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  1. Nidhi, bangalore at | | Reply

    I loved the tablemat set in berry colors – bright red and cheery yellow. My table needs a dash of colour like that!

  2. Niharika Naidu at | | Reply

    I would definitely love to get my hands on their Elephant family cushions! Cute elephants, in gold! Can’t ask for more! <3

  3. Seema Gopalan at | | Reply

    I would love to customize the elephant design cushions
    from periwinkle collection.

  4. Janvi at | | Reply

    Given a chance to customize something, I would definitely say my family’s antique heirlooms which include a maharaja poster bed.
    I would love it if periwinkle would give it a slight zen, yet maintain the bed’s regal look.

  5. Nimrita at | | Reply

    I would love to mix and match the cushion covers from different collections specially “Sukratu” collection , customising is not a great idea here because they have all my favorite colors already ie. Neon nd pinks which not many people know how to use when it comes to Home Couture

  6. feelgood at | | Reply

    I would like to my beautify my bedroom with the lovely bedspreads and cushions from periwinkle.

  7. kripa rao at | | Reply

    Dear P&P,
    I would love if Periwinkle Home Couture would customize Dewan cushions for me in the same fabric as shown in their website.
    Thank You

  8. Afshan Adlakha at | | Reply

    If I had to customize something from Periwinkle home couture, it would be a set of cushions for my turquoise couch.

  9. Ashita at | | Reply

    1) Done.
    2) Done.
    3) Wow, the products look so beautiful and elegant! Well, if I could customize something from Periwinkle, it would definitely be my bed linen, and that too with these beautiful bedsheets and cushions from one of my favourite brands- Periwinkle!

  10. LBE at | | Reply

    Kids/infants bed linen and furnishings. Especially curtains. Creative, one of a kind cot bumpers also very hard to find.

  11. ayushi gulliya at | | Reply

    if i could customize something at periwinke, it would be the cushions.

  12. Shital at | | Reply

    I would like to coustimize my bedroom bed cover according to my personal needs

  13. Rehana Khambaty at | | Reply

    I wish to win this contest

  14. Geetika at | | Reply

    If I could customize something from Periwinkle for my home,it would be my sofa (drawing room area) as it is the one place where any guest first notices and family members spend most of their time. :)

  15. ayesha at | | Reply

    I would love to have a Customized carpet for my drawing room, designed by periwinkle. Their lovely ethnic designs and vibrant colors would look amazing on a carpet.

  16. Piali Dasgupta at | | Reply

    I would like Prewinkle to customise my pillow cases because I love my bed and pretty looking pillow cases, with perhaps, cupcake print on them would make my bed look all the more inviting.

  17. Smita Rao at | | Reply

    If I could customize something from Periwinkle for my home, it would definitely be the dining table cloth and cushions for the dining chairs. This is one area which looks elegant when decorated with the right accessories.

  18. khushboo vijayvargiya at | | Reply

    i want my bedroom to be customized by them..probably something neon for summer! like those neon bird spreads! simply chic!

  19. Nitika at | | Reply

    I would customize Periwinkle cushions for my niece.

  20. Aakansha at | | Reply

    I would like to customise the Cushions and runner simply because they have been my personal fave since I was a kid!
    Since I see 4 of them including a runner and I have a family of four that is diverse yet integrated …. I would make one of them polka dotted
    The other would be footballish( for bro)
    Stripes for dad and floral for mum

    I wouldn’t mind initials of our names too

    :) ;)

  21. Ayush Gupta at | | Reply

    I wish I could customize everything :D

  22. SHILPI SINGH at | | Reply

    I would love to customize bedcover of kids, the pic of his fav. cartoon imprinted so that he look forward to sleep on time ! :)

  23. Priyanka at | | Reply

    Hey Lovely website and product!! Likd them on fb…

    I need to redo my son’s room… so would want something personalized for his room like pillows and bedcovers

  24. Chitra at | | Reply

    I have a bright orange wall in the dining area and would love some funky table mats and a runner from Periwinkle to match that.


  25. suman jain at | | Reply

    Wud love to customize cushion covers with pics, art works or personalised painting !

  26. lalal at | | Reply

    id customize ,y entire house with proucts fom periwikle!!!!!!

    1. lalal at | | Reply

      id customize my entire house with products from periwinkle!!!
      PS: sorry for my atrocious mistakes in the previous comment

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