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  1. msmeow at | | Reply

    Ouch my eyes! Is that a wrapping bow in the middle of the corset top?

    1. Anu at | | Reply

      LOL. I had to scroll up to see the pic again after I read ur comment about the bow.
      It sure does look like one!

  2. edd.. at | | Reply

    she deserves to wear good clothes.she has the pesonality.hope she realize soon!!!

  3. Amber at | | Reply

    Can someone please tell me the designer of this out-of-the-world top? I can’t wait to waste my hard earned money on it.

    1. koel at | | Reply

      Santa (and Banta !) because Santa was packing so many gifts that he gave her a gift wrap with the bow to wear !

  4. shriya at | | Reply

    she looks ridiculous

  5. sONAL at | | Reply

    An absolutely silly creation…a cross between a corset top and a halter .Totally not worth anybody’s money..

    1. koel at | | Reply

      I would call it “Horset” or “Corter” Hee hee Hee !

  6. aishwarya at | | Reply

    she has such a gr8 persona y s she stickin 2 such ghastly clothes???/ an wats wid those chudas???///

    1. sri at | | Reply

      shes newly married..hence the choodas

  7. SS at | | Reply

    rofl! yuckizzaa is all I can say….if SHE cant make it work..noone can…..

    1. koel at | | Reply

      Love the new word “yuckizzaa” ,rhymes so well with “Pakizah” Hee hee hee !

      Remember the scene in movie “Pakizah” where Rajkumar names Meenakumari “Pakizah” because he forgets to ask the name of his would be wife.. then Meenakumari runs and there is almost an earthquake ….(My mom loves Meenakumari and would be so disappointed in me if she sees this…)

      Disclaimer: I am not saying that Jesse had any thing to do with the movie Pakizah, I am just being silly and just thought that the 2 words rhyme well..

      1. SS at | | Reply


  8. KK at | | Reply

    I just don’t understand why these newly married women (Jesse Randhawa and Isha Koppikar) insist on wearing western clothes with their choodas. I said it before and will say it again – just wear a simple chudidar with the choodas and look classy.

    1. Sim at | | Reply

      I agree while you are going to wear the choora wear simple or even fancy (allowed to newlyweds) chooridars or saris. I had to wear choora for a month and a half and wear suits to work and I wore full sleeve during the day to cover it up. These girls have no such issues they can western wear all thier life why not enjoy being the new bride.

    2. SK at | | Reply

      they can work with western clothes if worn well…
      lets please not involve some one’s religious requirement into this blog – which is about fashion –
      a chuda is not a fashion accessory… for those who believe in it… it HAS to be worn.
      wud u tell a woman who wears an abaya/burka to not wear any make up coz we cant see her face anyway?!!!
      and wud u tell an african woman to not wear her head dress with western clothes and to only wear it with her african outfit…???!!!
      furthermore. … after P&P specifically mentioned that this is NOT about the chudas… i think its in extremely bad taste to bring it up.

      1. Sharin at | | Reply

        completely agree SK :)

        1. Sim at | | Reply

          Ok so i had to wear choora and would love to wear it for special occasion again but i was just saying that while they have it they should pair it with better things not like they have to keep it on for ever so girl Chill out nothing against choora i love it and wear it on Karva Chowth etc .

  9. xoxo at | | Reply

    really nthing better to do than commenting on clothes..losers!!

    1. SK at | | Reply

      oh bugger off!!!

  10. SK at | | Reply

    aside from the chudas… the top is ridiculous…
    wonder whats happened to this woman… she was an amazing dresser!!! cudnt speak to saver her like but certainly dressed well!

  11. PennyLane at | | Reply

    She looks like an elaborately wrapped present, which may be a kink thing with her husband.

  12. Sharin at | | Reply

    P&P .. this is a WTheyy but Sonam’s outfit isn’t??!!

    1. Saya at | | Reply

      but nobody puts baby in a corner …err WTHey. ;)

  13. Nidhi at | | Reply

    Wearing skirt like white,lavender or silver would have created wonder…what say guys !!!

  14. Divs at | | Reply

    Sucks!Would never pick this top, even if it was for free!

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