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  1. HHCPANKHA at | | Reply

    meena’s story is like pinki’s…
    rememba smile pinki movie??got oscar award for best documentary…2009

  2. ko at | | Reply

    couldn’t they give the poor girl decent pair of chappals???:(:(

  3. Hema at | | Reply

    How nice to see the little girl’s smile restored. Even cuter is that she wore her typical Indian chappals (I have a soft corner for those) to the gala.

  4. ramizi at | | Reply

    No it actually didnt make me cringe coz India can be overwhelming if you’ve never been and no matter how much you prep for it, it’s can be too much for the first few days…anyways the point of the show was lovely lil Meena and her smile.

  5. deewani at | | Reply

    yes the show did make me cringe..why do foreigners act like they r ‘fixers’ of anything that is wrong in other countries ..there’s so much wrong in America itself.. neways…
    and I agree they could’ve given her better chappals..

    1. lurverlurver at | | Reply

      so agreed!…and yesh the chapals too..if anything this episode proves that ppl at a certain part of the world live in their own world..so when they come to india everything is ‘odd’ to them..

  6. Vi at | | Reply

    “Did the show make you cringe …” Y-E-S! On a different note, is Jessica wearing Amrapali?

  7. karishma at | | Reply

    meena looks adorable. they should have given her a better pair of chappals.

  8. S at | | Reply

    Bless Meena and her smile! Appreciate that they didn’t try to change her beyond restoring her smile.

    As for the video, is Neha Dhupia hot or is she hot!!!! To be fair to foreigners, a lot of that spa treatment was cringe worthy though the whole spiritual discovery thingy at the end was even more.

  9. The Housewife at | | Reply

    Whatever the world says, I really like Jessica Simpson. And Meena looks so happy! Its her moment.

  10. Kanira at | | Reply

    Its the same story every time..be it this show or Bizzare food….all they want to portray about India are cliched ideas of culture color and movies…but it was a welcome change for mumbai to be the venue…else it is always ‘chandni chowk ki galiyan’

  11. Sapna at | | Reply

    Meena looks beautiful now with her self confidence restored with the surgery. The organisers should have given the little girl some good clothes & shoes to match the event.

  12. shyba at | | Reply

    Indeed a good deed………..

  13. eclat at | | Reply

    And the poor child didn’t even have someone to take the price tag off her obviously “bought for the occasion” dress- I bet it’ll be termed innocent and exotic by one of these do-gooder white celebs, who use 3rd world babies as an alternative to rehab. Want to resuscitate your flagging career? Hold a brown kid in your arms… India as the new Africa.

    1. Chocolate Martini at | | Reply

      I agree, pardon me if I sound insensitive, but this is so annoyingly gimmicky.

  14. indian_girl at | | Reply

    meena looks happy and confident…she is being herself and thats very cool.

  15. HHCPANKHA at | | Reply

    maybe its her new chappal….
    maybe they bought that for her cos it would be more useful for her…
    she is from mumbai n mumbai has bad monsoon..
    so u know that chappal is good for her…
    i hope i made a point ;p…

    1. spongy at | | Reply

      no i dont think u have…it just sounds plain corny..

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