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    i think both have their own charm.. tho nanditas look is soo minimal, it works because of her charm.. i love raos necklace.. so for me this is soo divided!

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    Nandita looks so much better. For once she’s made a sari work in her favour. All the colours come together so well. I like the mango colour blouse with the black sari and gold batua.

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    none of them

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    Sunita I think… just coz nandita’s looks very ordinary….like for a day out shopping etc.

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    Love Nandita, but Sunita is wearing a KSIC Mysore silk saree very creatively. Everybody in B’lore owns one or ten of them.

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    nandita……………but i want sunita’s neck piece

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    without a doubt, Nandita!

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    personally…I would wear it both ways. So I will not pick one but give both of them the “thumbs up”!

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    Dont like either.

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    sunita looks better…nandita is just so repetative..sunita brings something new to a saree

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    Nandita! love how she kept everything so simple yet looked so charming.

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    nandita. she looks charming.

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    I have Nandita’s saree! It’s a Maheshwari… I was toying with the idea of an innovative black blouse since gold would have been too OTT but, now, hmmm…

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    Nandita is stunnning & incomparable. She has that indefinable element, which adds oomph to her personality.

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    sunita sunita sunita. she looks like a celeb. nandita could be one of us standing there. as a matter of fact i have a similiar saree and batua.

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    Nandita’s sari looks like one of those that grannies in south India would wear( look good in them). And I dont dig the transparecy at all! It makes the blouse look odd underneath, as if it wasnt fitted properly. Maybe it would have looked better if she had gone for a blouse with a plain front rather than the one with cups.

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    Sunita & Nandita both look elegant & simple.

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    Both of them. Although, here in the picture Nandita looks better as she is photographed well.
    Otherwise both are dress equally well.

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