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    The blue dress that Sophie is wearing is an exact copy of a BCBG dress. A variation of it can be found in Nordstrom website under “BCBGMAXAZRIA Belted Metallic Satin Dress”

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    I care for neither.
    But i do want to comment that the blue dress looks SOOO much like one on the latest season of Project Runway. This guy designed it and as the challenge prize, heidi wore it on the cover or marie claire magazine.

    He won it because of the exact same striking colour and the neckline pattern.

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    jacqueline looks beautiful and sexy

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    Jacqueline looks better hands down. The dress flatters the curves of her body. Sophie’s dress, on the other hand, with its many large folds kind of overwellms her slim body and doesn’t accentute her body.

    Jacqueline’s face looks a bit washed out but it may have to do with the lighting of the photo. Her hair looks great though. The only tiny complaint I have is that I would have prefered a color that contrasts better with her skin. The pale yellow looks like it almost blends in with her skin in this pic. But again it’s probably just the lighting and camera angle.

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    Jacq ! Sophie’s shoes ruin it for me

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    Sophie for me most definitely the colour of her dress is striking whereas Jacqueline dress is extremely pale and her makeup was really too white and heavy but her hair is nice!

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    Jacqueline is no Katrina and thats final….

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    I think comparisons are erroneous both of them carry their dresses well but luv the color Sophie is wearing

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    jacqueline……..hate sophie’s footwear!!!

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    Both are looking lovely but what’s with Jacq’s peep toes? Are they tacky?

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    Definitely Jacqueline..

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    Sophie any day.. Dont like either dress but love the colour on Sophie. Jacqueline’s shoes and makeup are just awful

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    sophie looks hot and natural and classy as usual ,jacqueline looks like aMicheal Jackson wanna be ,why did she paint her self in white ? its not only the lighting guys ,yellow is sweet but it looks dull on her here .

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