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  1. Garima Nayak at | | Reply


    This Mila set is perfect for my mom. Because she comes from a small place and is innocent as sparkling white and very conservation and is not over the top loud.
    But, living in the city for the past 25 years, she has become an elegant person with a great sense of style and this set represents the balance between style and innocence and fashion and making a statement.

  2. va at | | Reply

    liked / ana amanti
    it is a nice gift because they are classic colors ,
    tumblemumbo at gmail.com

  3. Nidhi, bangalore at | | Reply

    Just because, I am the most awesomest mother I know. That is one part of my life where I am guilt-free because I know I put in my best for my daughter- in terms of quality time, love and involvement.
    You need one more reason? My husband forgot our anniversary today and hmmpf…I need a picker-upper!

  4. Ashita Gandhi at | | Reply

    First of all, I totally love the set offered above (and no I’m not trying to flatter anyone!).
    As to why I think this breathtaking-ly beatiful set is a perfect Mother’s Day gift:
    It’s simple- Jewellery is undoubtedly a woman’s best friend. Gifting this to a woman, and that too on such a special day, would mean everything to her! I mean, in the future if my children think of buying me this, I’d go crazy with happiness! So if I get an opportunity to give this to my Mother, I’d be the happiest person on earth. You know why? Because she’d be the happiest person receiving this!
    Honestly, buying this set would be too harsh on my pockets. But, why miss this golden opportunity of getting it for free!
    In the end, all I can say is that my mother is the best in the world. And trust me, I could write thousands of such texts if I get to win such wonderful pieces of jewellery that can help me bring a big and beautiful smile to a Mother’s face!

  5. Priyanka Agarwal at | | Reply

    Hey lovely giveaway….. My mom will love it….she loves purple… Its her fav color and this pendant will suit her so much…I sooo wish to win this…. Likes them on fb.

  6. aaroohii at | | Reply

    my mom works a high profile job and this would totally make other women want swarovski as well at her work place.

  7. Shalini Lahiri at | | Reply

    “There’s a story behind everything..but behind all your stories is always your mother’s story..because hers is where yours begins.”
    ? Mitch Albom, For One More Day

    Whatever I am today is because of my awesome mom. My mother graduated top of her university, and has balanced an excellent career in the government, supported my retired grandparents, helped my father build his career and held my family together despite us being split across 3-4 different cities at times. In all this, from LKG to 12th class, she made it a point to teach me, question me and make me study everyday. She would often read my textbooks so that she could rehash her knowledge for me- so that she could help me prepare. I graduated top of my class at school,went to BITS-Pilani and an IIM,and am set for a decently good life- all because she made the effort to stay up with me till 2am,and woke up at 5 to make our breakfasts.

    She has been strong for the whole family, and these beautiful blue crystals have a beauty, a strong shine like my mom does. This is simple,elegant and unpretentious like my mom always has been. I have also never worked in my life till this point,and all I have been ever able to gift my mom is a pair of sunglasses. I would like her to have this almost priceless set. Because maybe, after all the silly quarrels, all the times we spend browsing ASOS and Highheelconfidential, all the times I call her food bad and she calls me a Facebook addict, she needs to be told that she will always be irreplaceable. :)

  8. Sanchari at | | Reply

    Forever beautiful ; precious; and a treasure of a life time.. These are my sentiments towards my Mother.. since these same words seem to define the uniqueness of this Swarovski ‘Mila’ set..
    i believe this is the most appropriate gift that my Mother deserves on this Celebration of motherhood- on International Mother’s Day.

  9. vrinda at | | Reply

    Swarosvki, for me stands for 3 things: precision (in each cut crystal), clarity (in workmanship) and overall brilliance (of crystals as well as design).

    And each of this quality represents my lovely mother: precision in everything she advises me on, from life lessons to home tricks (how does she do it?!), clarity of soul and thoughts and most importantly brilliance to have been able to be working and taking care of our dysfunctional (mentally of course:) family with such love and care.

    Happy mothers day you guys:)

  10. joe at | | Reply

    The set speaks elegance, simplicity, purity and a feeling if warmth which well describes my mother.

    this would be truly awesome my mother.


  11. nc at | | Reply

    It is perfect for ma as it is elegant as she,herself.

  12. Swati at | | Reply

    I have a beautiful and professionally successful mother who is way too practical for her own good. She believes in a no-frills existence and hence has refrained from “unnecessary expenses” like diamonds. I want her to see that she deserves such indulgences, every once in a while. That makes me think she is truly deserving of a diamond.

  13. soumya at | | Reply

    My mother is a beautiful, elegant and understated person, and this Swarovski set would complement her personality perfectly. Not to mention she would never dream of buying something so lovely for herself, and would be thrilled if she won it!

  14. saee at | | Reply

    The colour violet inspires unconditional and selfless love, devoid of ego, , encouraging sensitivity and compassion. Isn’t that what MOTHER is all about? That is why this Mila set is an ideal mothers day gift, the violet crystal embodies the meaning of the selfless nature of my mother.

  15. Ashi at | | Reply

    The colour I see completely defines my Mum’s choice. It is elegant, timeless and beautiful just like my Mom :)

  16. Nazia Assad at | | Reply

    The “Mila” set is graceful and elegant like my mother. It’s a classic piece with everlasting beauty..it would look adorable on my mommy!

  17. Ritika Betala at | | Reply

    Swarovski ‘Mila’ set is perfect for my mom becuase the stone is in the centre, just like my mother is the centre of my universe! :)

  18. Richa at | | Reply

    I was reading about the “Swarovski Mila set” and it signified “timeless sophistication” which is exactly my sentiment for my mother–timeless everything! Timeless love, respect and admiration. As a single parent, she has relentlessly and tirelessly done so much for me.
    It would be marvelous if I can put a smile on her face this Mother’s day with this set :) Apart from her routine responsibilities, I want her to indulge in small and beautiful worldly things! Do make this possible for me P&P!

    Liked Swarovski India on FB!

  19. Ratna Kumari at | | Reply

    The Swarovski Mila set is perfect for my mother becuase purple is her favorite color! *hoping to surprise my mother*

  20. Rima at | | Reply

    This would be a perfect gift for my mom on Mother’s Day as this beauty seems to be as timeless as my mother :D

  21. chandhana at | | Reply

    Ah! what better gift than jewelry for Mother’s day!! and to top it off, nothing better than Swarowski crystals!!

  22. Soumya D at | | Reply

    This Mila set is perfect for my mother as it is from Swarovski. My mom is precious, gets better with age and lovely just as my Swarovski????Infact my first gift from my mom is a Swarovski pendant.Staying away from her,whenever I feel my pendant I feel the warmth of my mom. It would mean more than words could say to gift her one.

  23. pranati at | | Reply

    perfect way to say i love her! as pure as serene as the sparkling diamonds!

  24. Vidhi Gurnani at | | Reply

    My mother deserves this for Mother’s Day because she is as pretty, if not prettier, than the Mila set. No one can carry this off better than her!

