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  1. Ajita Agarwal at | | Reply

    Such a contemporary fusion jewellery with elegance can easily beat real precious jewellery. I really admire you Astha and am dying to wear hathphool…..2nd pc of jewellery.

  2. Ajita Agarwal at | | Reply

    All pieces are mindblowing but I m dying to wear that elegant hathphool in my forthcoming 25 th anniversary

  3. Monika at | | Reply

    I like the first piece the best.(body-chain)
    Done- Facebook
    Done- Instagram.

  4. Zenia Irani at | | Reply

    My favourite piece of jewellery is a good statement necklace. Versatile enough to dress up or dress down any outfit, it has fast become a wardrobe staple.
    (Liked both the facebook and instagram pages)

  5. Kamal at | | Reply

    Love the hand harness!

  6. Kakul at | | Reply

    Done and Done.

    I just can’t pick a favourite. If I could, I would have bought the ‘hathphool’ and also a lot of rings and the Maharani Tassel earrings. <3 Loved the collection. Thanks for the info.

  7. Swati at | | Reply

    1. My favorite piece of jewellery is Nosepins! I have a huge collection and change them to match my outfits almost everyday. From the Astha Jagwani Jewellery collection, my favorite piece has to be the body chain! I have been dying to try one out.
    2. Done -Liked both Fb and Instagram pages

  8. sam at | | Reply

    i love kamarbhandh/belt/vaddanam! it shows a slimmer nd sexier version of wait ;)

  9. sam at | | Reply


  10. Preetham S at | | Reply

    My Favorite piece is the Hand-Harness, goes well with both Indian & Western outfits.

  11. Dr. Asmita at | | Reply

    Hand harness is exceptionally pretty
    Done :)

  12. Sanjana Ghosh at | | Reply

    My favorite piece of jewellery is the “hand-harness”. Done!

  13. Aditi palsania at | | Reply

    I like First body chain the most..actually a lott ..

  14. Sushma lata at | | Reply

    I loved that hand harness
    Done liking :)

  15. vijya at | | Reply

    That 3rd body chain is outstanding .i love dat

  16. Juhi Dutta at | | Reply


    I love the hand harness.
    I am getting married soon , would love to wear it with the wedding outfit.

  17. Bela at | | Reply

    Hand-harness. Done

  18. Aishwarya at | | Reply

    The Hand Harness.

  19. Kiran at | | Reply

    Body chain with green stones.

  20. Divya at | | Reply

    I like 2 item the most

  21. Devika at | | Reply

    And the hand harness, so pretty and delicate. Sigh!

  22. Mahima Agarwal at | | Reply

    Love the hand harness.


  23. Sanya at | | Reply

    The 3rd Body chain.

  24. Anirudh Gupta at | | Reply

    Body chain.. done

  25. va at | | Reply

    what if i don’t have instagram is there another way i can follow ?

  26. shreya shukla at | | Reply

    i loveee the hand harness!!
    Done! :*

  27. suchi rajdeepan at | | Reply


    It’s the Haath harness :)

  28. monika shah at | | Reply

    I like the bluestone ring with peripheral white stones the most

  29. Surabhi Agrawal Patni at | | Reply

    First body chain

  30. Shrinidhi at | | Reply

    My fav piece of jewellery are my mom’s jhumkis that she got made for her wedding and then passed them on to me for mine :)


  31. ojasvi at | | Reply

    My favorite piece of jewelry is the “body-chain” as it can give the much needed oomph to a simple outfit.

  32. Shreya at | | Reply

    I love wearing statement head pieces/ Maang Tikkas. They give a boho chic vibe with western wear and traditional vibe with indian wear. Done!

  33. Sujatha at | | Reply

    Delicate long gold chains and rings. Very pretty and sensual.

  34. Shreya at | | Reply

    Stacks of bracelets & rings. paired with casual outfits. Done.

  35. Shreya at | | Reply

    Jhumkas. Nothing like indian jewelry.

  36. Debjani Ghosh at | | Reply

    The Body Chain , Done

  37. Paromita Chakraborty at | | Reply

    1. I love statement neckpieces! But from amongst the 3 jewelry pieces, I LOVE the first body chain. It is extremely sexy and elegant.

    2. Done

  38. uma at | | Reply

    the body chains are so cool to own! done!!

  39. ruchi verma at | | Reply

    Anklet is my favorite piece of as fashion jewellery.


  40. Varsha at | | Reply

    I am in love with the hand-harness…. I loved it because, I am getting married this May and the harness just looks fab! a total stunner for a bride!

  41. pranathi at | | Reply

    Wow love three of them but the hand harness steals my heart..wud love to style it on me for my wedding…Gorgeous collection guys….
    Done followed on FB- jpreddy
    INSTAGRAM- reddyjp
    Done…Thank uuuuuuuuuuu so much…

  42. Sumi Deka at | | Reply

    I love the body chains!!!It is beautifully crafted..Superb

  43. bhumika patel at | | Reply

    I have always loved hand harness or hath phool and rings :D

    Done !!!

