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  1. suchi at | | Reply

    no contest, ash wins hands down. she looks so fresh and radiant

  2. Bloo at | | Reply

    The lower part of how Aish wore it is better..However, for some reason I like how Jiah has worn it.. unbuttoned…

  3. desde at | | Reply

    Definitely prefer the way Aishwarya is wearing it. But Jiah’s outfit is so much more event appropriate as compared to wht Amrita is wearing in the previous post.

  4. monika at | | Reply

    Ash certainly wears it better.
    See that’s a 2007 pic of Ash & classics styles never go “out”

  5. FOB at | | Reply

    Ash, hands down.
    Never really liked anything on Jiah, and I wasn’t sure why. I think I’ve finally figured it out: it’s her eyebrows. The placement/shape always makes her look like she’s puzzled or confused or….in awe!!

  6. Joy at | | Reply

    Jiah looks much more approachable yet brill. Considering I see just the profile of the bag on her, my vote goes to Jiah

  7. amandaaahhh at | | Reply

    i cant bring myself to admire jiah for some reason. whats wrong with me?

    i like the unbuttoned idea but the rolled up sleeves dont do for me.. gotta be aish this time!

  8. mj at | | Reply

    actually, i prefer how jiah wears it open. she is very well styled head to toe. ash is too buttoned up, and I haaaaaaate her shoes…square toe patent black shoes…really??? in my books, she gets it right only 1/10 times, if that. if her intention was to go conservative for the occassion she should have worn a salwar kameez instead of jeans and a buttoned up jacket for what is clearly a very “indian” affair.

  9. yaya at | | Reply

    it looks better buttoned and would look very well with a pencil skirt

  10. yaya at | | Reply

    the buttoned version is more sophisticated while wearing it unbuttoned make it look……

  11. pdaervo at | | Reply

    lve both Jiah and Ash
    their sort of opposites though, Jiah oozes attitude and Ash (in this pic) has a very girl like innocence
    the shirt matches her more

  12. Missy at | | Reply

    I have a strange suspicion sometimes that the actors themselves comment on this blog ;) —

    well, I don’t like either of them here.

  13. J at | | Reply

    Definitely Jiah. Aishwarya’s look is matronly and too stiff.

  14. Rashmi at | | Reply

    wat an ugly bag!!!

  15. tina at | | Reply

    I wouldn’t choose either one. Ash looks like a regular soccer mom who spends her days driving her kids around. Jiah doesn’t look quite right either. Since she was at a Republic Day function, she was better off wearing something ethnic.

  16. K at | | Reply

    Like Jiah’s version more (woahhhh I know). Surprisingly she looks very sophisticated. I think its the hair do.

  17. debs at | | Reply

    i like the way jia wore it…more relaxed and casual. but i just dont get her obsession with brown.

  18. Rashmi at | | Reply

    I don’t like Jiah’s makeup.. she looks overdone most of the time..

  19. P at | | Reply

    Did Jiah chop off her hair?

  20. Surbhi at | | Reply

    i dont like either of them… ash looks like she is chilling at home and jiah looks like the aftereffects of a 3 day holiday

  21. fashionmaniac at | | Reply

    I prefer Jiah’s look . She renders freshness to the outfit and Aish is not bad either.

  22. Not A Sheep at | | Reply

    I prefer Jiah, hands down. I even love the bag as I think it adds something to her look. Unless we are talking about the face, in which case, Aish hands down! :)

    Aish looks like an aunty in the clothes, not the mega beauty/bollywood queen that she is.

  23. Sonia99 at | | Reply

    The jacket Aishwarya is wearing is way too short. Its hitting her at the wrong place and making her hips look wide.
    Minus the pointy shoes and rolled up sleeves, Jiah looks better.

  24. fashion addict at | | Reply

    both ma hands r up for Jiah’s luk

  25. Ritu at | | Reply

    I think this looks rather cute on Ash, and there’s just too much going on with Jiah’s outfit so I vote Ash.

  26. n.aka.zephyr at | | Reply

    I didn’t like the way Aish wore it… It was too matronly for me…. Jiah’s was a touch better… But not good enough…

  27. k= at | | Reply

    in fact, ash looks simple and young (somehow) and jia looks like she’s going to her kids’ PTA meetings!
    ps: that bag is disgusting!

  28. Anon at | | Reply

    both are drab..

  29. Sharin at | | Reply

    Totally agree with k= … at first glance Jiah looked younger as Ash’s outfit seemed very stiff.. however on second glance.. Ash does look younger and sweeter and Jiah just looks.. pancaked and old..

  30. Rezia at | | Reply

    The top I like how Ash wears it, and I HATE the expression on Jiah’s face. Like really try a little harder when there’s a camera around. She always makes that silly face in pictures…I’m not sure if it’s her makeup or whatever.

  31. Divya at | | Reply

    Jiah for sure. She has more updated look. Ash’s look is very passe and blllllahhhh. Jiah looks more put together.

  32. Divya at | | Reply

    i love the idea of rolling up her sleeves…it gives a ll somethin to the whole getup.

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