  25. Gail at | | Reply

    My mother brought the three (me and my brothers) up single-handedly as my dad was away most of the time. Plus I was a sickly kid and there were many a time she had to rush me to the hospital sometimes even in the middle of the nights. Never did she complain once. To me she is my pillar of strength, poise, elegance and beauty. (she really is very very pretty , i can even visualize these swarovski’s on her!!)
    It would be great if i could in a small way pay her back for all that she has ever done for me

  26. Aiesha Ali at | | Reply

    well i would love to win this for me..because its my first mother’s day!! with my 8 month old son :P :)

  27. Rohini Sehgal at | | Reply

    The Swarovski ‘Mila’ set is my perfect Mother’s Day gift as i feel it symbolizes what every mother does i.e. the outer ring of diamonds encasing the stone at the centre represent how a mother always shields their children and protects them from harms way.
    Would love to gift this to my mom for Mother’s Day!

  28. Kajol Paul at | | Reply

    I think this set would be a perfect Mother’s day gift because it’s subtle lavender crystals in a classic drop-shape design look absolutely gorgeous and elegant. Just like every mom out there. She’ll adore it! And we would love to see that sparkle in her eyes. After all, who wouldn’t like themselves some Swarovski jewelry? :)

  29. Roshni Devi at | | Reply

    Well, my mother’s been a teacher for the past 20 years and she’s nearing her retirement now. So long, i’ve just seen her slog for her students (even pay their fees sometimes) so i think it’s about time she gets something luxurious herself. She deserves some pampering after all :)

  30. Anuja at | | Reply

    It is beautiful, elegant. Pretty and yet very strong just like any mother.

    Liked on facebook

  31. epiphany aishwarya lepcha at | | Reply

    this Swarovski ‘Mila’ set is my perfect Mother’s Day gift because just as the Swarovski crystals are PERFECT,BEAUTIFUL and PRECIOUS, so is my MOTHER.

  32. monika at | | Reply

    this Swarovski ‘Mila’ set is your perfect Mother’s Day gift because it is elegant yet sturdy, beautiful yet practical , simple yet precious,, just like a mother is :)

  33. Vinisha Mendonca at | | Reply

    Blue is a very soothing and calming colour as it helps you to relax and calm down just like one feels in his/her mother’s arms. So i feel the color blue in this ‘Mila’ set is a perfect representation for Mother.

    Hope to win :-) It’s would be great if I could gift this to my Mom… She would Love it…

  34. Arati at | | Reply

    Thanks for the contest P&P!
    I looked up this Swarovski Mila Set on Swarovski site..these are drop-shaped Provence Lavender crystals. Classy, sophisticated, elegant and oh-so-gorgeous…these crystals will look good on woman of any age…and would go with a wide range of outfits from salwars to saris to dresses. So this makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift- our wise mothers would surely want a beautiful set that will not go out of style, will accentuate multiple outfits and will have a stamp of quality, trust and excellence that accompanies a premium luxury brand like Swarovski.
    and have liked the facebook page :)

  35. sonal dogra at | | Reply

    Heaven must be really small,because I see it in my Mother’s eyes!

  36. Namrataa Bhandarri at | | Reply

    Finding the perfect gift for the woman who made me the person I am today was seeming a bit difficult until I came across this very classy jewelry set by Swarovski – stunning yet simple…..so much like my mother!
    Mothers are incomparable, irreplaceable and priceless and I don’t think there can be a better gift than this elegant pendant that sits on her heart and reminds her constantly of my love for her!

  37. varsha kapoor at | | Reply

    According to me this Swarovski ‘Mila’ set would be perfect for My Mother Because As Said By Someone– Jewelry takes people’s minds off the wearer’s wrinkles” i am sure she would look as Elegant and Timeless as this piece of Swarovski :-) Hope to Give her the best Gift ever by Swarovski <3

  38. Neha Shirlekar at | | Reply

    My aai(mother) has most important role in developing my personality.Let it be to take me to my katthakl classes despite opposition from my family or standing by me when i wanted to
    shift to another state far from my home for my job.Being raised in a town may have affected more if my mother wasnt there for me.This Swarovski ‘Mila’ set is perfect gift for my mother.It is as simple and elegent as my mother.This drop shaped jewellery does remind me of my mother’s beautiful eyes.

  39. Harsha at | | Reply

    I became a mother to my beautiful baby girl 3.5 months ago and haven’t been able to stop obsessing about her since. From her first birthday to her first day of school to her first baby, I have day dreamed about every major milestone of her life and how I will ensure it is memorable. I want to commemorate our first Mother’s Day with a timeless piece that will someday belong to Mehr and the Mila set is perfect for it.It is beautiful and precious just like my baby.

  40. Heena Malhotra at | | Reply

    I think I deserve this Swarovski Mila set, as it is my first ever Mother’s Day! I just gave birth to an adorable little girl on 15th Jan. And on top of it, this year, Mother’s Day falls on my birthday – 12th May! Double celebration as well as super special! And this just seems like the most perfect gift ever!

  41. SHP at | | Reply

    Mom loves jewellery. This would be the perfect gift for her as the twinkle in her eye will complement the glitter of crystals making them a perfect match – Made for each other!

  42. SHP at | | Reply

    Mom loves jewellery. This would be the perfect gift for her as the twinkle in her eye will complement the glitter of crystals making them a perfect match – Made for each other!

  43. Tripti at | | Reply

    I love the mila set its beautifull

  44. Amrita at | | Reply

    1. It symbolises a mother – a diamond studded heart.

  45. ayushi gulliya at | | Reply

    crystals to add sparkle to my mom’s smile . A rock for my rock !

  46. rashmi krishna at | | Reply

    The ‘mila’ set would be a perfect gift for my mum because it represents timeless sophistication and elegant, understated beauty.
    Liked them on FB.

  47. Vi at | | Reply

    The Swarovski ‘Mila’ is the only necklace that matches the sparkle in my mom’s eyes when I make her mad!

  48. Ankita at | | Reply

    Swarovski ‘Mila’ set is a perfect Mother’s Day gift because it is as dazzling and precious as my mother.

  49. Ashita Gandhi at | | Reply

    Where did my comment vanish?

  50. Ankita Nagpal at | | Reply

    ‘Mila’ set is perfect Mother’s Day gift because it is a perfect blend of style, elegance, beauty and ebullience just like my mom. This elegant set will match perfectly with traditional Indian wear as well and would be an ideal gift for mom.

  51. Nazia at | | Reply


    1. this Swarovski ‘Mila’ set is my perfect Mother’s Day gift because my mom is my rock, she is forever and she deserves something that is forever too!

    2. Liked on FB too

  52. Aarti Kataria at | | Reply

    I think this Swarovski ‘Mila’ set is my perfect Mother’s Day gift, as the design is so feminine & reminds me of days during pregnancy. The blue stone inside the white stones feels like a baby in the womb. The design feels like touched with so many feelings.

  53. Juhi at | | Reply

    Well angels need pampering too, don’t they? What better gift for my mom than the Swarovski Mila to bring a twinkle in her eyes!

  54. Day dreamer at | | Reply

    It is perfect for my mother because it is a beautiful, flawless and perfect as my mother & her love.

  55. Adara at | | Reply

    “Mila” is perfect for a mother day gift…since it looks classy/elegant/warm/ethereal all that and more which is how Moms are, a total package of love/beauty. :D

  56. anushka khurana at | | Reply

    I will gift it to my mom because its her anniversary also.That is why this Swarovski Mila Set is my perfect mother’s day gift???

