1. I really like this collection, especially the grey pieces. Some pieces are a little odd. You may be underwhelmed because we are all so used to bling .

  2. The collection keeps getting weirder and OTT as I scroll down. If celebs wore some of these outfits, they would definitely be WTHeyyy’s

    • Agreed! I like one or two pieces that too because of the color-blue. The models could carry these pieces off because they are mostly tall/lanky.

  3. to me this seems a very tasteful collection. sorry to say but i guess you guys seem to like the same old stuff and same old bling with same old cuts. this is real couture! and you can see some real creative inputs in there. someone who has a clear and strong understanding of its taste and wants to make a statement is bound to love it! not for the generic who want to just blend in!


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