It’s Not That Easy!


Did Pria Kataria Puri think that just because we have a weakness for the “Birkin”, that we would excuse her bad dressing style! We do admit our weakness about the “Birkin”, but we still do not pardon anyone who dresses this ghastly while carrying a “Birkin”! (That Fendi belt, just screams “I am so outta place!”)

We judge designers by looking at their whole ensemble, and not just by their bag! They can’t distract us by a “Birkin”!

No.. No.. No..


  1. she not looking her fab self but she surely not looking gastly at all-her style is no so bad considering she not a size 2-fendi belt is not happening -but the rest of her looks ok,by the way i heard she designs clothes for madonna – surely taking india internationaly by a storm-i think she has hard cash in that berkin not a crystal ball

  2. i agree-she a bit over weight in this picture-thats all-but i checked her latest pictures she lost tons of weight and looking fab-i kind of like the belt.

  3. wow-thats an awful picture of pria’s-she otherwise she quite stunning-u guys are mean -hunt of uggliest pic of celebs -i love this site


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