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    The top is alright , but her underwear shorts are toooo short , it made her total look very very tacky . showing more skin always shows less confidence plus it attracts the wrong crowd and poor tastes only, maybe a nice high waist D&G white silky pants would really change her look too a 100% GLAM instead of this wrinkly dry knee show … it a total fashion turn off !

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    *its a total fashion turn off !

  4. Hema at | | Reply

    I like this look and JQ has the kind of western structure of body that can carry off the dressy shorts look. She looks lovely. Like those nude heels.

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    I love this! Girl got is right head to toe!!! Smokin’!

  6. diptiN at | | Reply

    for me what kills the look is the frilly top.

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    I like the nude clutch and sandals. I also like the shorts. Not a fan of the blouse though. If it was sleeveless I would’ve liked it. It’s an almost fab look from Jacqueline.

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    somehow i never seem to like her!

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    Wrong worng wrong. Isn’t she a model? The look is OTT ending up looking completely “wannbe a young hollywood starlet”.

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    i like this look actually. maybe the shorts cud be a little different but she looks hott!

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    i think it cld have been a lot nicer if the shorts had a little different structure…and perhaps longer too..

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    yeah … like I have said … its just too much bulky legs show going on , maybe if she had slimmer leg and thigh structure or probably had something to cover them up .
    I love her nude shoes and her strong far eastern /Malaysian look .

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    i think this is one of the best ways to wear shorts.

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