  57. meera at | | Reply

    As an inspiration to be kind and happy in the parenting journey :)

  58. Ambrin Akhtar at | | Reply

    This is my perffect mother’s day gift, because it is stunning and elegant like my mother, plus my mother has always craved for a diamond set, and this would fulfill her wishes. :)

  59. anushka khurana at | | Reply

    Sorry for posting it too many times but it was because of connection error :p

  60. Preeti Srinivasan at | | Reply

    I think this gift is perfect for my mother as it is just as beautiful and unique as her !!

  61. friedbheja at | | Reply

    Liked on feeb.
    I would love to gift my mum something sparkly, but being on a grad student’s lifestyle I haven’t been able to give her any expensive jewellery.Ever.This set goes wonderfully to the chiffon sari she has, with a delicate print resembling watercolor flowers.

  62. Ketaki Misra at | | Reply

    The Swarovski Mila set is my perfect mothers’ day gift because just like my mother, it’s beautiful and anyone would be lucky to have it :-)

  63. khushboo vijayvargiya at | | Reply

    this is a perfect gift for my mother on mother’s day because they sparkle just like my mothers eyes sparkle !! n plus they never get old just like my mom!

  64. Nimrita at | | Reply

    I really want to give this gorgeous mila set to my mom because i do not earn yet and i want to gift this to her just to see a sparkling smile of her as we are not able to afford such pretty things :)

  65. Swati at | | Reply

    I think a Mother is the most taken for granted person. She takes care of us from the day we were born till the time we are ready to give birth and even after..it would be great gesture to surprise my mother with a gift like this because it is just perfect for her…understated, elegant and timeless :)

  66. Babina at | | Reply

    I would love to see this set on my mom because she is the most beautiful women i have ever seen

  67. Nim at | | Reply

    Mommy will look perfect with this set on her

  68. Ritu at | | Reply

    Mothers adorn our lives just as if they were a precious piece of jewelry – invaluable and inseperable. They catch the warm sunlight with their every move, lighting up our darkest of hours. When the world seems too harsh to withstand, their reassuring presence brings back the sparkle in our eyes.

    A piece a Swarovski crystal is the easiest way of telling a mother, “You’re the most precious thing in my life”, and every mother deserves that. Especially mine.

  69. priya aesankar at | | Reply

    my mom, she is the never ending source of strenght, amongst the crowd she sparkles like a diamond. she fights for justice in court of law. she taught me never to be afraid of anything, she gave me wings to fly, my guiding star throughout my life. every dream i have ever seen was turned to reality by her support and love. cannot ask for anyone better than her for next of my lifes. she is just perfect. and so the ”MILA” set by swarovski would be perfect gift for her coz its just like her perfect, radiant, beautiful, sparkling and sophestic. it suits her taste and matches her personality. she deserves it for all the sacrifices she made just to see me smile. i love u mom. u r my mila..the miracle.

  70. Saini at | | Reply

    I like it when my mother smiles. And I especially like it when I make her smile.

    This is one chance to make her smile her lovely smile once more.

  71. Ritika Bhandari at | | Reply

    The ‘Mila’ set is my perfect Mother’s Day gift as her eyes will shine with happiness on wearing it.. And nothing beats her smile.. The day is made :)

  72. Swapna at | | Reply

    Hi I really think this Mila set from Swarovski is my perfect mother’s day gift cos I left my job when my daughter was born 4 yrs ago and with a single family income, even though we are comfortable, I do leave out splurging out on myself.

    It would be a great feeling to own something so pretty and beautiful without feeling guilty about it making a dent on the family budget. :)
    I have liked Swarovski on FB too.

  73. Kainat Ahmad at | | Reply

    I think that this Swarovski ‘Mila’ set is perfect for my mother as a Mother’s day gift because she has been away recently. She is very tensed and stressed. I talked to her today and she seems to be very sad. Things haven’t been the best lately and I hope that by winning this prize, I will be able to bring a smile on her face. :)

  74. Roopali at | | Reply

    The Swarovski ‘Mila’ set is the perfect Mother’s Day gift because it captures the fact that the tears of love and happiness forever strengthen the bond between me and my mother.

  75. Thrishna at | | Reply

    The Swarovski ‘Mila’ Set is the perfect gift for my mom because, She has never owned anything as precious and beautiful as she is to me.
    She had given up all her personal pleasures to keep our family happy. so, this “Mila’ set would be something precious she can own for the first time in her life and feel like a young carefree girl again!
    Love u amma :)

  76. Brototy at | | Reply

    To me my mother is the epitome of beauty, poise and love.. and it would be an honour for me to present her this beautiful Swarovski ‘Mila’ set on the occasion of Mother’s Day. This Swarovski ‘Mila’ set seems to signify “beauty at its best” and certainly so it is the prefect gift that i can give to my mom this Mother’s day.

  77. shyba at | | Reply

    Simple and elegant,would be a perfect gift for Ma..Like the color of stone which will suit her.On a naughty side sometimes a daughter can also borrow this from her.

  78. sonal at | | Reply

    sparkling, pristine, representing all thats beautiful in life. just like mom

  79. Sweta at | | Reply

    The Swarovski ‘Mila’ set is my perfect Mother’s Day gift because “the great vacationless class deserves the simple pleasures of life like owning a classy piece”

    Also, liked the fb page.

  80. Sharmi at | | Reply

    Mila set from Swarovski is beautiful and timeless… like my Mom’s love and so will be perfect to gift it to her … will be happy to win this!!

  81. Sharmi at | | Reply

    forgot to mention that I liked the fb page a year ago .. :)

  82. Sneha khan at | | Reply

    Jewellery is the best way to make a woman feel special especially when it’s a mother!

  83. Shilpa Lakhani at | | Reply

    This Swarovski ‘Mila’ set is a perfect Mother’s Day gift because it’s elegant and gorgeous just like her and will go so perfectly with so many of her suits and sarees.

  84. Khushi Saini at | | Reply

    My mother is twice as good coz she is not only a fab homemaker but also an entrepreneur. With zeal to always keep going, she compromises on a lot of her personal likes. This way she keeps us (her children) happy and content. I would really like to win this Swarovski set for her as she is a fan of the brand and loves all jewels. With a Swarovski set, she will cherish this Mother’s Day her entire life. I want to make it special for her and show her that she is special… with Swarovski!

  85. Pearl Jain at | | Reply

    Because she would hand it down to me :p

  86. Bela Trivedi at | | Reply

    Swarovski ‘Mila’ set is a perfect Mother’s Day gift because like swarovski my mother has a sparkling teeth and when she will wear mila set she will glitter same as I was coming out from her womb. (I have seen her photo while she was delivering me)
    Liked on facebook

  87. Jahnavi Chakravarty at | | Reply

    Its as unique as my mother, subtle and classy, never loud, never brash, yet firmly making her presence felt. Wearing this beautiful creation, my mom would be the elegant centre of attention, the cynosure of all eyes. and that’s something every mother deserves! These would turn even an ordinary day into Mother’s Day!!

