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  1. Ranij at | | Reply

    Not a fan of this cover.. Maybe it would be a cute photo to put inside the magazine but her face looks too weird .. What you can see of it

  2. Sue at | | Reply

    The giant lollipop covering her eye is distracting and the multi-coloured masthead could have been avoided.

  3. fashionpolice at | | Reply

    Is her face supposed to be the missing ‘V’? Kinda distracting overall though the dress she has on is fun.

  4. Tania at | | Reply

    Love the colors. Bright and colorful.

  5. neha at | | Reply

    Nothing outstanding……but she looks cute nonetheless …..

  6. deepa sousa at | | Reply

    Quite ludicrous. She looks even sillier.Puerility in full display.
    P.S: the lady though, is an apt selection since she seems to have a penchant for all things a decade or two younger, kiddy dresses, goofy poses etc

  7. Megha at | | Reply

    Guess i’m in the minority here but I adore this
    It may seem contrived to some but it feels pretty natural to me and fits with what seems like her personality
    She looks like herself and she looks like she’s having fun
    Both rare occurences on fashion magazine covers

    1. Jiminywiminy at | | Reply

      +100. Way better than those chest-out-mouth-half-open overtly-sexy shit. This is a mag for women, last time i checked. Don’t understand why a woman’s personality can’t shine through. At least once in while!

  8. rhea at | | Reply

    she looks so refreshing.. fun… love it…wish she had more orange on…

  9. Fergie at | | Reply

    It’s cool and fresh. I like it.

  10. San at | | Reply

    I like this cover. Something different from absent, seductive looks that most actresses usually sport on covers.

  11. Purple at | | Reply

    I absolutely love it…fun quirky and such a refreshing change from the usual in-your-face-look-at-me-I’m-sexy poses

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