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  1. Adara at | | Reply

    Agreed, the dress on Jacq looks like a cup cake topped with sugar confetti’s. Blech. I like Sonakshi’s gown but hate the hair. She has started with the pout n posing, joining the usual b’wood wagon. Arggh.

    1. Dana at | | Reply

      Adara, absolutely right, Sonakshi looks constipated here (because of the pout-attack) and Jacqueline looks more relaxed.

  2. yashu at | | Reply

    i hate sonakshi’s same old expression…..

  3. Ratna at | | Reply

    OMG I love Top Chef Just Desserts. :D

  4. RS at | | Reply

    Don’t have anything to say about Jacqueline but Sonakshi sure rocks the color yellow, doesn’t she?

    1. Dana at | | Reply

      The colour on Sonakshi has been repeated twice back to back, its the same old boring look, why would she wear the same colour twice? Just because a colour suits you does not mean you keep repeating it, especially since its such a bright and particular colour. Besides, she doesn’t look good in this gown. Hair, makeup and pout kills it.

      As for Jacqueline, the dress may be whatever but loving her relaxed, chilled attitude in these pics, she looks cute & not constipated as Sonakshi does.

  5. suzy q at | | Reply

    i think the whole outfit ages sonakshi immensely, especially the makeup. at least jacqueline still looks young.

  6. Prettyinpink at | | Reply

    Sonakshi is in Shantanu and Nikhil if I’m not mistaken!

  7. sudesh at | | Reply

    sonakshis make up is loud coz she had a performance right after, or just before! i was at this function. she looked great in the yellow and rocked the stage too!

    1. sharan at | | Reply

      For your kind information ‘sudesh’ jacqueline also performed at that event, but is her make up loud here? I rest my case……………

  8. Hema at | | Reply

    Yellow is such a yummy color; wish I had the guts to wear it. I like Sonakshi’s outfit but not that hair style. Jac’s dress is so-so – looks like a frosted cake, topped with sprinkes and poppy seeds-, but she looks lovely nonetheless.

  9. narmeena at | | Reply

    The girl wearing the long dress is so classy , she definitely looks more elegant , more like a royalty , I love the fact that she is not trying too hard to look younger than her actual age . less skin is always classier & better , take a quick look at most of the A listers all over the world (the classy ones ) ;)

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