  88. Sonal G at | | Reply

    The Swarovski ‘Mila’ set is a perfect Mother’s Day gift as just like a mother it has a strong yet beautiful design.

  89. Aiswarya Subramanian at | | Reply

    Why this is the perfect gift for my mother?:
    This Mother’s Day is coincidentally my mom’s birthday also and what other way to pamper her than to gift her this Divine piece of Jewellery! This SWAROVSKI set will be the perfect add-on to the shine on my mom’s face along with the joy of seeing the whole family together for her special day. I, along with my sister were planning for that perfect statement jewellery for my Mom and after seeing this contest, we will just be having our fingers crossed and hope that we will be able to gift the most important person in our lives this ‘Mila’ set from SWAROVSKI!!

  90. Vidhu Mathew at | | Reply

    The Mila set is perfect for Mum because Lavender is her favorite color and she lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvves Swarovski, so what could be a better combination of both than this beautiful timeless set!

  91. Thomas George at | | Reply


    I find it so hard to shop for my mother as I suck at shopping for ladies, but this piece looks so classy and Im sure it would look great on Mum.


  92. Janvi at | | Reply

    This ‘Mila’ set is perfect for my mom because
    It is beautiful , and so is she.
    This ‘Mila’ piece carries with it a classic sophistication, what more defines my mother better?
    And so is it charming , captivating and tender all at once! ( Just like mumma! )
    And lastly, it is VERY precious. SO IS SHE. (Need I have even said that?)

  93. neha n at | | Reply

    this is the perfect mothers’ day gift for my mom becoz it is elegant and has timeless beauty just like her…………..something that will never diminish or fade away….
    thanks….its a great giveaway

  94. jyoti goenka at | | Reply

    The perfect gift for the perfect mother?
    My son was barely 8 yrs old when he walked into a Swarvoski shop and bought me my 1st Swarvoski- a beautiful neckpiece, with his labouriesly hoarded pocket money,as it was my birthday that day.He blew up his entire holiday money without a second thought.I am blessed – not fr the gift but for his feelings.

  95. meghna goswami baruah at | | Reply

    i think swarovski ‘mila’ is the best gift for motherday’s day coz every women loves to embrace herself with exquisite jewellery and swarovski is one of its kind.My mother is a women of substance and i simply love the way she carry herself and i think a touch of beautiful swarovski ‘mila’ will give her a complete look.

  96. Prerrna at | | Reply

    Cos this will be the first from my 1 and a half month old son and will be cherished forever.

  97. PRAGYA AGARWAL at | | Reply

    My mother should get this MILA ser as a perfect mother’s day gift because all throyugh her life she has always given us everything and now its her turn to get a MILA because she is as unique as the MILA .

    1. PRAGYA AGARWAL at | | Reply

      SO i should get a MILA SET to adorn my mother

  98. Sue at | | Reply

    Because I was planning to buy her a little gift from Swarovski anyway this year! (I know she’s set her heart on one of those little teddy bear figurines.)

    I think this set would look lovely on my mum, that’s why I’d want it for her.

  99. Ritika at | | Reply

    This set is the perfect gift for my mom because it is soo pretty just like my mommy!

  100. Smriti Pillay at | | Reply

    My mom’s life has been anything but easy. But she always get through the darkest moments of life with her incredibly bright spirit, humbleness and love.

    This ‘Mila’ set would be a perfect Mother’s Day gift for my mom as this would add to her wonderful and beautiful persona. I think she deserves some love.

  101. Merlin Philip at | | Reply

    On Mother’s day I would like to gift my mom a Swarovski set coz she deserves the best in the world, She is the one who stands for all in our family through thick n thin giving support to all..inspite of being an ill health person she has got the strength much more than we have. She is our world :) She deserves all :)

  102. shilpa agarwal at | | Reply

    i want this mela set for my mother as she has been giving up every single favorite thing of hers for me n my siblings.
    If i get this i would love to give her one of my favorite brand gift.

    1. shilpa agarwal at | | Reply

      i want this MILA set for my mother as she has been giving up every single favorite thing of hers for me and my siblings.
      If i get this i would love to give her one of my favorite brand gift.
      And this would be best mothers day gift for her

  103. Anamika Rana at | | Reply

    I think this Mila set is simple yet elegant,pure,delicate yet strong like mother.She always taught us same.This perfectly compliments her personality.

  104. Danny at | | Reply

    Why I think this is my perfect Mother’s Day gift is because, she is my superhero! We have been through a lot together! She has been my rock and I have been her’s after she lost her husband and i lost my Dad.i have always pampered her as much as i can and this would just be perfect.

    So maybe this would put a smile on her face and sparkle in her attire, after all this set is gorgeous! And hello its Swarovski, that makes it perfect all the more!

  105. Akankshi Mallick at | | Reply

    This amethyst color stone set is an apt gift for my mom cause she is just like this powerful and protective amethyst stone, which transmute it’s energy into love and protects the wearer from all types of harm, relieves him/her from stress and strain, soothes irritability, dispels anger, rage, fear, anxiety and alleviates sadness and grief and dissolves negativity.
    She is my strength and protector so what could be better gift than this mia set for her ?

  106. Chetna Kathuria Bhatnagar at | | Reply

    Its a perfect Mother’s day gift for my mom Neelam. She was named so because of her blue eyes. And blue dresses , blue stones compliment her perfectly. Besides, A mother can never be thanked enough for being a part of a daughter’s life. We celebrate being a mother – daughter everyday and having become a mother myself three years back, I value and cherish our relationship even more. The “MILA” set will be a remembrance of the special day this year.

  107. SSingh at | | Reply

    I want it for my mom because it is simple yet elegant as my mother – shines just like my mother’s face!

  108. Shruti Saraogi at | | Reply

    I lost my mum at the age of 10. Since then my eldest sister has taken care of me and always treated me like her own child. Now she has a daughter aged 9 and we are together planning a Mother’s Day surprise for her for being such a great mother to us. Since she is not too old (37yrs), we’ve bought her a dress for Mother’s day. This set would look great with it and touch her heart. It would be the perfect way to show how much she means to me!

  109. Sheetal Chordia at | | Reply


    I think the ‘Mila’ set would be the perfect give for my mom, because i just bought here the same shade saree as a mother’s day gift and this set would compliment her when she wears the saree :)

    Liked on Facebook.


  110. Meenakshy at | | Reply

    Being a mother of two boys (4 yrs and 6 months), I am always on the run (read messy!). As this mother’s day is falling on a Sunday, I would like to dress up and shine with Swarovski ‘Mila’ set and go out for a fine-dine lunch with friends and get a good break, while the husbands babysit the children. :)

    PS: Liked the page on FB as well

  111. Mrs.Singh at | | Reply

    Hi, This is a perfect gift for me if I get becoz my little daughter wants to gift something very very special to her sick mum as she wants to see little smile on my pale face but due to my illness, not able to take her to shoppingt………..

  112. deepa singhal at | | Reply

    swarovski is as pure as mother’s love.this mila set can be a perfect gift for mother’s day as the blue saffaire surronded by white swarovski reminds me of my mother’s love and affection around me.

  113. Deepa at | | Reply

    Because she is the best just like swarovski crystals.

