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  1. kanchanmasi at | | Reply

    That Michael Kors clutch is Fugly with a capital F!!!!

  2. kanchanmasi at | | Reply

    Who is mana shetty? and who is poonam soni? i’m confused with the tagging on this post P+P

  3. tan at | | Reply

    the picture is wrongly tagged in this one, i can see manashetty and lilette dubey.

  4. Aania at | | Reply

    Ira Dubey looks fab. If only she’d used another clutch.

  5. aparna at | | Reply

    nah……….fr me ira is way better, just love the white jacket with the black outfit and the golden pumps

  6. seerat at | | Reply

    What a fugly yellow necklace is…looks like a doggie collar to me….i likes mana’s necklace ..similar but better.

  7. suchi at | | Reply

    ira looks ok, but her top and pants are waaay too tight

  8. pooja at | | Reply

    love those gold pumps on ira! any idea which one are those??

  9. Sucheta at | | Reply

    Comparitively, Ira looks way better..sleeker is the word..Poonam’s top is doing nothing for her figure, pants are way too long..

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