women (how I love to show him off!) and well, I do happen to have expensive and exquisite tastes, in both jewellery and men ;)
    Platinum is definitely symbolic of everlasting love!

  140. vrinda at | | Reply

    ‘Cause it celebrates (P)eople. (L)ife. (A)mbitions. (T)ime. (I)ndependence. (N)urture. And most importantly yo(U) with (M)e.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  141. Vandana Sharma at | | Reply

    I desire many things in life, but one thing I desired the most was ‘everlasting love’. A soul mate who is warm hearted, makes me laugh, unique in his own way, who’d instantly make me feel comfortable and proud with him around. Loved by all, but his eyes are always wandering just for me. Who’d heal my antsy heart in tough times and hold me forever. Someone with whom I’d share insatiable love for eternity. Who’d love me for me and want me for me!
    And when you find that someone and enter into a marital bliss, what could symbolize your love better than Platinum? It’s just like my soul mate- preciously mine!! Exclusive, rarest of rare, purest of pure and healing, platinum is exotic and complements the brilliance of our love, commitment and devotion that wont tarnish with time. And like true love, the ‘symbol of love’ grows stronger over years :) Platinum is indeed majestic and an experience far more than just a mere possession- truly symbolic of our everlasting love!! <3

  142. Chetan Akkol at | | Reply

    Platinum is symbolic of everlasting love because ,
    the way true love remains unaffected and lasts the thicks and thins of life,the beauty of platinum also remains unaffected and untouched throughout life !!

  143. Akshatha at | | Reply

    The way it shines and sparkles with a quiet grace,
    Just like the thought of your love brings a glow on your face..

    In every shape and form , it seems so gorgeous,
    Like love is so beautiful, and so precious..

    And you know it ll last forever as its oh so strong,
    Just like true love lasts all life long..

    What makes it more special is that its so rare,
    Isnt it just as rare and special as the love you share?

    It comes at a price, but you ll wear it with pride..
    Just like the love you feel for each other, its “impossible to hide”..

    The only question i ask you now..
    Is how can platinum not be a sign of everlasting love!

  144. Pallavi at | | Reply

    Platinum is symbolic of everlasting love because

    Nothing says Amor Aeternus like P’latin’um does.

  145. anubha at | | Reply

    Platinum is the symbol of love because it is treasured as it is rare and valued as it is pure

  146. Supriya at | | Reply

    Love is plenty, like gold and silver.
    But everlasting love, thats different.

    Platinum is one of the rarest elements on earth.
    Just like everlasting love.

    Therefore, there can be no better symbol for everlasting love than Platinum.

  147. Leena Das at | | Reply

    Love is priceless, timeless and true feelings of love comes from inner sense of heart & soul of person for some one very very special, so purity of platinum, shine, uniqueness makes it symbolic of everlasting love. Like love, platinum is noble, precious and timeless, Like love, its lustre never dims. Purity of Platinum represents pious love,its’ rareness symbolizes how unique your loved one is, its strength shows how strong your bond of love is and its durability is the symbol of your long lasting belief in your beloved.

  148. Rani at | | Reply

    “Because it (platinum) is precious and it’s beauty shines on you through out a lifetime!”

  149. tanya at | | Reply

    True love is eternal, strong, unchanging with time and rare to find. Doesn’t that ring a bell? Because so is platinum!
    Very little platinum is in existence (it is rarer that gold!), and that makes it an even more special gift for your loved one. And when it comes to the engagement rings, it is a diamond’s best friend! Diamonds sparkle the best when set in platinum.
    When the craftsmen design something out of platinum, it requires a high level of skill, hard work and dedication; symbolising the commitment that you will also bring to the relationship.
    It’s impossible to compare love with anything in the world, but we are only humans and love is better conveyed and understood when it can be measured. And what’s bigger and better than showing your love by presenting some platinum to your beloved?!

  150. JUHI DUTTA at | | Reply

    Platinum is one of the rarest elements found on earth and if found becomes precious and a thing to be treasured and so is true love.

  151. am at | | Reply

    Gold is old, platinum represents the excitement and newness of young love, and its lifelong shine and elegance reflects the comfort and timeless beauty of love that lasts forever.

  152. Barasha Deka at | | Reply

    Thinking about platinum,the first thing that comes to mind is it’s purity and preciousness which reminds us of love in its purest kind..just like the everlasting love is capable to face the changing views of society and time,platinum also shows resistance to any changes brought by time or environment.. thus it’s promise to form a never fading rigid bond with time makes platinum ideal to symbolise everlasting love..that’s eternal..

  153. Nupur lal at | | Reply

    Platinum is symbolic of everlasting love ‘coz it’s nobel, it looks delicate but it’s really strong just like bond of Love. :)

  154. surjeet at | | Reply

    “simmering cool fire…that warms your heart “

  155. sonal at | | Reply

    hey P&P, did we got our winner for this give away??

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