  114. Sonal Bangera at | | Reply


  115. Seema Gopalan at | | Reply

    The Swarovski ‘Mila’ set is a perfect Mothers day gift because it adds the timeless touch of sophistication just like Mom’s true love.
    It is beautiful and elegant just like my beautiful Mom.

    Liked on FB

  116. Neha at | | Reply

    Liked on facebook
    A mother’s love can not be compared with anyone else love on this earth….so this beautiful Mila set would be a perfect thank you gift for my beautiful mom… Love you mummy.

  117. New_mum at | | Reply

    This Mila set would be a perfect Mother’s day gift because each mom is as brilliant and strong as Swarovski crystals. Being a new mom of a 10 day old girl, I understand what it took for my mum to be such an awesome mother to 3 girls as she has been!!

  118. Lalitha at | | Reply

    WoW!!! This is exactly what my mom loves at swarovski and I wanted to buy for her! I must be gifted cos my mom n I fought and this on Mother’s day will be perfect to make up for! *puppy face*

  119. Renisha at | | Reply

    The set is gorgeous but it wouldn’t be the perfect Mothers’ Day gift. A big smile on my Mama’s face which lasts the whole day would be the perfect gift. My mom who has been my idol all my life suffers from work-related depression leading to a loss of self-worth since last year. She is to retire this July after 42 years of employment. Her smile and laughter which could brighten my day in any instant is all but gone away. I tell her every day that she’s the most beautiful woman and the best mother I could’ve asked for but she doesn’t quite believe it. I’m sure she doesn’t need the Mila set but she most certainly deserves it. If the good people at Swarovski can help me out this Mothers’ Day, I’d be most grateful.

  120. ARJITA SINGH at | | Reply

    this mila set by swarovski is my perfect gift for mother’s day because it has a blue centre stone n the colour blue stands out for royality which for me signifies my mom the best n its her favourite colour too and it is from a royal brand swarovski…so a mila set is a royal pick for my royal mom!!

  121. Paramita Banerjee at | | Reply

    This set surely is the most exclusive piece perfect for party wears. I feel this is the most suited gift for mothers day keeping in mind today’s modern life style which demands working mothers to be trendy and stylist for party occassions.

  122. Gagndeep Kaur at | | Reply

    It would be a dazzling way to reciprocate love and care she has showered on me for years so this Swarovski set would be perfect fr my Mother’s Day gift.

  123. Rashi at | | Reply

    In its elegance and timeless design, the Mila set suits a women of every age and background. The stunning color brightens up an outfit and every woman would love to add this delicate piece to their wardrobe. Gifting this to my mother would a be lovely way of thanking her for all that she does for us, especially instilling her refined taste in me, which I someday hope to pass on to my daughter.

  124. Aishwarya at | | Reply

    The ‘mila’ set is very beautiful and precious, just as my mom is to me!

  125. Shruti at | | Reply

    My mom has always been a pillar of support, inspiration and love for me. This Mother’s Day I will get to inform her that I myself have started the journey of motherhood for the first time :)

    The Swarovski Mila set signifies this beautiful circle of life perfectly and will be my way of telling her I’m grateful for all that she’s done for me and that I hope to pass the same onto my child.

  126. Rijha Singh at | | Reply

    The setting of the stones in white and amethyst describe the beauty, elegance and perfection that i would certainly associate with my mother, my “dear one”, the very meaning of the word “Mila.”
    Something precious for someone so precious.
    That is why this Swarosvki “Mila” set is the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

  127. Surabhi at | | Reply

    Hi HHC,

    I have participated in many of your giveaways but have never won. So for sometime I stopped participating. This time again I didn’t wish to enter this giveaway because I knew I wouldn’t win but when I saw the question I knew I had to write the answer. :)

    This set would be a perfect gift for my mother because it relates to one particular habit of hers.

    I hated her initially for being a very honest and transparent woman. It made her seem like a fool in a crowd of other ostentatious women who knew how to pretend. My mom, being very simple, would always say things ‘as they were’. I often asked her to change this habit as it mostly gave others a chance to mock at her. But she wanted to be that way. Only with time, she learnt to keep quiet.

    Now, when I am a mother myself, I have fallen in love with that ‘thing’ about my mum. I admire how in this world of superficiality, I have one person who is transparent, honest, simple, elegant and trust worthy.

    This beautiful swarovski piece reminds of these qualities and I think my mum certainly deserves something as enduring and beautiful as this.

    Also, this set would be a way for me to say sorry for asking her to change (in the early years) and to compliment her to stay just the way she is.

  128. Anisha Yeshwant at | | Reply

    Because it is as precious and timeless as my mom..

  129. Jambuluri at | | Reply

    1. An emotional day for a wonderful relationship. Why is ‘Mila’ a perfect Mother’s day gift you ask – she can have all the jewels in the world, but never enough. This set will sit on her like a embelishment to the sparkle she already is :).

    2. Check.

  130. seemabhagotra at | | Reply

    My mom is a Piscean, so the mila set in the colours of the ocean will complement her .also the tear drop shape reminds me of all the times she shed tears of joy or in pain along with me. The glitter on the set is the
    glitter in her eyes ,on my my accomplishments ,which shine through her tears.

  131. komal at | | Reply

    i think this is the best gift..its design n color n its killing look..its simply awesome..
    my mom ll like it so much..
    and more of all its SWAROSKI..ITS A WISH OF EVERY WOMEN

  132. Poonam agrawal at | | Reply

    I think I deserve this set as I onset of motherwood..expecting my first baby soon..this set will fill sparkling stars in our lives. .

  133. Nidhi Chandna at | | Reply

    My mom is my living God on earth and you offer only the most beautiful to God…being a doctor she wears delicate, simple yet pretty jewellery while she is attending her clinic and nursing home. This is just perfect for her! God surely resides where beauty lies!

  134. Nidhi kedia at | | Reply

    These drops in the earrings are like my two eyes which represent my two children who are equal and dear to me . They add zing and sparkle to my life just the way this set shines and adores its wearer .

  135. anuradha at | | Reply

    Mila set is perfect mother’s day gift because :-just as swarovski shows perfect elegant craftsmen ship……so has my mom, being a working women she blended both her work and home beautifully…now me being a mother myself i have realized how difficult it was….

  136. Shweta at | | Reply

    The set is purrrrrrrfect for my mother because it is elegant and spells class ……. just like my Mom.

  137. Aekta at | | Reply

    I think it is a perfect gift for my mother because the “mila” set reminds me of the warmth my mother spreads with her loving & caring nature.

  138. Monika at | | Reply

    1. Swarovski ‘Mila’ set is perfect for my mother as her skin only adaptable to diamond and gold by birth, both material suits her. She deserve it as Mother because she makes everyone feel special, so she too has the right to be special. That’s Why I want her to make her special woman on this mother’s day.

