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  1. puruda at | | Reply

    oh gawd! i spotted her at sm random site n thot tht is iz some trashy wanna be……gosh so uncalled for, espc whn u r da ambassador of beauty from ur nation….

  2. Anonymous at | | Reply

    I love Liz Hurleys saree!

  3. Sue at | | Reply

    Liz looks picture perfect! And am I the only one to notice how old Vida looks in the blue saree picture? She changed since her beauty pageant days looks like..

  4. Nepali at | | Reply

    The posture in the first picture looks inappropriate to me, or maybe I expect women to stand properly in two feet when they are in sari.

  5. Anonymous at | | Reply

    in the first pic poor vida looks like one of those dance bar girls in movies like chandni bar and shootout in lokhandwala. definetely not a good look.

  6. Anonymous at | | Reply

    WHO is this WOMAN? She is from Afghanistan? Is it not strange, that some one whose countrywomen are in a Blue purdah, subjugated is walking around India in a Xena warrior princess meets Bride and Prejudice look in India. Really sad

  7. sherry at | | Reply

    i can definitely say that there is no appeal in the way this beautiful lady has worn the sari. but, that said, i have to give her some leeway, due to the fact that she may not have had any training or practice in carrying off a sari. no 2 people carry an outfit that is foreign to them in the same way. just, a better attempt next time……

  8. kanchan at | | Reply

    I think anna kournikova carried off the sari the best..she wore it when she was in India for the sahara city promotional shoot..i was so impressed that she could pull it off!!!

  9. Lyzeh at | | Reply

    I actually like the purple one a lot, i think her pose is really trashy, hence the whole looks a little eugh, rather than classy. I think if she stood straight covered herself up a bit with the pallo (that is what it’s called right?) she would look great.

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