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  1. Indian Girl at | | Reply

    The saree looks like salmon. Literally like a piece of raw fish….

    1. crab at | | Reply

      I actually like it, but the salmon comparision is faultless. LOL

    2. MojitoLover at | | Reply

      ha ha bang on!

      1. Nikita Mehta at | | Reply

        ditto! i thought the same. Somehow this one isnt working for me!

    3. KK at | | Reply

      HAHA.. so true!!
      I don’t like this at all!!

      1. shevang at | | Reply

        unfortunately it made her look so much older than 30 ,maybe she could use better colors in the future . very pail blue made the outfit look a bit confusing ,but cute clutch , I dunno guys :S

  2. gaga at | | Reply

    nice hair, makeup and accessories.
    striped sarees seem to be in fashion???

  3. nalini at | | Reply

    the design is interesting. i like it.

  4. viz at | | Reply

    She does carry it off quite well doesn’t she. I do like her style…

  5. priya at | | Reply

    WOW! i like conventional and traditional saris, but she pulls this one off with so much confidence that it’s hard to fault this look. well done! even the 1-boob draping does not look so bad here because of the blouse being the way it is. i like.

  6. Tipsy-turvy at | | Reply

    she is one of the best amongst the new faces, she is graceful, and does not have the gaudy filmy look at her, the sari works wonders actually, I am wearing something very similar for an upcoming wedding!

  7. grozny at | | Reply

    She looks fantastic!

  8. JP at | | Reply

    totally love the look…

  9. MojitoLover at | | Reply

    I think it’s INCREDIBLE that she actually wears such a fugly sari well. Kudos to her. Her make-up is always flawless. Brownie points for that as well.

  10. Nitasha at | | Reply

    She looks elegant and beautiful. The outfit, hair and accessories are spot on…this pink-peachy hue makes her glow! Nicely done.

  11. RM at | | Reply

    Really like the blouse and I think if it werent the blouse this cld have been a disaster… she’s also got her accessories right and the makeup perfect… I woudlnt dare it ever.. but on her this looks good..

  12. iamcelebrity at | | Reply

    love the saree! Can you clarify if it is a designer saree and if so, which one?

  13. Moji at | | Reply

    i think she looks beautiful..love her drape too..otherwise don’t like d 1 boob draping thing..but she totally makes it work…

  14. Megha at | | Reply

    i’m on the fence with this one
    the blouse is definitely interesting but something about the whole thing i’m not totally sure of
    i can see the salmon thing too…lol…nice observation :D

  15. fashionmaniac at | | Reply

    Over a period of time, I have started liking this babe in the tinseltown.
    She does not come across as a “Wannabe” trying too hard to get attention.
    Understated looks seem to go a long way and speaks volumes about the individual.
    So for me this look sure worked!!!

  16. sri at | | Reply

    this is similar to the one frieds pinto wore to international fil festival

  17. Sumi at | | Reply

    I agree that, though pretty, there’s something a little off with the look. I’m thinking it’s the blue-tinged pallu, which also looks unfinished at the edges. Other than that, I like the whole look.

  18. SK at | | Reply

    this is such an amazing look…loving it!
    MM – THIS is how u do stripes… not what you did on kajol!

    who is the designer… ?

  19. kish at | | Reply

    i went curtain shopping a few days ago and i swear i saw the same print that’s on the sari. so no, i cannot bring myself to like it at all. for a weird reason, i like my saris to look like saris, not curtains.

  20. Keya at | | Reply

    TACKY !! hate it.

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