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  1. duhhhhh at | | Reply

    oo like her….n her kurtis tooo…

  2. duhhhhh at | | Reply

    heyyyyy theres search option up there bt it neva searches anythin…i neva get a single result eveytime i search for nayhtin…further wen i go thru monthly archives n click the previous enteries option it neav takes me there…

  3. payal at | | Reply

    uh oh..what browser are you using?

  4. sherry at | | Reply

    very nice kurtis. she definitely looks good in them. that said, i especially love the white one, minus the gold pants, of course.

  5. nosh at | | Reply

    I just love her, she can do no wrong in my book :)

    1. sonal at | | Reply

      he he same here!

  6. payal at | | Reply

    phew..I saw the issue of archives and have fixed that… thanks for pointing it out.. I still am not sure why search isn’t working for you…let us know if the archives is now workin for u..

  7. nik at | | Reply

    EWW what is wrong with her nose?

  8. nik at | | Reply

    and those are some ugly outfits

  9. shonali at | | Reply

    i like juhi bcos she’s consistent with her image and she doesn’t take herself at all seriously. unlike people like jaya bachchan who act holier than thou and end up looking like floating ectoplasm on the cannes red carpet.

  10. Anonymous at | | Reply

    I love Juhi !! Though i do think that she should do something about her hair !!

  11. simran at | | Reply

    i think Juhi is very pretty! :) she looks lovely

  12. duhhhhh at | | Reply

    hey payal…txxx….yeh the previus archive thingy is sloved…bt the search thing remains…but its fine now that one thing is workin i can find the previous ones …oo forgot wid the serach thing i tried by usin the exact words of the topic it took me there…i mean i thot it w as like google if i put juhi then it ll gimme all the posts related to juhi or like ash cannes 2008 wud give the the recent pics….coz its immposible to put the exact words of a particular post….jus thot u wud like to no …but yeh tx for lookin onto the matter….

  13. payal at | | Reply

    ok.. can u try the search now and let me know.. if it works for you.. just implemented a new plugin and seems to work for me..
    Really appreciate your feedback..we wouldn’t have known otherwise! ;)

  14. duhhhhh at | | Reply

    yeiiiiiiiii…its workin….applauseeeeeeeeeee….txxxxxxxxx yaaaaa….

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