1. She looks pretty and skinny.. not like chops. :P haha! don’t mean to be rude just seeing her reminded me of her nickname. I like that white dress and the choos are cute.

  2. It’s not that bad, really. I quite like it. It could easily be drab on most women, but she has the body (specifrically the legs) to pull it off. The shoes match nicely too.

  3. I don’t know about this one….it’s not the best outfit she could have chosen but that said, I’ve seen worse. i do see a hint of a belly bulge though..

  4. its an alrite outfit nothing specatcular.. and those shoes dont go with the outfit.. those are blue stripes not black..and her waist must be like 16?

  5. the dress is way toofitted/tight. she actually has a belly bulge. How come her hair is refusing to grow! this length does not suit her

  6. it is pretty drab to wear at her own movie’s launch! especially a super power movie! atleast she has a good body to oggle at! :p
    was it her movie or sonam’s? lol

  7. I think she looks fine actually, but dont you guys think she’s still too fat to play the role of a model in ‘fashion’??

  8. She dosent look bad at all.

    I especially like the lenght of the dress. It is very flattering on her kind of legs.

    About why she wears those shoes a lot. If she has average feet like mine, I think I know! I have them and they are super comfortable. The particular T strap really gives support so you dont have to walk on tiptoe and grip the shoes with the toes. For me these are “wearing” shoes as opposed to “limo” shoes. I could run in them if I wanted to and I wear them all the time, even while working all day.

  9. well i dont know if the dress is cut badly but you do see a hint of belly. and the dress is rather blah. its as though she wore a dress because she had to. not because it was a stylish one

  10. I’m surprised you guys think it’s drab. To me it looks fabulous especially with Priyanka’s amazing body. The dress is simple yet elegent and dressed up with small details like the single black stripes and sleeves. There isn’t too much going on on the top but overall the cut and shape looks gorgeous.


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