    2. Liked on Facebook.

  139. Kumud at | | Reply

    my universe is my mom………purple present universe

  140. Aparna Narayan at | | Reply

    I feel that this Swarovski ‘Mila’ is a perfect Mother’s Day gift cos its design is sleek and classic and can be worn by any women irrespective of age……

    I would love to gift this to my mom…


  141. javeria at | | Reply

    As i have recently becom a mother i think this set wuld enhance my beauty

  142. mrs swapna saha at | | Reply

    mothers are Gods only n greatest creation

  143. Sanya Arora at | | Reply

    In a girl’s life, the first important thing is a mother, and second is jewellery. I believe that no other gift can do justice to your feelings for your mother as a piece of jewellery, because both of them are really precious and close to your heart. Since years i have seen my mother buy jewellery, but she refrains from wearing it because she wants to give that to me when i get married. I deeply feel that someday I should give her a jewellery set as a gift that is ‘just for her’, and what could be better than the amazing ‘Mila’ set. I feel it is a perfect gift for a perfect person that a mother is. If I win it, I will be the happiest person on earth. I can’t imagine the how glad i will be when i see that look on her face as she gets it. I think ‘Mila’ jewellery set is the best gift for this mother’s day :)

  144. Nargis at | | Reply

    The Swaroski Mila set is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for my mom because She deserves to be adorned with something as precious, unique and pure as her, together the radiance that they will give out will enlighten the entire world. Love you mom

  145. savita sehgal at | | Reply

    for a perfect mother like me( as my kids say) it is a perfect mother’s day gift.

  146. nirja at | | Reply

    its fit for a mother’s day gift because its eternal like a mother’s love

  147. yesheswini vernekar at | | Reply

    A beautiful gift to the most beautiful person! Like in the design my mother is the centre stone n we all revolve around her.It is her strength that holds us together.We r what we r today bcoz of her.To sum up she is the most precious gift life has gifted us n on this mothers day what better than Mila as a gift to compliment..

  148. Prachi Gupta at | | Reply

    Mila is perfect mothers day gift cause it simply means “Mom In Lord`s Avatar”

  149. RITU NIGAM SRIVASTAVA at | | Reply

    Swaroski is perfect gift for my mother my mom is so much precious for me and non comparable with other ones just swaroski . I think each mom is unique for every one . i hv learned from my mom the spirit to say NEVER SAY NO and DO OR DIE . let complete all ur dreams … she is great MOM . She is in last stage of cancer .. but she never let her get down … not even us . She hide her pain and make us smile …. hmmm more i say … MY MOM is MOM GOD .. she is and will be forever till my last breathe .

    Thanks MOM for being my mom .. love you ..

    So i thot this would be perfect gift for my precious MOM an Precious MILA set .

  150. sonia at | | Reply


    1. sonia at | | Reply

      no comments

  151. Sukhmani ashok at | | Reply

    I can always write the most common of the things such as that she cares for me and is always there for me but i wont write that because even though she is undoubtedly the best mother for me, she is also a sweetheart who captures anyones heart and can act as anyones mother. She genuinely cares for every single person(especially children) so she deserves this precious gift not only because she is my mother but because she is a mother figure for many. Thus i (obviously) love my mother…;)

  152. Ruchika Shrivastava at | | Reply

    My mother was married in a joint family and dedicated 30 years of her life keeping the spirit of togetherness alive being the eldest daughter in law in the family. Post my marriage and brother’s job since a year now, she has started to take time out for her enjoyment and going out with friends. i want to gift her the Mila set to salute her hard work and her fresh spirit towards life.

  153. Anu Ramesh at | | Reply

    The design of this set reminds me of a child inside a mothers womb.The outer oval ring is the womb inside which the child ,the gem is safely secured and the entire locket clings to the chain which depicts the mothers body.Your child, your jewel is safe inside your elegant womb.The danglers remind me of how the child clings to its mother. It is lost once the connection is broken
    Due to these reasons I feel this is the ideal gift to a mother on Mother s day.

  154. Kumuda at | | Reply

    This swarowski Mila set is my perfect Mothers day gift to my beautiful mother, who is more precious than any diamonds/swarowski. She is the one who brightens our lives and i would like to give her this Mila set and tell her “Mom.. this is a beautiful set. But u shine brighter than this. This is the best i could find for you which resembles you. Love you!” :)

  155. monita sharma at | | Reply

    mila set is perfect gift for mother’s day because diamonds signifies the eternal love and care of a mother. as mother’s love becomes irreplacable, stronger, more adorable with time and age so as diamonds.. In short both are synonymous to each other.

  156. seema singh at | | Reply

    bcoz I think its the best gift any child can gift to their mom n of course jewellery are the womens first priority

  157. mitali mukherjee at | | Reply

    swarovski ‘MILA’ set is aperfect gift for my mother because it is as exquisite and elegant as my mother, so it is a perfect jwell for her poisture and elegance.

  158. Anju Sharma at | | Reply

    Elegency flows towards Elegancy… My lovely and strong Mother

  159. Shameema Sajith at | | Reply

    ‘Mila’ means ‘dear one’ in Russian. Since my mom is a part of my life, the name of the set clearly indicate my love for her. Moreover the shape of water droplet which carries a lavender droplet in its centre; gives me an impression of a mother protecting her precious child.

  160. sonika at | | Reply

    Because i wish to give everything to my mother for everything she has done and is still doing for me..and this is just perfect for her…to bring a smile on her lovely face.

  161. bhanu kiran at | | Reply

    it is best gift for moms b’coz it glitter like mom

  162. shruthi at | | Reply

    it would be the best mothers day gift because the ‘Mila’ set resembles my mother in its beauty and exquisite elegance. This gift would be a gift from me for her dedicated years of love.

  163. Srav at | | Reply

    This set is as elegant and beautiful as my mother hence would make a perfect gift for her

  164. Thahiya Afzal at | | Reply

    Its a special piece meant for a special person and who else deserves it better than your “Mom”!

  165. himabindu at | | Reply

    how divine a mother is so ethereal is the set

  166. roma sanadhya at | | Reply

    This Swarovski Mila is my perfect mothers day gift bcos its a labour of love just like motherhood .

  167. Astha Gandhi at | | Reply

    Like any other daughter would say for her mother, I’d say it too: my Mommy is the best in the world!
    I am totally lovestruck with this gorgeous and charming piece of jewellery, and I’m sure my mother would react exactly the same way once she sees it.
    All I can say is, just like any other woman, even my mum totally loves presents. She’d be most delighted on seeing this. Hence, I most humbly beg you to give me a chance to give this to my mom and make her happy. She isn’t keeping well and hasn’t smiled in a long time, trust me.

  168. Aditya Gandhi at | | Reply

    Honestly, this charming set really got me drooling over it (I still am!). It is AMAZING!!
    I’m sure my mom will start jumping on seeing this!
    Since my dad cut short my pocket money (for some pretty embarassing reasons), I cannot afford to buy my mom something like this on Mother’s Day. Dammit!
    So, I see High Heel Confidential and Swarovski as my last ray of hope! You guys have no idea how much this amazing set would mean to a middle-class family like mine (Emotional much?!).
    But, I also know, hundreds of people would have applied for this. Maybe they deserve it more than me.
    But my mom has seen something like this only on the internet or television. Owning one would be a dream come true.
    *puppy eyes*

  169. ruchika at | | Reply

    ithink this is the best gift for my mother because this set is as beautiful as my mother.this set is mirror reflection of my mother beauty.they will compliment each other.