  44. Ritika at | | Reply

    The first hand harness is my favorite!
    Done and Done :)

  45. Dhwani Nanavati at | | Reply

    My favourite piece of jewellery is definitely the hand harness! Mainly because if can be worn with both western and indian outfits and adds a little bling without being overly shiny! DONE

  46. Teesha at | | Reply

    Love the hand harness!

  47. Shilpa Shetty at | | Reply

    All the jewelries are marvelous. I just checked the Jewellery by Astha Jagwani in my favorite perniaspopupshop.com and I’m just astonished. The jwelleries are very nice, I would love to flaunt those, especially the Maroon ponchi pair and Gold finish pearl jaal hathpadma. I’m in love with these mesmerizing jewelries. I have followed all the steps….

  48. kamar jahan at | | Reply

    i love the hand harness, t is a super way to style up a simple outift for a wedding and go bling free

    liked on fb and insta

  49. Yashi Mehta at | | Reply

    hand harness :-)

  50. Arpita at | | Reply

    My favorite piece of jewellery is the hand harness! Hope to win!

  51. Shivika Agarwal at | | Reply

    I love the body harness on the extreme right- the one with white stones.

  52. Hunar at | | Reply

    My favorite piece of jewelery is a ring <3
    DONE !

  53. Prachi Harjai at | | Reply

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a body chain :D

  54. Innayat Malhotra at | | Reply

    DONE ( Liked fb page and followed instagram user ) .My favorite piece of jewelry is a body chain . i simply love them :D

  55. Sandhya at | | Reply

    DONE all the formalities :)
    My favorite piece of jewelry is a neck piece .
    Thank you.

  56. Priya dhawan at | | Reply

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a body chain <3
    DONE ( all the steps )

  57. Hunar at | | Reply

    DONE ! My favorite piece of jewelry is a hand harness .

  58. Mona Malhotra at | | Reply

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a body chain. They simple change the over all look of a lady . They give a perfect look :D
    DONE ( Liked the fb page and i have followed the instagram user also )

  59. Usha at | | Reply

    Done .
    My favorite piece of jewelry is a hand harness.
    thanks a lot for this giveaway

  60. Prachi at | | Reply

    Done – followed all steps.
    I love the body chains. They are my favorite piece of jewelry :)

  61. Aastha Kapoor at | | Reply

    Love the hand harness. Bful n delicate. Done

  62. Ankita agarwal at | | Reply

    liked on fb… (ankita agarwal)
    followed on instagram…( ankita1238)
    i luved the body chain.. its so cool nd elegant…
    perfect for girls to flaunt..:)

  63. Henna at | | Reply

    I really like the body chains
    They r so unique n look n give trendy look ????

  64. Shabana Vahi at | | Reply

    Done. Fave: The Hand Harness

  65. preksha at | | Reply

    NECKLACE – for the pure beauty & elegance it brings to the overall get up & dress. It catches attention of everyone , making you shine a little extra with glitter in others eye ! ;)


  66. dolly gandhi at | | Reply

    It has to be RING – Broad and beautiful masterpiece which compliments every single outfit and increase the charm manifolds !


  67. Kavya Seetala at | | Reply

    1.My favorite piece of jewellery is the green & white studded body chain.

  68. Karishma Gulyani at | | Reply

    Hand Harnesses are my favourite

  69. sneha nambiar at | | Reply

    Hand harness

  70. shruti at | | Reply

    My favourite piece would be the haath phool as this is something similar I am looking for my wedding which is happening on May 14th..Pages liked on Instagram and FB..

  71. suman modi at | | Reply

    Earrings – jewelry that either makes or breaks the deal !

    Done !

  72. KULDEEP at | | Reply

    NOSEPIN – Looks so chic & ultra-stylish


  73. Priyanka Tanwar at | | Reply

    I would like to win the hand harness as I am newly married and it is the one piece of statement jewellery that I need to rock all my ethnic outfits. Done. Wish to win. Fingers crossed :)

  74. prabha at | | Reply

    NECKLACE – the real jewel which shines and glitters amongst the million other items !


  75. nikita chandwani at | | Reply

    I love the 3rd jewellery piece. Its beautiful and elegant. The necklace and waist belt attachment is amazing.

  76. Ramya kankas at | | Reply

    My favorite piece of jewellery is the hand-harness, commonly known as the haat phool.
    DONE! :)

  77. Mridusmita Roy at | | Reply

    I really loved the hand harness since it is sophisticated and elegant but at the same time fun too!A perfect blend of traditional elegance and modern style!

    Done following on Instagram and liked on FB too!

  78. Mona2626 at | | Reply

    Such useless contest. I have been trying for the last so many contest. I do not know how they pick up winners. All managed!

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