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  1. K at | | Reply

    I’ll take either of two Johns home! and into my bedroom. ;) jk!

  2. BooBoo at | | Reply

    haha totally agree with you ‘K’
    John’s lookin delishhh =D

  3. fopa at | | Reply

    i wud and im not jokin!

  4. sheebz at | | Reply

    God, I love this man!!
    Extra props to you,P&P, for posting this just cuz..

    Could we have some more hot mallu guys in the house please?! :D

  5. Magdalena at | | Reply

    Thanks a million for sharing! Absolutely drool-worthy ;)

  6. deepali at | | Reply

    me too ;) i always wonder how can this man never go wrong…. and also whats the secret of his neverfading smile!

  7. pdaervo at | | Reply

    lol@ K…I concur, I concur
    drool indeed, John is one goreous peice of man meat

  8. pia at | | Reply

    SO Hot …….

  9. axy at | | Reply

    im swOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOning…. 8-D id love a piece of him…the velvet jckt wont stay on too long so its okay

  10. Shweta at | | Reply

    Well, I think both appearances are HOT!;)

  11. Deepa at | | Reply

    Drooling all over the keyboard??? That made me laugh a full 2 minutes.

  12. K at | | Reply

    @ axy “the velvet jacket won’t stay on too long so its okay” hahahahaha, I agree ;)

  13. siddharth at | | Reply

    i like the first look better.. its not too much, its still a casual coat..

  14. Megha at | | Reply

    *wipes drool off her face*

  15. Karishma at | | Reply

    So damn HOT! Ridonkulus!

  16. NJ at | | Reply

    This man can do no wrong! Deelish!

  17. Genie at | | Reply

    ‘Mwwaahhhhhh’……hez mine anyday!

  18. preeti at | | Reply

    its been years and he is THE HOTTEST GUY around …..

    he looks yummy as ever …. :-)

  19. stuti at | | Reply

    can it get yummier than this? i want, i want, i want!!

  20. axy at | | Reply

    hes bit like akshay kumar getting better and more scrumpulicious with age

  21. keya at | | Reply


  22. keya at | | Reply

    he’s got all of those things I can think of I luuvvee …

  23. CocoNUT at | | Reply

    am i the only one who thinks he’s not hot? He used to be hot like a couple of years ago, now he’s just meh

  24. Sana at | | Reply

    when will men stop wearing velvet???

  25. K at | | Reply

    @ CocoNUT – hmm, interesting! who’s hot then? hehe

  26. Fatima at | | Reply

    i think he’s cute, but not really ‘hot’ ok mayb he’s got a HOT physique but he’s got a cute face, which according to me kind of clash…

  27. CocoNUT at | | Reply

    @ K

    I definitely think he’s cute, but not hot IMO. Bikram Saluja is soo frikin HOT….oh and dino morea yummmm!

  28. SRKluvver at | | Reply

    John is such a cutie! :P
    but i HATE PEPSI NOW!!!

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