  170. Anita G. at | | Reply

    Oh my my! Swarovski, hats-off for this beautiful creation!
    I really jumped up when I saw this set. And, what made me jump up and stomp my feet even harder was this contest!
    Oh, how much I love High Heel Confidential! Nay, I ain’t flattering everyone. This website, it’s pictures and the latest gossip really don’t let me study!
    Anyway, coming back to the yummy jewellery.
    Me and mother had a fight lately. Yeah, it was my fault, as usual. So, I decided to not to talk to her till the 12th of may, and then come up with a wonderful gift for her that would, firstly, make her go ‘awww’ and secondly, make up for my mistakes (*smiles evily*).
    But, my reason behind giving her this is to get that beautiful smile on her face. She’d be the happiest seeing this. Trust me. I request you to consider me, for my mother is the most special person in my life and I’d do anything to make her happy.
    PS- A very happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers out there. You guys make us what we are.

  171. Henna sharma at | | Reply

    I think giving swarovski ‘Mila’ is a perfect gift for all the mothers….coz. This is a replica of a mother and child bond….
    Mother is just like the outside oval shaped design which fills her baby’s life full of shine and sparks also remains as a protective layer…wherein a baby is like the middle portion who like always being protected by her mom and yet gives away a perfect reflection of togetherness who complete this relationship one of the purest of all the relationship in the world!!!
    And I am sure every Mom in this world and related there relationship with there child with this “SWAROVSKI MILA”…

  172. Anita G. at | | Reply

    1) Oh my my! Swarovski, hats-off for this beautiful creation!
    I really jumped up when I saw this set. And, what made me jump up and stomp my feet even harder was this contest!
    Oh, how much I love High Heel Confidential! Nay, I ain’t flattering everyone. This website, it’s pictures and the latest gossip really don’t let me study!
    Anyway, coming back to the yummy jewellery.
    Me and mother had a fight lately. Yeah, it was my fault, as usual. So, I decided to not to talk to her till the 12th of may, and then come up with a wonderful gift for her that would, firstly, make her go ‘awww’ and secondly, make up for my mistakes (*smiles evily*).
    But, my reason behind giving her this is to get that beautiful smile on her face. She’d be the happiest seeing this. Trust me. I request you to consider me, for my mother is the most special person in my life and I’d do anything to make her happy.
    PS- A very happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers out there. You guys make us what we are.
    2) Done.

  173. MM at | | Reply

    1. Its the perfect gift for my perfect mommy as the Mila set is as elegant and radiant as her :) !

    2. Liked Swarovski on facebook!

  174. Ms. Ashi at | | Reply

    1) Firstly, I really couldn’t get my eyes off this beauty. It’s just PERFECT! Looks like it is made only for my mother! Haha.
    As far as your question is concerned:
    This piece of jewellery is to die for! Who wouldn’t want to give it to their mother? And the icing on the cake is the special occasion. Wow! Just perfect!
    My mother would go crazy if she’ll get this awesome creation.
    And the credit would go entirely to the team of Swarovski and High Heel Confidential.
    To buy it would be kinda heavy on my pocket. But hey, I got this opportunity. Why miss it?
    PLEASE help me bring a smile to my mother’s beautiful face. She’s the most special person in my life and I’d do anything to see her happy. I don’t mind writing a book on how special she is to me, if you want me to!
    I know others are also deserving. But, for the ones who can’t afford to buy such stuff on their own, this would be a golden opportunity. So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. You guys have no idea how much I’m dying to win this and make my mother happy. Yes, she’s really special. :)
    PS- a very Happy Mothers Day to all the superwomen who leave no stones unturned in providing their children with the best. It’s their turn to get pampered now!
    2) DONE!

  175. Noorain chougle at | | Reply

    I think this Swarovski ‘Mila’ set is perfect Mother’s Day gift as I have been playing the role of daughter, sister and wife very happily, and will be playing “Mother’s” role very soon, that too very patiently and fondly.

  176. Aparna Jain at | | Reply

    Swarovski ‘Mila’ set is a perfect gift for mother’s day. As having it is as special as being a mother. And it is a great way to celebrate motherhood after being a mother of two beautiful and lovely daughters who complete my life with immense happiness. They are as precious to me as a beautiful jewel like Swarovski Mila

  177. Sonia Sharma at | | Reply

    Each mother has a gift to give, small joys and great ones too.She has beauty to admire, unconditional love to share and power to create magical moments for all of us.
    So to celebrate the spirit and essence of motherhood and to recognize the contribution of my mother in my life, I feel, Swarovski ‘Mila’ set is my perfect Mother’s Day gift to thank and appreciate her for her unconditional love and support in my life.

  178. Sonia Sharma at | | Reply

    Each mother has a gift to give, small joys and great ones too.She has beauty to admire, unconditional love to share and power to create magical moments for all of us.
    So to celebrate the spirit and essence of motherhood and to recognize the contribution of my mother in my life, I feel, Swarovski ‘Mila’ set is my perfect Mother’s Day gift to thank and appreciate her for her unconditional love and support in my life.

  179. Divya N at | | Reply

    Moms seldom pamper themselves and my mom is no exception. That is why I would like to pamper her with this beautiful set from Swarovski to show how special she is to me

  180. rachna mathur at | | Reply

    It adds glamour and glitter in your life.Just perfect gift for your love……….

  181. chayanika ghosh at | | Reply

    This set would be a perfect mother’s day gift as it share the same sparkle that my mother has in her eyes every time she looks at me

  182. Lalitha Ravindran at | | Reply

    This Mila is a perfect gift for Mother’s day since this is a gem that SPARKLES and engulfs me with the special love that she showers on me always!

  183. jayashree at | | Reply

    Yes it ia perfect gift as my mother loves swarozki she will be very proud to have one more addition in her swarozki collection, its awesome. Status symbol.

  184. UDIT VIKRAM DAHARWAL at | | Reply

    Sparkling in classic clear crystal, this stunning rhodium-plated set radiates timeless sophistication. It includes a pair of pierced earrings and a pendant on a chain. Inspired by water droplets, each piece is highlighted by a delicate, drop-shaped clear crystal. The perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

  185. tannia pabreja at | | Reply

    A mother is like a God personified for every child.she shares our sorrows, our success ,our happiness n joy.She deserves the best.Swaroski is a brand synomous with shimmer,perfection,beauty and innovation.A perfect tokwn of gift to show the leading ladies in our lives just how much we care and add a loving sparkle to mothers day.

  186. Anu Jean at | | Reply

    My mother had been truly devoted to her children. She has her sense of time,sense of style ,design sense and a class about her that makes her really unique.Even with her primary duties to her family she does not forget her social call. Her friends believe she is a soft spoken ,diplomat that can bring her and her family out of life’s many difficulties.

    She has many sides to her that is both charming and beautiful.We children could never appreciate her enough to the many gifts installed in us by her. So I believe this is one chance to win her a gem .

    She is a true competitor as recently she won prices for extempore speech.She has traveled wide and her experiences are vast.We children could get answers to many puzzles from her.

    She doesn’t believe in controlling the children s life. But she is a mighty fortress in times of storm in the children’s life if you need her to be.She has her limitations ,but that makes her feet firmly planted to the ground. That adds a frame to her gem of a heart from which she shines. She is a true believer as she gets up early and prays for the entire family.

