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  1. Sej at | | Reply

    I would like to see Lata’s sari on Laila draped properly – it would be a ten on ten IMO.

  2. dn at | | Reply

    How beautiful does Isha look.. marriage suits her a lot – she is glowing. Who cares about the saree, I cannot take my eyes off her face.
    Lata Patel looks good – who is she? A good black lace saree – a rarity.

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  3. Kanira at | | Reply

    Lata’s sari is something we have been seeing for a loooonnnggg time…she must have had to dust it to remove the cobwebs…Isha looks radiant…though this is the second time with weird black flowers on her sari…

  4. Never Mind at | | Reply

    Agreed. Isha looks so stunning it it impossible to look beyond that face :)

    1. crab at | | Reply

      Me too. She looks ethereal.

  5. adorableonyourvanity at | | Reply

    isha is stunning. her make-up and hair are impeccable. quite the opposite from what she wears.

  6. RS at | | Reply

    Her face is gorgeous but I do hate the one-boob drape. I think it’s cheap and tacky.

  7. viz at | | Reply

    ur kidding me. please tell me you are!! Esha so does not look gorgeous. that saree..i mean look at it. its ghastly. and yeah whats with the one boob drape. ewwww

  8. Prem Rogue at | | Reply

    A black lace sari at a WEDDING??? How ghastly and inappropriate! This ‘trend’ started with Aish when she wore one to Zayed Khan’s wedding, and in her usual clueless way she wore it with a *bikini blouse* (I’m not kidding, these ladies’ blouses are downright decent in comparison).

    1. Chocolate Martini at | | Reply

      The one boob drape is, as you said, only a trend. Yet, some people make it look like sacrilege. Ofcourse, everybody is entitled to their opinion about it, but some people make it way too big a deal.
      At the end of the day,a Sari, just like a gown or pair of jeans is going to change with time, and there will be different trends & each trend will have its fans & haters. ( Im saying this in general about the comments on the site, I replied to your comment only because I loved the way you called it a trend)

    2. Roshini at | | Reply

      Black is not worn to funerals in India so how is it inappropriate to a wedding there ? We dont have to blindly ape the west and their customs. Black is elegant for a night event. Both the ladies look good.

      1. FASHION_CRAZY at | | Reply

        It is not following the west blindly.. In India wearing black at an auspicious event like a wedding or related functions is mostly considered inappropriate.. True, that black is an evening color but not in weddings.. and definitely not when it is black head to toe (not for me atleast)… I mean why black and that too a full black sari when there so many more pretty colors to choose from…

        1. Roshini at | | Reply

          I understand where you are coming from but the groom wore a black suit to the event go figure :P

  9. Laveena at | | Reply

    Yes Isha Koppikar looks drop dead gorgeous these days

  10. shaila at | | Reply

    Isha looks stunningly gorgeous neck up. sari is ok. i think it’s fine to wear black to a reception. it’s to the actual wedding that one shouldn’t wear black.

  11. arj at | | Reply

    i like ishas saree!

  12. Di at | | Reply

    I dunno how Suzzane’s saree gets a nod, and Isha’s saree is criticized. What do you expect? a plain one? Isha’s saree is good and the flowers aren’t so bad afterall!

  13. lazyU at | | Reply

    I think Isha’s flowers are kind of retro-y so I don’t mind them too much. I always did find her very beautiful.. It’s a shame she could not make it in Bollyland.

  14. Sharin at | | Reply

    Whoaa Isha looks great. She’s looking fresher day by day.

  15. FASHION_CRAZY at | | Reply

    Hey HHC is that a Judith leiber clutch Isha is carrying???

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