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  1. Sheetal at | | Reply

    I loved all the Wrapistry boxes, but the 7th box (2nd in 2nd row) is my favourite. I am from Hyderabad and would love to attend the workshop.

  2. Shruti S. at | | Reply

    My favourite box on the Wrapistry site is the cream box, covered with a brown paisley pattern, with a dark chocolate coloured ribbon bow, held together with a flower ribbon.

    Have liked the Facebook page.

    I am interested in the workshop in Bangalore

  3. swati at | | Reply

    where was this till? Allthe gift wrapping services near my place are so freaking tacky and ott. Thanks guys for introducing this to lots of us.

    Ummm… Love all their boxes especiallythe one in image 9 on their website gallery. The brownish bronzish one.

    I am in delhi so playing for their box

    1. swati at | | Reply


      Forgot to mention – liked the fb page

  4. Niharika Naidu at | | Reply

    I’m playing for the Hyderabad workshop at Taj Banjara.

    My favourite Wrapistry box is the black and white box featured on this post on HHC. Nothing to beat a classic black and white, with a breath-taking striped bow, complete with hues of purple and red. The contrast of the bow adds to the already gorgeous print of the paper!

  5. monika at | | Reply

    1. Describe your favorite Wrapistry box.
    My fav wrapistry box is Luxurious, wrapped with hand-made gift wrapping paper with a lovely bow.
    2. Like Wrapistry on Facebook here.- Done

    3. I am playing for the box

  6. PrincessG at | | Reply

    Hi i Love the black box with Pink detailing and the Pink Bow. It looks Classy, I am a member of the Wrapistry Page .. and I am playing for Bangalore . Please pick me. Pretty Please.

  7. Kushneet Kukreja at | | Reply

    1. A lavender box with an intricate baby pink bow and a ribbon rose in the middle of it – PERFECTION!! <3

    2. Done

    3. Space in the Hyderabad workshop

    Hope to win!! :)

  8. Satii Kaur at | | Reply

    blue box with silver ribbon bow…blue is my favorite color!

    playing for space in hyd workshop

  9. Sheetal at | | Reply

    I like the 7th box (2nd from 2nd row). And I am from Hyderabad.

  10. Zahraa at | | Reply

    The silver polka-dot and blue bow box made my swoon!
    Perfect for presents for my new nephew :)

    Keeping my fingers crossed for a spot in the Hyderabad workshop xx

  11. Payal Agrawal at | | Reply

    Playing for the box.
    Description- Exudes grandeur, simple, beautiful, grand yet graceful. A gift that marks a series of new beginnings, splash of radiant colours. In one word, ‘Awe-inspiring’

  12. Priyanka Naidu at | | Reply

    I love the box with the B&W paper. Looks amazing. Like a little party dress with a pink bow for your gift! What’s more fun than that? The difficult part is the unwrapping. Don’t want to!

  13. Priyanka Naidu at | | Reply

    I love the box with the B&W paper. Looks amazing. Like a little party dress with a pink bow for your gift! What’s more fun than that? The difficult part is the unwrapping. Don’t want to!

    I am looking at Hyd.

  14. Keerthana at | | Reply

    I like the round tin which is wrapped up so nicely with a star on it. The star which is stick on it is really awesome.

    Im playing for getting a space in Hyderabad workshop.

  15. Sahithi at | | Reply

    BOX :)

    1. Sahithi at | | Reply

      want d BOX :)

  16. Aishwarya at | | Reply

    Playing for the wrapistry gift box.

    The wrapistry box is exquisite and artistic, and I would love to have one!

  17. Ruchi Khandelwal at | | Reply

    I am playing for a Bangalore seat !
    Would love to win it !
    Simply adore wrapistry !


  18. Ruchi Khandelwal at | | Reply

    MY favorite wrapistry box is the one with soft white spotted paper and a beautiful elegant blue bow on top of it.

    Simple and elegant, perfect for any occasion. Loved it.

    I am playing for a Banglore seat !
    Would love to win it.


  19. Ruth Dsouza at | | Reply

    Create a royal moment with the elegance of a snow white silver polka dotted box, graced with a silver and blue bow topped with a rose. Bring out the royalty in them.

    Playing for – Bangalore location.

  20. godha reddy at | | Reply


  21. Chithra at | | Reply

    Hi Mam,

    1) If you ask me to describe my favorite Wrapistry box, I would go for a black box with a red ribbon, my all time favorite colours.

    2) I have liked the Facebook page even before participating for this contest.

    3) I am playing for a space at Wrapistry’s Gift Wrapping & Bow Making Workshop, Bangalore

    Thanks in advance,

  22. Tanusha at | | Reply

    1. it is very difficult to pick one, all her pieces remind me of Christmas or childhood, the bows we had on or dresses as little girls. With such pretty gift boxes i wouldn’t really care what’s inside. LoL !! The brown and green bow remind me of mistletoe. soo christmasy.
    2. page liked on Facebook
    3. Bangalore space

  23. Smita Lakhotia at | | Reply

    Hard to choose… love the Everyday and Luxury lines. Can’t see names of particular boxes but I like the biscuit tin wrapping and the ones with the lace bows.

    Already am a Wrapistry fan on FB; waiting for their next Mumbai workshop. :)
    I am eligible for the box and I want it real bad … pretty please ;-)… The papercrafter in me would love to win it ;-)

    Smita Lakhotia

  24. shilpa kataria at | | Reply

    wrapistry boxes are Luxurious, hand-made and fantabulous indian gift boxes.

    playing for space in bangalore.


  25. Aakriti Sah at | | Reply

    I’ve recently been introduced to Wrapistrys’ work and I love it! I’m a school student waiting to get into college interested in gift wrapping and I would love to attend their workshop in Bangalore.
    I really like the boxes where they combine different patterns and the use of different materials.There is this red floral patterned box I really like unfortunately it does not come with a name. I found it on their Facebook page.
    Do it yourself crafts is a passion of mine. I regularly go online, searching for ideas and inspiration.
    I am hope to be the lucky one who gets chosen to attend the workshop. Thank you!

  26. Akhila Bandi at | | Reply

    I love all wrapistry boxes especially the cute white box with the peach colour transparent ribbon bow that makes it even more cute and adds just the right touch of colour.

    I am playing for a spot in the Hyderabad workshop.

  27. Chaits at | | Reply

    1. Favorite Wrapistry box : The black and white boxes with bright patterned ribbon bows.

    2. Love the play with green, yellow and blue on the easter egg boxes for Taj group of hotels. (Facebook album)

    Playing for :) :
    One space at Wrapistry’s Gift Wrapping & Bow Making Workshop, Hyderabad (which will be held at- TAJ Banjara, Hyd) on 27th April 2013.

  28. tannia pabreja at | | Reply

    my fav wrapistry box is the last box from there gallery on there website.It has color tones of blue and brown which represents sky and earth.it makes the box a symbolic item with an emotional appeal that is most mythical.The polka dot bow represents the modern yet chic look giving the box a subtle and warm feel.

    I am playing for a space in Bangalore workshop.

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