    She is a good hostess,brighten up any place she goes,but age has given her many ailments. So swarovski gift will truly brighten up her life,as she trully is a great winner!!!

  187. Sivaji at | | Reply

    Swarovski ‘Mila’ is the perfect Match for my mother as this suits the complements her personality & she is a big fan of Swarovski.

    Liked their Facebook page even.

  188. sania siddiqui at | | Reply

    at 63, my mom thinks her old gold ornaments are too flashy and garish for her to wear. And big solitares for a retired principal is way too much to aspire for.

    i suggested her Swaroski!

    elegant, sparkly and million dollar appeal.

    she did not seem convinced….

    and what better way than this to gift her this beautiful set and let her experince the shine beyond diamonds….

    wat say? convincing enough?

  189. Ravita Kankaria at | | Reply

    this Swarovski ‘Mila’ set is my perfect Mother’s Day gift because worthiness of this gift cannot be expressed as mom’s sacrifices is also unmeasurable and unbeatable. Like the brand – glorious, classy and one in a million! She too is precious ,unique and deserves special treat for her unconditional love :))

  190. Preksha Modi at | | Reply

    Swarovski ‘Mila’ set is the perfect Mother’s Day gift because special mom deserves special love n tenderness which only most trusted brand can provide. A brand which can make her feel special, worthy, can heal her wounds, and can touch her heart with its royalty, loyality n elegance. A royal treat for my supermom who deserves nothing but happiness unlimited :)

  191. kuldeep doshi at | | Reply

    Inside the beautiful heart of a mom; there is always a fear of being left alone, the fear of being misunderstood, the fear of being cheated, the fear of being disrespected, the fear of losing morality, the fear of being broken, the fear of not being loved and above all the fear of opening my heart to the ones who won’t value it. This is the reason why she keep her heart closed to the outer world, but YES there is a key, a key to her heart which if closely guard can be reserved for u forever….I’ll pick Swarovski ‘Mila’ set as Mother’s Day gift to tell her how special she is…this set will make her glitter, feel the aura of being someone special, will imbibe the confidence that her son indeed considers her to be a gem, will give a reason of happiness to smile back forgetting all her worries n tensions…….Mom, you are the angel whom I want to love, respect, be guided by and spend rest of my life with!!!

  192. Priya Kalra at | | Reply

    This is a perfect set for my mum, because its beauty signifies and conveys the love i have for her, for all her sacrifices and unconditional and selfless love.. for not just being my mother, but also my best friend.

  193. Naheed Jamati at | | Reply

    This is a perfect gift for mother”s day because like the twentyfour diamonds on your pendent, a mother is always awake for her children for all the twentyfour hours.

  194. SUMAN JAIN at | | Reply

    Swarovski ‘Mila’ set is a perfect Mother’s Day gift for my MOM because a rockstar deserves nothing less than the *glorifying* piece which can make her shine even in dim ! Its a ideal set which can match up to her charm, complements her style, co-relate her elegance, exemplifies her beauty, resemble her modesty, dictates her persona and co-ordinates with her enigma !!

  195. arti ahuja at | | Reply

    coz i am a mother, may be not perfect but my kids love me and i love them, i will not say i do this and that , coz all mothers do it, ours did and we r doin,its truly a special bond, coz i get mad at my kids, sometimes really bad, but when they sleep i kiss them ,feel sorry, very sorry, but i knw, how much i love them , pray for them , coz i am a mother ,why celebrate just one day as mothers day, everyday is mothers day,a mother deserves all, so do i , coz i am a mother

  196. eureka at | | Reply

    Swarovski ‘Mila’ set is my perfect Mother’s Day gift because this creation is as hot, sensous n sizzling as women in chiffon sarre caught in rain….it has the ability to bring out “the star” in my MOM by making her the apple of everyone’s eye…admirable n classy…which no other brand can match upto!!

  197. deepti solanki at | | Reply

    The Swarovski ‘Mila’ set is my perfect Mother’s Day gift because it is the magic ingredient in the way my Mom will interact with the world….making the heads turn and heart pumping blood faster like a pump. In short, it cud make her feel like a celebrity in her own way giving a personal touch & twist to let others envy and sway :) Definitely, shez gonna love the hospitality it fetches ! :)

  198. Simran at | | Reply

    This set is perfect for my Mom coz its dazzling like her, bright and beautiful like her, simple and elegant liker her, precious and divine like her, clear and sparkling as her!
    After Dad, this is her match made in heaven!! :D

  199. Prabha Myst at | | Reply

    The Swarovski ‘Mila’ set is my perfect Mother’s Day gift because it has an altogether different Royal charm which can make my MOM look so great (like scorching hot) in real life, it’s hard for others not to get swoon by! It would help her feel herself comfort & gives the confidence even if shez wearing torn rags. Every time it promises to offer a new style…be if worn over jeans, maxi, suit , saree or damn pretty lehenga…creates a unique style personality beating modern contemporary designers out-far. This creation can keep her abreast of the latest fads, dictating others how to dress and impress every male (including female) ;)

  200. dolly gandhi at | | Reply

    Nothing speaks “Lady-Like Sophistication” more than the Swarovski ‘Mila’ set. This is a statement piece that speak for itself and need no introduction. It not just catches everyone’s attention but can rescue her (mom) when she will be in dilemma of what to wear? Its an exclusive vibrant, stimulating fashion accessory which I am sure…mummy would love to flaunt & one that makes her really happy! It will really help pull a look together and the best bit is that it compliments my mother’s aura of unbeatable GRACE ! :-)

  201. beenu kapoor at | | Reply

    The Swarovski ‘Mila’ set is my perfect Mother’s Day gift because its a softer version to a bold statement, yet very effective in outshining the glam quotient. Its an indispensable timeless piece of jewelry…which can enlighten her up at a perk with all the vibrant colors! This is something which would set her apart from the crowd….look elegant, sober and rather charismatic..Helping her to be HERSELF! It would trigger her individuality and elegance to peak…making her perfectly coiffed, accessorized and looking like a million bucks each time!! I am sure Momma gonna love it if I win <3

  202. kusum rakhecha at | | Reply

    The Swarovski ‘Mila’ set is my perfect Mother’s Day gift because its an ethereal piece offering fashion & style that catches your fancy even in dark! It enables to weave a new style statement every time…making fashion more sizzling and steamier ever thought or heard by!! It promises glorious praise, if one soaks herself in its fashion drape! There is not a single occasion when I cannot think of Mom wearing this beauty as it would give hee a certain power…that can’t be easily described! :)

  203. mudit verma at | | Reply

    The Swarovski ‘Mila’ set is my perfect Mother’s Day gift because it adds depth and caricature with its presence. Possessing this set wud be like owning something that nobody else has. Anyone can go to an outlet and can buy a new piece, but the selfish part of her (my MOM) wud love the look of disappointment ( and the smug feeling she wud get) when somebody in random wud compliment her piece and asks her…from where she got it, and she could tell them it’s a MOTHER’S DAY GIFT :)

  204. yasser jehangir at | | Reply

    The Swarovski ‘Mila’ set is a perfect Mother’s Day gift because its precious shine can maintain the infectious smile on my Mom’s face for LIFETIME :)

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