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  1. Arushi at |

    One shirt is worth 599
    And the participants name is The Circus its a rock band

  2. Rosemary at |

    The price of the Crimemaster Gogo t-shirt is Rs.400 and one of the participants featured is Jeeveshu Ahluwalia. And thank you for this! I didn’t know about Freecultr but I’m going there now!!

  3. SK Jain at |

    Crime Master Gogo (2nd Tee ) is Rs 400/-
    Anil Kumar Mandal

  4. Supriya at |

    Crime master gogo shirt-Rs.400 and Simran verma was a participant.

  5. Tehi at |

    Price: Rs. 400/- for the Crimemaster Gogo tee.
    Expressyourstory participant: Shaifali Singh

  6. Amy at |

    1. The Yellow Moods Tshirt is for Rs. 549
    2. Participant for #ExpressYourStory is Jeeveshu Ahluwalia

  7. Avani at |

    Crime Master Tee – Rs. 400

  8. Varsha Agarwal at |

    Participant name -jeeveeshu ahluwalia
    Price of the crime master gogo tshirt-rs400

  9. Zenia at |

    1. The yellow Moods Tshirt is for INR 549/-
    2. Jeeveshu Ahluwalia

  10. Shashi Tej at |

    Price of the Crime Master tee is Rs. 400 & One of the participants featured in #ExpressYourStory is Abhishek Bhatiya. He is the member of Circus, an alternative Rock Brand from Delhi. He is One of the finalists of Channel V Launchpad, this amazingly talented group has a huge fan following.

  11. Ann at |

    For the first time in a long time I see a giveaway that is not just for India residents. Yet am having a hard time believing it! ;)

  12. Sneha Valia at |

    The yellow Tee is for Rs.549 and one of the participant for the Expressyourstory is Jeeveshu Ahluwalia

  13. Qashish at |

    1. Yellow t-shirt- Rs 549
    2. Jeeveshu Ahluwalia

  14. Kanika Bhatia at |

    1.) Price of the T shirt : Rs 400
    2) Shaifali SIngh

    P.S – LOve Love your collection Freecultr

  15. Sj Dc at |

    1. Moods T-Shirt By Acrafts – Rs. 549
    2. Simran Verma

  16. Sachi Gupta at |

    Moods T Shirt – Rs 549/-

    Shaifali Singh in #ExpressYourStory series

  17. Aastha at |

    Crime Master Gogo T shirt – Rs 400
    Express your story – Anil Kumar Mandal

  18. Sandeep Ravindran at |

    I have posted my Tees its 499 ..i love this website very much ….lots of good design

  19. Snail at |

    Crime Master Gogo for the win at Rs.400! And you have the alt rock band The Circus in the Express Your Story mix.

  20. marina jerry at |

    moods t shirt Rs 549/-
    featured designers : Louis Thomas Olakkengal

  21. Anjali at |

    The t-shirt costs rs.400, one participant is simran verma. :)

  22. Karishma at |

    The answers for the questions are:
    The first tshirt is Rs 549
    The #ExpressYourStory series is: Shaifali Singh

    Hope I win!!! xxx

  23. ajit at |

    1. Crime Master Gogo – Rs. 400/-
    2. Participant – Simran Verma

  24. Divya Dugar at |

    The price of the yellow t-shirt is Rs 549

    Jeesveshu Aluwalia is one of the participant in Express your story…

  25. Deepti at |

    Rs 549, designer Simran Verma

  26. Shireen at |

    The middle tshirt is worth Rs 400
    and the participant is Jags with the tshirt saying I love music

  27. Zeba Zaman at |

    – The price of the ‘Crime Master Gogo’ shirt is Rs. 400
    – One of the participants featured in their #ExpressYourStory series is Anil Kumar Mandal

  28. Surabhi Surendra at |

    Price of the middle white t-shirt – crime master gogo – is = INR 400

    Name of featured participant = Parikrama

  29. Akshara at |

    Price: Rs. 400
    The Circus

  30. va at |

    crime master tee – 400 rs
    fashionexpression is one of the participants

  31. Nishi Saluja at |

    Price of any one of the tees :Rs. 400 (Crime master Tee)
    One of the participants featured in their #ExpressYourStory series: Marry (NGO)

  32. nitin banthia at |



  33. Gunjan at |

    Crime Master Gogo T-Shirt : Rs.400/
    Participant featured in their #ExpressYourStory series: Simran Verma

  34. Mehul Chandna at |

    crime master gogo t shirt price Rs 400
    jeeveshu ahluwalia

  35. Kamal at |

    yellow one cost INR 549, One of the participant to #ExpressYourStory is Shaifali Singh from sadee Dilli. liked on FB anyways

  36. Sarwat Amina at |

    Moods T-Shirt – Rs. 549/-
    Jeeveshu Ahluwalia

  37. Varali at |

    Crime Master gogo shirt-Rs 400
    Participant-Simran verma

  38. Shaistha at |

    – price of any one of the tees featured above: Crime Master Gogo shirt RS. 400
    – one of the participants featured in their #ExpressYourStory series: Shaifali Singh

  39. Seema at |

    Crime master gogo t-shirt Rs 400/-
    Participants in express your story is Simran Verma

  40. Akanksha Bhati at |

    Crime Master is worth rupees 400.

  41. Heena Shah at |

    Crime Master Gogo T-shirt – INR 400.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

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