In Ibella


We’ll give props to Isha for showing her support to sis-in-law Ramona. She wore a yellow kaftan-esque short dress from Ramona Narang’s collection Ibella. Even with a cheery summery color, this look was bad from the skin color tube top (we’d rather have seen a white one) to the weird drawstring fit to that mini-Birkin that Isha refuses to abandon (never mind whether it goes with the look or not).

Wish she had worn this other dress we saw in her hand. We think it would have fared better than the yellow one.


Isha Koppikar in Ibella at Aza Preview


Isha Koppikar in Ibella at Aza Preview

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. she looks good and I do like the dress, but I think this is more a maternity outfit designed by her sister in law. I do not care for the size of her birkin.

  2. She has got to STOP carrying the birkin everywhere she goes….and the green outfit does look much smarter than the one shes wearing…

  3. I’m sorry, but that mini Birkin is so silly looking. The design of the bag simply doesn’t work in miniature form. If it’s all about the label, why not get a more affordable designer bag that’s more versatile?

  4. I read somewhere that Ramona’s collection is a stylish maternity line. Why is Isha wearing it? or did I get it wrong PnP??


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